Womens Boots From Gipsy Dharma

How to make a strong fashion statement by choosing the appropriate women’ s boots.

When it comes to women’s style, diversity matters a lot. Diversity with regards to styles, the designs, sizes and also prices. Fashion entails all types of clothing; shoes, dresses, trousers, skirts and so forth. However , in this context, shoes and boots and in particular women’ s boots would be the main item of fashion into consideration. Women’ s boots fall under very many categories; flat, high heels, and so forth. Every one of them in their respective categories are differentiated by other varied considerations like colors, shapes, designs, material and so forth.

Boots are some of the most commonly preferred types of shoes, by both genders. Essentially, boots generally include the foot, the ankle plus extend up the leg, at times up and above the knee or even the hip. In addition , most have a high heel easily distinguishable from the other part of the sole. Women’ s boots however , are more popular than boots for guys are. This is definitely because of the solid fashion statement they put across. Precisely, ladies than men prefer making fashion statements. Women’ s boots are so diverse. They come in very numerous styles. For instance there are flat boots, high footwear, low boots, winter boots, western boots and so forth.

Women’ s boots, as aforesaid, are very diverse. They are of very many designs so as to suit the different women’s style tastes and preferences. Booties are usually one example of the different types of Women’ h boots available. These boots are usually essentially short. They are categorized somewhere between boots and shoes. These come with different styles too. Some are open; others are cut-out uppers and closed-toed types. A few have zippers; others are pull-on while some are have laces. Good thing about these types of Women’ s boots and essentially what makes them more preferred more than many others is because they can be worn with virtually everything, from dresses in order to jeans.

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  • rashest_hippo:

    Hi. I want to get UGG boots, but I can’t decide which ones.
    Should I get the classic tall ones in chestnut, or ‘UGG Adirondack Boot II” ?
    Of course, the classic ones are more stylish, but I think they’re more for going to the mall or something.
    I’d love to get those, BUT, I live in Canada(QC) and I believe the winter boots would be more suitable. Let me tell you, Canada winters are wicked!

    I might get both, but I’ll have to see…

    Also, I have a few other questions on the boots themselves:


    are they comfy? is there support for the foot inside? are they worth the 180 bucks?

    NOW, for the pictures:

    classic: http://stores.exquistefashions.com/-strse-221/UGGS,-UGG-CHESTNUT,-UGG/Detail.bok

    winter boot: http://www.polyvore.com/bella_at_beach_outfit/set?id=10552825

    And the most important question: ARE THEY WORTH THE MONEY?

    thanks a lot!!!! :D xoxo

  • Coffee t:

    I recently moved to the Arctic and this will be my first winter with extended periods of lots of snow (up to 2+ meters at times).

    I need winter boots that are 1) good on ice 2) waterproof 3) warm 4) preferably not too clunky/no heel, in that order.

    Because I’m on the coast, the temperatures hover around freezing and the snow tends to melt a little then freeze back over as ice, then melt a little so that there’s water on ice on snow. Plus everything is hilly and steep, and I’ll be walking a lot at university. I do have shoe chains, but from experience they only work on certain types of frozen ground.

    Any recommendations? I live in continental Europe, so I need brand names of boots rather than stores, if possible.

  • Caltel T:

    Well let me start with I live in a place that we had 3inches of snow this winter, and Im moving to England where they have like a foot of snow. So I don’t know a thing about cold or wet winters.

    But Im looking for a riding boot that is really warm, water proof, that stands to last and under $200.
    So if you can please tell me the boots name, price, maybe website, and how they did for you, oh and how long they lasted. That would be great. Oh and any other winter horse riding clothes tip would be great too.

    thanks :)

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior:

    i have ankle problems and want some of those cute winter boots everyone has because frankly, the shoes i’m wearing now aren’t warm enough anyways.

    i’ve searched thru zappos and local stores, but it’s hard to find ones that are cute AND supportive in the ankle/tibia area unless i want to spend a LOT of money for just boots.

    suggestions? i’m going to buy lace up boots for sure, as thats gonna give me the best support, but i want them with a little fur trim as well. i want cute ones. :)


  • Cupcakerum:

    I’m going to be a college freshman this coming year and I need cute boots that I can walk around comfortably around campus in. But, I am looking for boots with wedge-style heels because I’m a little on the shorter side!
    Any ideas? THANKS!

  • Jairo:

    Okay, so I have these winter boots, they ARE NOT Uggs. Open the link below to kinda get what they look like.


