How can you Tighten Your Loose Vagina Right after Vaginal Delivery?

The Having a baby does keep women under sensitive hooks. The fear of excessive discomfort in natural birth, at the same time, organic way of delivery is least invasive. The vaginal delivery has its side effects, in which loose vagina any, under review here with a best herbal solution to offer.

The birth might be natural for women or through C Section or Caesarean section. Natural birth has its blessings and also issues. Under normal or organic birth, women do shed holes but also get ‘ tears’ within their genitals as well as rectovaginal fistula plants up, wherein a passage types between the rectum and vagina. The health issues in normal delivery are usually unbearable like passage of waste materials through the vagina, flatus incontinence, and pain. The medical reasons are usually long time labors, use of forceps and also unrecognized tears due to earlier childbirths if any in the women. Probably the most worst, is the loose vagina problem, which will be here for, discuss and remedy. Cosmetic surgeries may promise many in reconstruction of loosened sex organs, but the cost is high and with side effects. The Ayurvedic science has provided the cue for the cure and also instant relief in the external use of Aabab tablets.

Before going in detail on the secrets of Aabab pills, it is pertinent to know the statistics on the vaginal delivery health issues. The New England Journal of Medicine indicates in their report on the problems within natural delivery with 3-to-5-percent physique of mother report tears, that are evident immediately after delivery of child. The damage in deduction in mothers, later, in endoanal ultrasounds has a whooping 35 to 41 % with injury to the sphincter, which results fecal incontinence, painful cracks and discomfort for years together. The particular Aabab tablets have in it the ideal ingredient such as Argilla Vitriolutum and Quercus infectoria to preempt the issues in association with loosening of genitals such as low libido, infections, as well as smell.

The Argills Vitriolutum or Alum kills the infection so that the harmful bacteria are to see the exit and also protect the good lactobacilli so that the vulva flora is intact so that the level of acidity of the genital tracts is in maintenance. The Alum as a chemical compound, its uses are multifarious. The particular Aabab tablet makers have smart enough to rope in to alum, to tighten genital skin, to act as an astringent and antibacterial real estate agent. The attack by bacteria within the natural balance in the vulva floor and if they become too intense, the genital flora lose the stand, with genital infection sets in. The pH in the genital floor rises above 4. 4 and is the sign of lesser safe as well as useful number of lactobacilli within the wane.

The dangerous side effects of childbirth naturally are in check in women with timely use of external application like Aabab pills and practice of Kegel exercises that promote the tightening of the sphincter muscles. The troubles associated with loose vagina are there for an quit for the lifetime of women with the mentioned measures above.

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  • turg143:

    I’m seeing a shrink soon for anxiety… and if they want to put me on medication, are there a lot of bad side effects? my anxiety is terrible and i think i need medication just to calm me down, but now im scared about some of the bad side effects that the medication can bring… what are some common side effects of anxiety meds?

  • Dr Dorian:

    Alright, I was raped very brutally as a child and literally torn open…. Since then I developed a condition called vaginismus (involuntary tightening of vaginal muscles making penetration impossible, due to trauma or infection….my case trauma) that made sex impossible. Because of those two things, I never dated or tried to be close to anyone.

    Then I met my husband…. We’ve worked together and I’ve been able to overcome the condition, but not without a great deal of pain…. However, after a few years the pain began to subside and I began to enjoy it a tinny bit. That disappeared when I got pregnant though, but I didn’t think much of it. We figured once the baby was out things could go back to normal if not be better.

    Upon delivery however, even after countless promises that I wouldn’t be cut at all, on the last push, one of the doctors pushed both my husband and midwife away and gave me a very large cut when I had my eyes closed…. (It was the last push, and the baby was practically already out on her own. I didn’t need it.) It required several stitches and three months of recovery. (The doctor was never reprehended for what she did….) It’s been over a year now, and as a result from the scar tissue, sex is more painful than ever….

