How can i Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Again Along with Love Tips

How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Again With Appreciate Tips. Steps that you can follow to have more success in your relationship to get reconciled with an ex boyfriend.

How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Again With Appreciate Tips
After a break up along with your boyfriend or husband, the pain of not seeing and speaking to him is killing you slowly. If you just got out of a partnership but your heart still says “ I want to get my ex boyfriend back”, then you have to breathe deeply and maintain focus before you consider desperate procedures to win your ex back. Though it may seem the most urgent goal in your lifetime is to win your ex back, what ever means necessary, but it depends on how long you are willing to go. There are numerous methods for getting him back so if you need him back then, we have to take an effective strategy.

One of the first things you should do would be to figure out why he dumped you, or what led to the breakup. You need to think of what made him leave – was that you, your friends, your lack of interest, your lack of communication, area issues etc . What did you have to do or what did he perform to lead to this? Did any of you do something wrong to drive another way? You must ask these questions yourself before you start planning to get your ex back. It is better you have an insight view of your relationship, the problems you had and what you need to do so that they will never happen again.

In this situation, a lot of people suggest begging because it seems logical at this time, but here I would strongly recommend you to pull yourself together and build inside you a rock solid confidence. If you genuinely want your ex sweetheart back you will need to improve yourself and build confidence, because everyone values confidence and everything starts with courage and personal development.

Seek professional counseling… visit any kind of psychologist or relationship advisor for the purpose of advice if you can’ t manage yourself your pains. I would suggest becoming happy, show more love to the less privilege, come alive, go out with close friends, go clubbing, just lift your own spirit, gain confidence and transform your health.

An important part of the plan to get your ex hubby back again is to have him know that you do well without him. Involve yourself in activities you did not perform before – such as a gym, sports etc . Such places give you a wide range of opportunity to mingle with new people. When this reaches your ex boyfriend, he will curse himself for losing a person. Once he is aware of the improvements in your life, let him know that since this individual isn’ t around, you are looking for other men for friendship. He will be surprised and jealous realizing that you are available to other men, and there may still be chances you will take him back.

When you complete with all your planning, contact him go and tell him how you feel about him. Don’ t be reluctant to pour your heart in order to him but in a classy way. Just be calm and talk from your deeper mind with a rock solid confidence. You make him realize that though you can live without him, but you enjoy him and want reconciliation. Men love to get the difficult things. Become difficult for him and you will possess your boyfriend back in your arms again.

Losing someone you like is terribly painful. You can’ t live without him. This of not seeing and talking with him is killing you gradually. If your heart says “ I want to get my ex boyfriend back”, you must listen to your heart and opt for expert advice. This site is best for getting your hubby back in your arms when you will find the expert advice with step by step guidelines.

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  • steve:

    My ex boyfriend and i broke up 3 months ago. I have an alcoholic mother and it was really touhg there for a while, went through depression and i releid on him for a lot of my happiness and it was bringing him down. We fought a lot towards the end as i admitedly tried to control him as i couldnt seem to control my opwn mother. Our break up was nasty, said a lot of hurtful things to each other. The dust has settled and about 1 month ago we deicded to be friends. We ended up sleeping together twice. He says he needs some space to think if he can do it again. I have written endless notes telling him how i have changed and how the time apart has made me realise by idiotic mistakes and selfishness. But now i know that its times for my actions to say more than my words. We talk every 3 or so days and we get along fine but it usually ends with him saying ok got to study and i say ok have a nice night. I asked him 2 days ago how much longer he wants spacw for an he said “he changes his mind every day about us”. He also said he knows its hard making me wait until he has had his space but i assued him that we both need to take the time, He has exams comimng up in 4 weeks and is very into his uni. He told me he should have thought it all through by the end of exams. I guess im asking advice on how you think my chances are. I have told him basically everything i can on how i want to be different treat him different and i do believe that he believes me this time, but he wants some space just to take time and clear his head to see if he can come back. He said he is not seeing anyone, as far as dating, but he knows im ok with him going out and having fun. I asked him not to sleep with anyone until he makes his mind up and he said, well we are single and if i go out to have fun and it happens it happens, but it means nothing and there is no way he wants to date anyone else at the moment. As much as it hurt i sucked it up and said yeah ok thats fair enough. I just need some tips on how o keep the space up. Im a person that believes i always have to be proactive ion fixing things. I like to fix things asap, but this time the most logical thing i can do is do nothing and its really tough. Any help would be much appreicated!!

  • Orbit:

    My girlfriend and I had something great going for about 6 months. I was always so good to her and I never did anything to hurt her. She broke up with me because she said she didn’t feel like she wanted the responsibility of having a boyfriend right now. She said she was juggling lots between school, church, family, and friends.

    Now whether or not this is a complete load of crap, I don’t know. I’m inclined to believe her just because I know her and the situation pretty well. She ended it on good terms and she made it clear that (in her own words) she ” wanted to be close friends for a long time”. She also has since said that she feels really bad for hurting me and that she is really glad we can be good friends again.

    Here’s where my question comes in.