    Except, they aren’t those boots, but fairly similar. So, anyways, I want to know if I can like wash them in my washer, or if it would damage them. If so, how can I wash them? They’re about 2 years old so the color is dirty and they have salt stains on the toe. I don’t really want to buy anything to like clean them but…if I have to I might consider it. Oh, and my boots are made by Arizona Jean Company, and I’m not sure what they’re made out of, but I think it’s like cotton or wool in the inside and kinda like a suede on the outside. &+ please only answer if you’ve done this before or honestly know what you’re talking about because I really don’t want to ruin them. Thanks! (:

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    I’m DYING to find some boots like the one in this video at 6:29 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awu8LCNokIM&feature=recentu
    but I checked the website she said and they’re not there! I also don’t want them to be terribly expensive.

    What are YOUR favorite fall and winter boots? Links would be appreciated (:

  • SteveO:

    Hello everyone! I am really looking for a pair of winter winter boots that would look good with jeans. I like brown and gray the best. I don’t want Uggs though! I also want them lower than $40! Keep in mind I am 12 years old. Also a low or no heel, I want to be able to walk =) Just attach a picture or a link or a website of a pair of boots! Thank you!
    Okay for those of you that don’t know my style I like boots a little lower than the knee, no (or low) heel, brown or gray, I like boots that fold at the top, have buckles! I don’t like leather though!

    Thanks for all the quick answers!

  • RuMKilleR:

    it’s cold outside and i’m looking for the best mens winter boot for sub zero temperatures , online store ?

  • Joey 01:

    I am looking for a good quality vegan winter boot. I’m in Canada so they must be very warm.

  • fattiemanny:

    I need some suggestions on extremely warm winter work/riding boots. The ones I have now are Columbia Cascadian boots, and I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to keep my feet warm to -25… which they certainly don’t. My feet are pretty sensitive to cold i guess. Anyhow, so the boots need to be durable, hopefully rubber lower area, and at least warm to -25 or lower. Hopefully under $100?

  • Spider Pc:

    I recently moved to the Arctic and this will be my first winter with extended periods of lots of snow (up to 2+ meters at times).

    I need winter boots that are 1) good on ice 2) waterproof 3) warm 4) preferably not too clunky/no heel, in that order.

    Because I’m on the coast, the temperatures hover around freezing and the snow tends to melt a little then freeze back over as ice, then melt a little so that there’s water on ice on snow. Plus everything is hilly and steep, and I’ll be walking a lot at university. I do have shoe chains, but from experience they only work on certain types of frozen ground.

    Any recommendations? I live in continental Europe, so I need brand names of boots rather than stores, if possible.

  • Gage:

    I ask this because I’m new here in New york and I dont know what could happen to my shoes if I walk with them in cold temperatures or in the snow. Thank you!

  • borabora5524:

    For the up and coming Winter season, I am in need of some new winter boots that’ll last me through snow and slippery surfaces. I have decided to get a pair of Sorel’s but I’m not sure which one to get: http://www.sorelfootwear.co.uk/womens-boots/women,en_GB,sc.html
    Choose any from the above ^^^

    Thank you x

  • Stevalicious:

    so yeah, i don’t mean like ugg boots or fashion boots, i mean boots that would be used to walk on ice and snow. i ask because i never see teenagers wearing winter boots when there is snow/ice. my parents have also been asking me if i would like a pair of boots, but i have said no. i guess the best thing about them would be traction on ice but, this might sound bad, i am not rally worried about the ice. so do any teenagers wear winter boots for snow/ice?? and if so why or if not, why not???

  • sam N:

    I need some new cute boots, any ideas?

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    I have a couple pairs of Uggs and I like them but I go to a college where I have to walk from building to building and since it’s getting close to winter I need something that is cute but I can wear in the snow or rain. I don’t really want to spend more than $100, so if you know any good places PLEASE let me knowww!

  • Tyler H:

    I go to school in rochester new york and need winter boots. I want some that are pretty fashionable, nothing special, but that will help me walk in the snow without my feet getting soaked or too cold.

    I am not looking to spend to much because i dont have the money but I need some boots. I saw some from North Face, Sorel, Nike but since I have never needed these boots until know I dont know really what I am looking for.