    I managed to find a solution by having my husband (I can’t do it on myself because I flinch and hesitate too much) stretch the perineum (not comfortable) to take care of the pain before penetration and help loosen things up around the scar. However, when my husband does this for me and sees me in pain, he looses all desire for it. I feel like I can never enjoy myself again. The doctor and my original rapist have robbed me of this, and I’ve tried so hard for so many years now…… My husband can’t stand touching me because I cry and can’t hide it from him. He feels very awful about it all….

    What can I do? It’s not a lubrication problem, or tightness problem, and I don’t have any diseases or infections. It’s the scar that makes any kind of contact unbearable and I can’t afford corrective surgery. We’re struggling to hang on to our emergency fund savings as is with the economy…. Am I just destined to never enjoy it? I don’t know what to do……
    Cialis if for men, dumba**….
    Vvvv, I’d like to see you get raped. Then we’ll see if you’d still be laughing…. There’s NOTHING funny about tearing open a CHILD to the point of practically bleeding to death.
    Thank you to the people thumbs downing the awful trolls responding and getting rid of them. That really means a lot to me.
    Thank you Bobby D, and I’m really sorry about your boyfriend…..

    I never considered trying other things. I’m not too sure about anal, I’m not too comfortable with the idea, but it would avoid the scar site…. I’ll look into it and if it’ll help me out, then I’ll put away any comfort issues I might have and give it a try. I know that I use other techniques to please my husband, but he just can’t please me at the moment and that’s hurting both of us….

  • nasty1:

    Childbirth is achieved through caesarean section (the removal of the neonate through a surgical incision in the abdomen) or through vaginal birth.

    How is the sex life of the couple after the wife gave birth via Caesarean section or vaginal birth?

    These are some questions for women who experienced childbirth:

    What kind of option (Caesarean section or vaginal birth) did you choose?

    How is the sex life of you and your husband after you gave birth through Caesarean section or vaginal birth?

    Does your sex life become worse because your vagina got loose if you chose vaginal birth.

    Is your sex life still normal if you chose Caesarean section?

    5 Stars for the best answer!!!

  • The Villain:

    Okay, so i wanna tighten up. I used to be able to barely fit one finger, now i can fit 2 and the sensation is not what it used to be:( Ive been checking online and there are tons of reviews for women wanting devices to stop bladder problems (mostly women who have serious issues after delivery) I have not had children, am not too loose, but need some advanced device to get my extra pleasure back:( I dont know if kegelcisor is effective or another kegel device is better for kinda tight vagina (no deliveries) to become tighter. anyone tried or know of an advanced device for vagina without trauma, looking for only sexual enhancement. (im guessing the smaller the device, the more effective??)

  • liza:

    I was wondering, if you give birth naturally. And you do not breast feed after wards, how long does it take for your vagina to tighten back up? And, does it ever get back to as tight as it was? If not, how long does it take for it to tighten, even just a little?
    8 weeks pregnant.
    Yes, I know uterus and vagina are two different things. I was just wondering about both.

  • Death Knight:

    I am terrified of natural birth.. it isnt the pain- its that I am going to possibly destroy my vagina :(
    But from my research, I realize that c-section could be harmful to the baby and put him/her at risk.. so I am going to have to endure the natural birth, because I dont want to do anything to harm or hurt my baby.. I just want to know, for those who have had natural births.. how bad does it.. loosen your vagina.. and is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening? I have read about Kegal excersizes, but Im not so sure its that simple? +LOL+ Any advice, stories, etc, would be very helpful…
    +LMAO+ I dont need to worry about protected sex when I am married and this is a wanted pregnancy?

  • Sergeant Pickle:

    Is vomiting a common side effect?

  • mike s:

    So I know for a fact (women hate to hear this but its a cold truth)…that baby/vaginal deliveries CAN lossen a vagina! (source:friends and family verified)….