    Recently she has been asking me about this other girl that likes me. We’ll call her Rachel. She will just ask me stuff like “so are you guys gonna date?” or “so has Rachel been coming on to you?”. She has just seemed kind of concerned with that and acting oddly about it. And then when I asked her why she was so interested, she just said “I don’t feel like explaining it because you wouldn’t understand anyways”.

    So now she has started texting me and being a little bit more friendly. Using lots more :) and we’re just joking and getting along much better it seems. Does this mean she still likes me? Or could it be that she is just a bit possessive of me still? Or could simply the awkwardness of the breakup be waring off and we’re just getting back to being friends?

    I still really love my ex. I haven’t been able to get over her and I’ve never felt as strongly for anyone else and I have been wanting her back ever since the breakup. And It’s not like I’m stalking her or nagging at her to get back together. I’ve not shown any weakness about it at all. But I just really want us to get back together, so I’m hoping that this situation could lead to that. So what should I do from here to work towards that goal? Please help me out guys :( I’m in need of a plan. So any thoughts or advise would be very appreciated. Thanks.

  • fattiemanny:

    I hate to sound like some sort of valley girl but “So… there’s this guy…” He is in my best friend’s band and I see him often. Our birthdays are a day apart and we went clubbing to celebrate with the group. He ended up getting drunk enough to be more comfortable around me and ended up kissing me, a lot. I asked him if that meant that we were dating and without hesitation he replied “Okay!” So we dated for a month and things were good overall and I was happy. The only thing that bothered me was that he did not ever pick up the phone and call me. He would rather text me than actually hear my voice and I usually had to initiate the texting. In front of our group of friends he was very shy about showing me any affection, I think the most he did once was grab my hand and it looked like that took a lot out of him. But whenever we were alone things got pretty hot and heavy and things were amazing if you know what I mean. We never actually slept together but we came close and I had to put the brakes on, because it was a little soon and I had no protection anyways. So I’m dealing with doing things his way, being very subtle in public and palling around like friends, coping with just the texting when away from eachother when Valentines Day rolls around. I hear from my best friend that he did not remember to agreeing to date me at the club, and that basically, he woke up drunk and found out soon after that he had a girlfriend. But he wouldn’t say that that’s not what he wanted, the only comment he made was that he was “okay with” and “used to” being single. So for Valentines Day I invite him over and he suggests we make italian food. I shop for the food, everything is ready and I’m getting excited. Then the night before Valentines Day he tells me that it’s too much pressure for him to come over and wanted to know if we could just hang out with the group instead. I was very upset and I told him to think about if he really wanted to date me or not, and that I wouldn’t be mad whatever choice he made. He said he was thinking but never gave me an answer, so finally I told him that we should just be friends and he agreed to it. Now we’re friends and I find myself wanting him more and more. It’s not an issue of wanting to get laid because I got some just last weekend for the first time in about six months and I’m still pining for him. He has now said to my best friend that he’s glad he did not sleep with me because he doesn’t want to be that guy that sleeps with the chick and then decides he can’t handle a relationship and that if was very hard to restrain himself because he thinks I’m very pretty. He’s 24, it’s not like he’s not capable of being in a long term relationship. I’m trying to understand why he’s not interested. I feel like there’s something wrong with me… like I’m not *fill in the blank* enough for him or if there’s something I did to make him freak out. Anyways, I’m trying to show him that I am open to trying again whenever he is ready but I don’t know how. If someone could give me some tips on how to show him in a subtle way while hanging out with others that this if how I feel that would be great. I don’t want to freak him out even more by texting his phone exactly how I feel. He’s shy obviously. I think he’s worth waiting for, we get along very well and I’m very physically attracted to him. Some advice would be much appreciated, sorry for the long post. Please no rude, immature responses… this is sort of embarassing for me to write and not something I’m used to. Thanks!

  • NC Baller:

    This might be kinda long, but please read it and help me. we dated for very close to 2 years. we got along pretty well, we had our fights and such just like any other relationship, but we both fell in love. in january we couldnt see each other, due to a personal reason, so that stress kind of brought on alot of arguing and fighting. i still love him to death, but he ended it because he said he “wasnt happy anymore”, but i know its because we couldnt see each other during that time, because we were just find before that. so a few weeks after we broke up, he started seeing someone new, but he says he still loves me, just not like he used to. i want to get together with him and just talk, but he wont, he says that he thinks nothing will come from it, but i know him all too well, he wont because hes afraid that seeing me is going to strike back them feelings again. i know we’re meant to be together, its just one of those things you know, i know he still loves me, but is afraid things will go back to how it was. what ways can i show/tell him that everything will be okay, and that all i want to do is see him? i dont want to seem clingy, cause im not, ive been trying to give him space. any tips/advice will help

  • Boo Cookie:

    Yeah,love the romance stories. So if someone could help i would really appreciate it!:)

  • JackReynolds:

    Last fall, I dated a guy on and off. I really loved him, but he basically used me. As friends, though, we got along relatively well. The last time I saw him was in January, but we were friends on Facebook since then. Here’s the weird part – he came out to me as bisexual around the beginning of March and as far as I know was dating a guy. They broke it off (somebody’s parents, I think the other guy’s because my friend never came out) weren’t okay with it, and a couple weeks later he got back with an ex girlfriend from a few years back whom he’d broken up with a couple times before. Now, when he was with a guy, I was happy for him. But seeing him with a girl made me miss him and want him back, but at the same time another ex (the one he cheated on with me) and I talked to each other and she told me he treated her poorly too. We both said mean stuff to him about how he treated us (and we’re assuming women in general) and no longer talk to him – her voluntarily, not the case with me.