    I want them to be durable enough to last me a couple of years possibly so I dont have to keep buying pairs so I dont know what material to look for or whats best

    Anything will help as it has already began snowing and I dont have any boots yet

  • heavenly sword:

    Yea, I know, its early, aha, but I want to find some winter boots that are warm and waterproof.
    I saw a pair last year that looked like uggs, with stars on them, it was cool. Anyway, I won’t be outside alot, just waiting for the bus mostly, but my mom still wants me to get something thats good for winter. I had a pair last year, kinda the same style as uggs but with a pattern, and I can’t find anything like them now.
    HELPP? Sites and pictures would be nice to.
    btw, nothing with a heel, nots really me.
    Also, what types of shoes go with skinny jeans? I have a pair or converse and flats, but if theres others that anyone knows of, you can tell me. =)

  • Adam:

    alright so heres the deal. ive had uggs for the past two years. but there going out of style! so im looking for cute winter boots with the same comfort as uggs. you know, no rubber boots. thxs.

  • dealy:

    My girlfriend’s birthday is next week, and she said that she realy wants some winter boots that will keep her warm. So does anyone know where I can get her some without spending too much money? (My budget is like, $60 or less)

  • sakyue1993:

    I’m looking for a good winter boot that will last a long time and are comfortable yet stylish. I’m looking into purchasing a pair of UGGs in November, but I want to make sure those are the ones I really want before I go out an splurge on them. I have a pair of Bearpaws, but they have been worn a ton and are starting to ruin. Please help?! Thanks!

  • Gage:

    I mean boots that feel like running shoes and are just amazing. Is there a brand you can trust or even a specific model?

    Thank You.

  • Kaden:

    I got a pair of super cute winter boots a few weeks ago and we sprayed them with this water repellent stuff. Well they worked at first and then one day I had to walk through some sludge and I ended up with soaking wet socks. Now they just get soaked as soon as I walk outside in the snow/sludge/wetness. Now I have to take them back and get another pair, which it is going to be really hard for me to find now since most are going to be sold out by now and I am picky =/

    Why would my boots do this?? Where can I get some cute winter boots (size 7 US) for $20 or less?? Thanks!!

  • borabora5524:

    No UGGS or anything similar (too bland) and NO leather boots

    & what do you think of this one:


  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior:

    I’m looking for a pair of winter boots, and I want them to look something like Clark’s Desert boots. the 3 criteria are that they
    A)need to look like Desert Boots. (similar, not exactly)
    B)Need to have good arch support
    C)Needs to be thick enough for winter wear.

  • diggn4richez:

    I know they’ll need snow boots, but will they need a spare pair or will a single pair suffice? They’re trying to convince me that they need snow boots AND galoshes, but I’m not sure I have room for all that unless they really need them. We moved from Missouri and before that, Kentucky, so they didn’t even really need snow boots until now.

  • The Inc:

    I’m having trouble deciding which winter boots to get.My budget is around $200.00. I’m thinking about getting sorel boots, but I don’t know where to find them in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also, i would like some suggestions of winter boots to get. I would really like if you listed the pros and cons of Uggs, Sorel, and your favourite boots!
    Remember to include detail, and links for best answer!
    Thank you XD
    Ok. just name your favourite boots, and why :)

  • rashest_hippo:

    I live in California, but I’m headed to the Northeast this Fall for college, so I definitely need to invest in practical every day winter boots suitable for snow. I don’t like Uggs at all, and think they are horrendously overpriced for the way they look, but I need something like them. Keep in mind I’ll just be walking to classes, walking around town, and such, but I need something that will keep my feet warm! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • mrankinmatt:

    What is the difference between winter and snow boot? I will be going pennsylvania and will be staying there for a year. Which boot is better when it drops to -17 degree? I have read that the snow boot offered now in the market has the exact feature a winter boot has but it also allow one to walk on the snow easily. How true is it ?

  • timq3dimensionscom:

    This is the time of year when I always purchase a pair of nice boots for fall/winter. Last year I got a pair of black uggs and loved them! I dress pretty casually and I want a pair of boots that are cute and can work with many different looks! Helppp!

  • mr flibble:

    I have to buy winter boots and idk what ones!! which ones are in style this winter? And please dont say UGGS because i hate them -_- I have tried them one before and never liked them.
    If you have pictures of winter boots that would be great! :)

  • Jack Bauer:

    I’m trying to think of some ideas for tall winter boots for men. What about knee high leather fashion boots (not goth or cowboy boots) or black doc martens or all black xxhi converse? Any suggestions?


    I’m looking to buy some riding boots for this winter.

    I ride 3-7 times per week and the paddock is often slippery.Temps are anywhere from 30* to -5*.

    I was looking at either these: http://www.doversaddlery.com/mountain-horse-active-winter-rider-boot/p/X1-38117/&re=viewbuyrec/

    Or these: http://www.horse.com/item/ladies-ice-high-rider-boots/E004238/

    But the reveiws arent that great, so idk? Recommendations?