    However, for the females who have not had babies, what are the causes?
    I am asking this question because, I am 26 and sex just hasnt been the same in the last 2 years. I first had sex when I was 18, i was naturally very tight. For atleast 2 years after first having sex, I would scream (even bleed a little) and it could be a challenge to even finger me. Well around about 21 or 22, I started dating a rather large guy and it has never been the same since ( i do not use toys at all). Now when aroused I can fit 1 1/2 fingers inside, i no longer experience pain and sometimes even get bored of this new feeling :/

    Okay, ……So I no for a fact it is a lie that having sex will not change your vaginal canal size. What reasons could this have happened? Is my age the problem? And secondly to be honost, it became worse when i went 6 months without sex (so dont say stop having sex and it will tighten, i know that doesnt work, its an urban myth) How can i get my original size back?

  • Matthew:

    Serious question!
    I just wanted to know if it was a myth or not!?

  • Gamer959:

    After sex, I can fit 3 fingers inside of me – not width wise only w/ one finger in front of other, though the inside is a lot more open, I just cannot get more than three fingers pass the opening. Is it normal for the inside of the vagina to be more open and the entrance to be tighter, is it just loose or is this normal? Probably not using correct terminology but just curious.


  • Jamal:

    The biggest thing that scares me about a vaginal delivery, as sad as this may be, is how long it will take me to get back to my “tightness” I am now. I read a question on here a while ago that said she couldn’t keep a tampon in 3 months after her daughter was born. exactly how “loose” or stretched out does a vaginal delivery make you? how long does it take to get back to normal? any guys out there that can tell me 1st hand if a woman ever “tight” again after having a baby? Thanks!!

  • skychi99:

    So lots of people swear by kegel exercises, but I have a few questions:

    1. Do the exercises actually tighten up your vagina or do they just enable you to squeeze harder? For example, if a couple are having sex and the woman has become a kegel champion, does the man only notice the tightness if the woman is actively clenching her muscles during it, or does he notice the new tightness even if her muscles are relaxed?

    2. What parts of the vagina are actually affected by kegels? Obviously the interior vaginal muscles are, but what about the ring of elastic tissue that forms the opening of the vagina (i.e. the part the stretches when a baby’s head is crowned during delivery)? For example, if a woman has a large baby and is self-conscious afterwards because she feels as though her vagina “gapes” open a bit, could kegels help her?

    3. How quickly after beginning to do kegels on a very regular basis can a woman expect to notice improvement?

    4. Can a woman become close to “virgin tight” again even if she doesn’t do kegels but refrains from inserting anything into her vagina for a long time? For example, if a woman goes through a divorce and doesn’t have sex again for two years, could she be so tight that she feels like she’s losing her virginity all over again?

    5. I’ve never had a baby but I have a very active masturbatory life (sorry for the TMI). I purchased several ben wa balls. They are about the size of marbles but are much heavier. Unless I am doing something very active (like running or jumping) I can keep them in without having to clench my muscles. Would that be considered a good amount of vaginal tightness?
    Also, how long is it safe to leave ben wa balls in? I’m just worried that, like a tampon, they could cause TSS or something if left in too long.

  • Andre:

    I gave birth 4 weeks back(natural delivery). I don’t know if I’m looser or not but scared of being looser.its my first delivery and I’m 33 years you become looser after one delivery ?? How can I know if I’m looser or not?? From the appearance of the opening ?? By the way I had episiotomy
    I need your honest answers..thanks in advance

  • Kristian:

    does vagina become loose during pregnancy. are there any changes in vagina during pregnancy? and are they reversible?

  • superdork:

    I’m taking 500 mg. tablets twice a day, and it makes me very sleepy. I was wondering what are the side effects, and if this is normal? Thanks.

  • mal_functiongeo:

    I want to know if i will experience the same pleasure after as i do before child birth. how can you tell the differences? truthful answers, did any women experience a permanent change? how? this question is for the ladies from a guy that really wants to know what i might expect, i dont need any more surprises

  • Sophia C:

    I’m 19 years old, and vaginally gave birth to an eight pound, nine ounce baby just over eight weeks ago. I ended up needing a few stitches from tearing during delivery. Since about two weeks postpartum, I have done anywhere from 60 to 120 Kegels a day, at least three to four days a week. I have been using a product called Gyneflex Regular Strength with my Kegels at least three days a week as well.

    Sex isn’t what it used to be, and I feel a lot less sensation and more “loose”. I also have problems getting air into the vagina during intercourse, which I didn’t have much of a problem with before. The lessened satisfaction, sensation, and air problem all seems to be related to my post-partum looser vaginal area.

    What all can I do to tighten the area fast, to pre-pregnancy size and tone? I am discouraged that Kegels haven’t helped me as much as I thought, and though my partner and I have just started sex recently, I have put it on hiatus until I feel tighter again. I really need any and all advice with this problem I’ve been having.
    I haven’t experienced any incontinence issues, and also need to know about how long it’ll take to “tighten” again.

  • Mark M:

    Hello.I am 22yrs old girl from India.I just broke up with my boyfriend with whom i had sex….and lost my virginity.I would be getting married within a year and i do not want my husband to know that i am not a virgin.(BRIDE’S VIRGINITY is a big issue in some places in India).I could not go under surgery.I have been been trying Kegel Exercise too…15 min order to make vagina walla tight.Could you please tell me how long would it take to make my vagina tight enough that i can fake virginity.(Could handle no blood thing).Also i was into masturbation before…..but have not touched mine for about a month.I’ll explain the way i did my masturbation (No finguring),please rectify if that would make vagina walls loose or tight.(Dont want my Kegel Exercises to go waste).I was used to rub the clitoris with end of a brush and was used to keep pulling my vagina inwards…that when i ejaculate there is fast in and out motion of the vagina.So will it help making the hole tight or will it make it more loose.Also i didnt had a lot of sex with my ws on normal basis…!!and i could feel that my vagina is not that loose that nothing would help.So please guide.Thank You.

  • Marshal:

    hey to all the women! i have a very bizzare question. I recently had my babies about a year ago i had twins normal vaginal births was painful but i survive ok i had a huge cut during delivery which i beleive left me with problems. Well lately my husband has been complaing about our sex he said he does not enjoy it as much so do i this has to do with the fact that my vagina now is a bit loose. i was thinking of using some sort of cream that could maybe help to tighten me up a bit i saw a lot advetisements can sombody please help?

  • The Beatles:

    Okay I didn’t wait the whole 6 weeks…I waited 4. my 6 week appointment is actually tomorrow. And I know I’m being really really impatient but…why is the sex sucking? OMG I could cry. My clitoris doesn’t feel the same, I don’t get lubricated like I used too…and I feel that its loose. Like I can’t tighten up around my husband like I used to be able too…I know this also because when we are done air comes out and makes that awful sound (sooo embarassing). What the heck is up? Someone for the love just tell me its gonna go back and its just this way cuz I haven’t recovered enough. Cuz if this is how its gonna feel forever I’m gonna just die (obviously I really value our sex life)

  • morbiusdog:

    My friend told me that due to frequent sex,the vagina of a woman becomes loose and she will need to have bigger dicks to satisfy her……

    Is it true??/
    I’m 18 ..I dont want my future husband to find about my past as it would lead to problems

  • evangldbrg:

    I gave birth via c-section 9 months ago. I got all the way to 7 cm dialated, but wouldn’t go any further so I had to get a c-section. Well my husband and I have frequent sex and he still complains that my vagina is too tight and cuts him. It’s definitely not dry, we have tried lube too. It doesn’t help. This never happend before, why now? Isn’t that ironic that I got tighter and not looser? Anyone else have this experience?