  • Duke:

    not just malls, online like net-a-porter, nordstorms, bloomingdales and zappos.
    its just so hard to find great boots
    either they have a bad fit and awkwardly droop
    or the material is bad quality or too thin
    or the toe is square or too round and big
    or the heel is like a giant cube, or it is too thin (kinda hard to walk in the snow doncha think?)

    the only ones that are alright are usually $300-1000 dollars
    why do people design such horrible boots?

    when im older im gonna save everyone from this fashion disaster by opening up my own boutique with amazing quality boots, purses, accesories, and clothes , but at prices that most people can afford.

    p.s. suggest any sites that have boots that i would like? i want something pretty flat or at least not with a heel thinner than your finger. no round toes, no square toes, no silver detailing.
    preferable in black,purple,red, or white. with gold metallic detailing. leather. no suede unless it has a waterproof interior. nothing that will fall apart the first time you wear it. nothing chunky. tight or straight boots. no cowboy boots. no leather converse.

    boots that are envy worthy prices between 80-300.
    im obviosly going to design the stuff in my store. i have no talent in sowing tho. but i do in drawing, idk if thats enough.

  • skillz:

    Please don’t mention Uggs or anything that looks like uggs. I need somethings thats waterproof and made for winter weather but also cute : )

  • Gundown64:

    So, winter is coming up, and I want to get some boots. I dont know if I should.get combat or winter. I already bought winter boots in the past, and I loved them! But it seems that I can only wear them in the winter. I think combat boots are rrally stylish, but they might get ruined in the rain):
    So please let me know what you guys think and the PROS and CONs about them. Thanks!(:

  • henryshensbcglobalnet:

    i need this answer fr jan 28 im going smwhere!!!!!!!!

  • Gage:

    hello there,
    im trying to find these knitted winter boots.
    are they in style now?
    i saw people wear them.
    if so, where can i get them?
    thanks for your help. : )
    — link.

  • mr flibble:

    Do you need special skii boots to kit into skiis or can you wear normal winter boots?

  • evangldbrg:

    I have a long list of standards: No uggs, please. I hate the style. I live in New England so they need to be WARM, preferably fur lined, but only of it’s real fur. Being lined is really important. I’ve found almost perfect “winter” boots that turn out to have no lining.
    I would like (almost) knee high (skinny) boots, maybe lace ups, that I can wear my pants inside. I have small calves…
    I’m at a community college and do a lot of walking, so I don’t want to get my feet wet (like some cheap boots).
    Oh and PLEASE do not tell me to google it. I have. A million times.
    Some examples:
    I don’t know if it’s real fur or not^ but they seem pretty great; good traction…
    A bit further out of the box^ of what I’m looking for, but still decent.
    Oh and my budget is from $0 – $200 (although I would like to spend less than 150)

    Thank You!!!

  • cardskid22:

    I’m looking for a winter boot really good in snow and can handle to be walked in 8 hours without hurting my feet because every pair i get always falls apart and gets water in them.. Please help thanks..

  • LN13:

    I received a pair of boots for Christmas years ago, and I wore them until I couldn’t wear them anymore. Now I can’t find anymore like them. Does anyone know where I can find a pair of tan/black women’s zip up cable knit winter boots with pom poms? Thanks in advance.

  • joevsyou:

    I need boots for winter (I go to Penn State so a lot of walking in bad weather) but I really don’t like uggs… does anyone know where i can find cute boots that will last through winter??
    links to pictures would be helpful…. i have looked in a lot of places and i really just dont like anything i see.. they cant be boots with heals.. i need boots that are good for snow and ice.. thanks!!

  • Malcolm Hudson:

    So I love sheepskin winter boots but I’m not willing to pay over $100 for them. A store at my local mall use to sell boots that looked exactly like Uggs for $20. Sadly the store is gone and I don’t know where to find cheap boots.

    I’m particularly looking for boots that look similar to these and come in a variety of colors:

    If you know of any companies that make boots and don’t demand an arm and a leg to buy, please let me know. Thanks :)

  • Alun J:

    I have a pair of winter boots that got wet and they stink! How can I wash and dry them without damage? Also, every time they get wet, they stay wet for days, how can I make them dry quicker?

  • thinkthought:

    i almost spent 30 bucks on a pair at Walmart, but I’d rather save it for a better brand that will last me many years.

  • David:

    What are cute kind of boots i can wear to school in the winter; Either over my jeans or with a skirt.

    Any good brands? Stores?
    Pictures would be great :D

    Thanks in advanced <3

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