  • nasty1:

    I had a baby 2months ago….100natural vaginal delivery…..My husband and I made love for the 1st time since or baby was born and I was quite disappointed since it didnt feel the same “down there” It felt a little more loose/hollow (My husband was excited to make love again he didnt complain) Im the one that is concerned because it doesnt feel as tight anymore, but I just found out that kegels can help tighten the vaginal muscles…..well today I was curious to see what I look like “down there” and I see this little chunk of meat that sticks out of my vagina, Im not sure how to explain it, it doesnt stick out completely, but it kinda pops out from my vagina sort of like its peeking from inside…..did your vagina look like that after 2months of giving birth? Is it still too early for me to expect my body to be back to normal?

  • Joe T:

    Does it stay loose ?

  • Michael:

    I had a baby 5 weeks ago, vaginal delivery, and I just have a few questions about getting things back to normal

    1. I have lost all the weight, but there is so much extra skin around my belly that it still looks like it sticks out. How long does it take for that to tighten back up, and is there anything I can do to speed it along?

    2. (looking for serious answers here, not people wanting to be rude and funny) Everything I’ve read says how the vagina is supposed to stretch to have the baby but then go back to normal. Mine definitely still feels significantly looser than it was. I have been doing kegal exercises every day but don’t notice much of a difference. Anything else I should be/could be doing, and does it really ever actually feel the same?

  • Johnky J:

    Well, I was wondering-CAN a woman still have sex and orgasm after having a baby? And well her vagina ever go back to normal? What about the breasts and stomach and hips? I’m really curious, because if I ever have kids, I don’t know what all happens to the body, exactly. Tell me?

  • Melanie:

    Okay, so I am not pregnant, or planning to in the close & near future, but I am in a long term relationship and am thinking about the future (like within the next 10 yrs).

    But I have been scared about this for awhile, and I really want to hear some opinions on this topic.
    I have heard many horror stories and would like to know what is true and what isn’t/.

    How bad is the body shape change after birth?
    How much of a pants size change is there?
    (I am a 3, what would i likely be after birth?)
    Is is true that old clothes like shirts wont fit anymore?
    Does your shoe size change?
    How saggy do your breasts get after breast feeding?
    Will your breast size be permanently changed?
    How bad is the swelling?
    Do you have bloody dis change for 4-6 weeks after birth?
    How likely is it to need a C Section>?
    Will stretch marks go away? Or at least not be noticeable?
    How visible is a C Section scare?
    Will I ever be able to wear a bikini again?
    Does your vagina go back to it’s original size?
    How much bigger do your hips get?
    How hard is it to get the fat off?
    How much fat naturally stays?
    If you need a C Section, what are the chances of needing another one?
    Does it get all “loose” below?
    Is your partner still as sexually interested in you as before?
    Is sex painful for a few times afterwards?
    How moody do you get?
    What types of cravings do people get?
    How long does morning sickness happen for?

    Did everything turn out okay?
    Are you still your same old self?
    Are you happy with your body image?

    I know a lot of these depend and are particular to each person, but I would greatly appreciate it if you tell me what happened to you, or what you generally think happens.

    Thank You.

  • Chester:

    I am using tablet for getting errection, is there any side effects

  • JimT:

    if some one have a side effect/ long it will be and can it reverse or gone frm the body sistem.

  • thexbox360player:

    I have been on the nuva ring now for about 5 weeks and about 2 weeks ago, my hair started falling out. Is this a side effect? If there is, is there anything i can do about it?

  • Mackenzie P:

    what are the side effects of Uribel?

  • thexbox360player:

    what r d side effects of ibuprofen ?

  • Matthew David:

    what are some of the side effects for differin gel for acne, could depression be a side effect?

  • BRUTE:

    i’m taking medication; ultram i need to know the side effects.

  • white man:

    so I have been taking terazosin 2mg for my bph for more than a few months now… I never had any problems with side effects till recently… I been noticing iv been waking up for a few nights with stomach pain and diarrhea.. Is this because of the medication???

  • tefa_96:

    What side effects are there with taking Chromium Picolinate?

  • mrankinmatt:

    Everyone says birth control has really bad side effects.
    Are they that horrible?

  • Keegan:

    I am wondering what the side effects are for Provigil… I googled it, and searched it on here, but couldn’t find too much. Please list all possible side effects and have sources. Thanks a bunch!

  • mike s:

    could aldara still cause side effects after 2 weeks of discontinuation? I used it for a little over a week. Now I have herpes like sores.
    I am just a hypochondriach or something… Cuz I took aldara after reading that some people carry the virus without any symptoms.. I wanted to kill anything hiding that could be transmitted. What happened, was I got jock itch.

  • Xbox Gamer:

    I was prescribed Prednisone over a month ago.
    I’ve been on upwards of 120mg four times a day at most..
    Currently on 50 mg per day.
    The side effects I’ve researched on line seem to fall into every horrible thing I’m feeling..
    Tired, cranky, moody, hungry, bloated, swollen, acne, nightmares, trouble sleeping, hungry all the time, water retention, moon face, swollen joints, etc…

    My skin looks horrible and i feel even worse.

    My question is,
    How long will these side effects last?
    Can they be permanent?
    Any home remedies for easing the side effects?
    Any other info you can give on side effects while on and after i am taken off?

    I have been in contact with my doctor, I am just looking for some real world experience with every day people who have been on or know someone on high doses of this stuff..

    Thanks so much!

  • sakyue1993:

    what are the side effect to zolft?
    what are some side effects too zolft?

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    Well my doctor and counselor reccomended that I get anti depressants, so what are the side effects? I’m worried because I hear the effects can be harmful. Can anyone whose been on them tell me the positives and negatives of these pills? and do the same thing apply for anxiety pills? If not then please explain that? Thanks

  • DuckieM10:

    could aldara still cause side effects after 2 weeks of discontinuation? I used it for a little over a week. Now I have herpes like sores.

  • Thomas A:

    Do the side effects lessen with increased time or worsen.

  • Echo:

    My girlfriend takes cymbalta for depression. She seems to have several side effects to include; difficulty reaching orgasm, constipation, night sweats, and horrible dreams.

    Has anyone else experienced these side effects? Can you recommend a different medication that worked better for you?????

  • SteveO:

    i just recently started smoking salvia divinorum. just wanted to know some of the side effects

  • che-che:

    I have only 2 more chemo treatments left (woo hoo). I have been on Andriamycin, Cytoxan, and Taxol for breast cancer for the past few months. Anyone experience any “withdrawal” side effects as your body tries to get back to normal (although I know it will never be the same!)
    I’m really hoping to lose the weight that the steroids have tacked on, but I’ve read about body aches, facial hair, etc. and would love to hear people’s actual experiences.

  • PIE BOY:

    My docter prescribed it for acid reflux that I just developed this month from eating the wrong foods. I’m scared of it having side effects (headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, infection) so anyone who took or is taking this medicine, Have you had any side effects??

  • slipknot0129:

    I was prescribed methylprednisolone after a dental proceedure. The pack is the one where you take 6 pills at 4mg each for the first day and then taper it down each day for the next 6 days. I have taken my first days worth of the pills and feel EXTREME anxiety. Also, I do have slight muscle aches in my legs, not too bad. I’m wondering if this will get better as the dosage lessens or should I call my doctor about these side effects? Should I keep taking them through the weekend? I guess I wondering if this is normal and I’m worrying for nothing. Thanks
    Thanks for the answers, I feel better now about the anxiety.
    I’m real flushed and slightly red in the face too.
    Do you think the muscle aches or the flushing are anything to worry about?

  • brincks26:

    please can you tell me about mental side effects

  • zigg3ns:

    I just started on this and was wondering if anyone had side effects? Weight gain, mood swings, etc…..

  • Squall Leonhart:

    Does mirena have cause emotional side effects?

  • Anny:

    me and my wife are going on this new contraceptive and we were wondering what the side effects where

  • lucasg615:

    i have been prescribed doxycycline hyclate for a mouth infection, but i read the side effects and it said that naseoa or vommiting may occure. i really don’t want any of those things, so does anybody know if these side effects are common? or if it most likely won’t happen? thanks!

  • Thomas A:

    I have to take Levothyroxine for my thyroid, but I am afraid to cause of all the side effects. How can I avoid the side effects when I take my medicine?

  • Andre:

    I have been on met and clomid for five days and have not had any side effects..could this mean its not working? Any luck on these meds with no side effects?

  • Thomas Lopez:

    Named benztropine help with the side effect double vision? Becasue I know that it helps with alot of other side effects but i take benztropine and it still doens’t help get rid of my double vision from that i get from my medications

  • Joe M:

    What are some common side effects associated with using Lexapro?

  • mmminja:

    What Schizophrenia medication has the least/most, mildest/worst side-effects? Has anyone ever had a bad experience with the medication?

  • Courtney:

    What are the side effects for a individual taking adderall but not diagnosed with ADHD?

  • jdfan:

    Anybody taken this? side effects? reviews?

  • Mackenzie P:

    what are the side effects of ecstasy and what are some consequences of taking/trying?

  • Thomas A:

    im on Loestrin 30 and im getting along fine with it (i think).. i was just wanting to no what the most common side effects there are that people have experienced ?
    on my 3rd sachet just started them so its like my 3rd month, but im not sure but i think my boobs have increased in size while iv bin on Loestrin, im not sure tho

  • Malcolm Hudson:

    what are the side effects of champix ?

  • Jonathan:

    What are the side effects of accutane?

  • kass9191:

    Is it possible to not expirience any side effects when taking the morning after pill?
    I took the first pill withen the 24 hours of intercourse, and the second one 12 hours later (like the box said)

    I’m using PlanB

    I’m not feeling any side effects at all except for a little nausea which comes and goes and tiredness, which also comes and goes

  • Big Banger:

    hi, i am 21 yrs old male and started losing my hair when i was 17-18yrs..i have lost my hair line to some extent.i consulted a doctor and he suggested me to take finax 1mg tablet daily.But after reading about side effects of this tablet i am worried whether i should take these tablets or not. Does everyone who consumes this medicine suffers from its side effects and are these side effects reversible?

  • Jenna:

    I have searched some forums and medical websites but no real side effects. I’m 18 and just got the pills today and want to know if there are any side effects, and when would be better to take them? at night or in the morning?

  • superdork:


    I’m not on the contraceptive pill, I normally use condoms and took the morning after pill (Leonelle) last Friday. Has anyone ever experienced extremely painful breasts as a side effect from taking this?

  • kewlflame14:

    So, I’m on my 4th day of Zoloft 25mg, and my side-effects have been pretty minor, but today I’m starting to feel pretty nauseated and stuff. I’m wondering if the side-effects will get worse in the next few days, especially on the 7th day when I increase it to 50mg? Or, do you think I would have gotten any of the nasty side-effects by now if i was gonna get it?

    I can’t wait til this crap kicks in and the side effects go away…long wait…argh!
    i’ve searched on google for lots of info on the side-effects. I know what they are, I’m just wondering if they’re gonna keep getting worse in the next few weeks before they start fading away.
    my side effects aren’t that bad right now. I just want to know if i have to plan on it getting worse in the next week…

  • Yoshi:

    I was told there are side effects of Vitalax, which could effect both my bunny and me.. Now, this sort of worries me. What sort of side effects would these be?

    I was told by my vet that Vitalax is perfectly okay for rabbits even if it says it’s for cats.. which has me concirned because the bottle has cat all over it.
    I was told that it had the same effect on rabbits to get rid of hair balls.. but I am awfully worried. I already gave my tiny bunny one dose on wensday and haven’t seen any personallity changes or signs of sickness.. so I’m not sure what the effects are supposed to be. Has anyone had any actual experience with Vitalax?

  • Balla:

    Are there any side effect of holy basil (tulsi)?
    like potentially scary side effects…?

  • Tyler H:

    I know there are side effects that could occur from taking Tamoxifen. Are these side effects caused by an ingredient in the pill itself? OR………… are they caused by the decrease in Estrogen which causes these effects in the body?


  • Balla:

    On the side of my medicine bottle it says: “You should avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to the direct and/or artificial sunlight when taking this medicine.” Is that true for me even though I have very dark skin (I’m African-American).

    Also is diarrhea another one of the side effects of taking Amitriptyline?

  • shahrukh:

    My psychiatrist has put me on 150mg of sertraline. I’ve been having a headache for a week straight and have an insatiable appetite.

    What have you all experienced for side effects? Do you think these symptoms can be related?


  • andresumoza:

    I had a vaginal delivery with my first child – 50 hours of labor & it was atrocious. Because of how badly I tore in that labor, I am having a c-section this time around. For anyone who’s done both – which was worse, and why?
    Thanks for your input!!

  • sam N:

    I am 37 weeks pregnant & I will be due shortly. I am really confused & scared to make choice concerning the delivery of my child. The idea of vaginal delivery is freaking me out but I learnt that C-section has its risk as well.
    PS: I am single mother, who has no one to be with me during the delivery.

  • turg143:

    In November 2011 I had a C section. I’m not expecting as of right now but when I plan to be I was considering a vaginal delivery. But I remember asking my doctor if I could after a caesarean, he told me no. I’ve read online & heard testimonies where people have delivered both ways before. Why would my doctor tell me no? Ladies who’s experienced both delivery methods which did you like more? Which was more comfortable? How was the healing different & delivery different? Did you notice any differences with your baby from delivering via c section vs vaginal?

  • Balla:

    I delivered my son vbac yesterday. My half ass anesthesia only worked on one side. Anyways I felt myself being ripped open. Now about 24 hours later I’m feeling a bad burning when I use the restroom and I have what feels like period cramps but very bad ones. Sorta like contractions. Is this normal? The pain has gotten so bad I have passed out a few times so I am always being escourted to the bathroom. The cramps just make me very nauseaus. Anyone know how long before this goes away? And in the mean time any natural ways to help with the pain. I don’t want the pain meds they offer me because I have been breastfeeding and don’t want to pass the meds on to him.

  • Austin:

    i had my first son 8 yrs ago and now 6 weeks away from my second.first child was 38 hard hours of labor then was put in an emergency c pain really during the proceture but recovery was terriable would you recomend vaginal delivery or another c section since i already know the pain of a c section. which is less painfull during the delivery? needs to be answered by someone who had both procedured done for a more accurate answer,,,,,,,,6 weeks left ,scared and need helpfull answers (DO NOT want to go thruogh labor!!!!!!)

  • Random:

    I just want to know before my baby comes and weigh my options my doctor asked at my appt which one and I wasn’t really sure I had a C-section with my 4 yr old son because i only dilated to 9 cm i didnt know if i should try something new if i could but as of right now i have a choice so whats best to you guys and why please

  • Thomas Lopez:

    Im having a dilema! I just moved to a new state and had to reaply for medicaid! well they are very slow! they said that i will probably recieve the insurance by the time the baby is born and im due in about 9 weeks! Well I have to have an emergency c-section with my first child and was told I would have a planed c-section for this one from my doc before i moved! Well im freakin out cause im being told I will end up already in labor before they do the c-section! And if im already to far along will have to have it vaginaly! Whats the worst that can happen?

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