    I’m glad we don’t talk anymore because that’s the only way I’ll get over him, but the problem is it’s taking too long. Even with him blocked on Facebook, and even with a new boyfriend who is extremely nice to me and completely head-over-heels for me, sometimes I still miss him and wish we’d ended on nicer terms – or that I could (to paraphrase Blue October) hate him for what he did so this could hurt less. The problem is I have a tendency to remember the times he was nice and all we went through (I was at the hospital with him when his grandma died). Can anyone help me with tips for moving on completely to the point I don’t think about him at all?
    I meant to say he never came out to anyone else that I know of. He came out to me obviously :p
    *Oh – I’m 18, he’s 20. I know that sounds weird about the parents, but we’re not in high school.

  • Dr Hank:

    I broke up with my ex of almost 3 years over a year ago. (Well, he broke up with me) It was on bad terms, but I am now with someone new for just over 6 months. Yesterday my current boyfriend told me that my ex now has a new girlfriend. I swear I am not jealous, or mad, maybe I was just thinking about it too much, and that is why he was in all my dreams last night.

    (In my last dream) We were back together, I left my current boyfriend for him. He acted a lot like my current boyfriend, but I knew it was him. I felt guilty the entire dream, and althought he was happy with me in it, I couldn’t help but take all my anger about our breakup out on him. (Not much else happened)

    He is not the same person at all anymore, and I am completely over him and have moved on to my new boyfriend, but I was just curious as to why my ex was in my dreams last night, and why we were back together in them? Does it mean anything, or am I just over thinking? Thank you! (:

  • isk8at818:

    I recently just started dating a man with a 4yr. old girl. His ex and him broke up a few months ago. They still get along well as friends. She has a new boyfriend. Her and I so far get along. Don’t know if it is a fascade that she is doing or not though.
    I guess for me, is that dating a man with a kid is a new experience to me. I love children and have been/am open to dating guys with kids. I would really love some tips on how I can handle baby’s mamma and any drama that may arise.. My boyfriend and I communicate really well, so I know I can be honest with him and any ackwardness or issues I may have. But, I would much rather be more well informed and have information on how to handle certaing issues if they arise with baby mama drame. Biggest fear now, is what if she ends up wanting him back? I cannot compete with his child’s mom. Suggestions? Open to any and all. thank you

  • Scott W:

    Me and this guy we started talking in April, the first night he confessed he thought im really pretty. He texted me first 3 other nights that week. Then he stopped for a week for some reason so i dated this other guy, but surprisingly the night i got dumped, he happened to text me, and that night he confessed he liked me A LOT . I told him i wasnt ready for a relationship after getting dumped, but that i wanted to be *dating* until i was ready . We spoke every day for 2 weeks and finally i told him i was ready. We dated from May 15th to July 1st ! He treated me like gold like you dont even understand. We had a perfect love connection. He only broke up with me because im going to high school(grade 10) and hes only gonna be going to grade 8, he said it wasnt healthy for us to be dating not seeing eachother often. He said it stressed him out wondering when hed see me next..

    But then 16 days later he came back to me and we started dating again. But he dumped me the next day because apparently he was on the *funny stuff* the night before.. and he said we can be a bit more than friends. The next night we got into fight, he told me he only liked me for my porn and nothing else. Then he said we had to stop talking for 2 years til hes in my school again so he could forget everything and we could have a fresh start at a relationship. Then an hour later he said *screw this i cant do it, wanna skype* and then we skyped, but it was a NORMAL skype and he kept trying to cheer me up by telling jokes and he admitted that he actually thinks he loves me. He always says i love you, but every boyfriend does that to be cute. We were like so comfortable around eachother , just laughing, expressing love, smiling at eachother.. we skyped from 2:30 am til 5am .. we started dating.

    Then today he dumped me because he said *i cant have a relationship at the moment im going through a hard time* . Then 2 hours later he says *hey* to me, then he asks if i wanna skype , i say sure so we skype and he told me he cuts his finger tips because He cant love someone and he gets bullied, i didnt quite understand so he explained he loves a certain person but he gets bulled because of it . I said *who do you love? and i also do that too, but not on my finger tips* and hes like *WHAT, WHERE !?!* and i said my stomach and hes like *IS THAT WHAT THAT MARK IS ON YOUR LOWER STOMACH?* (we were nude) and i was like yeah.. he avoided my question so idk if im that girl he loves. He did say to me tonight *I love you* and then he gazed right into my webcam like he really meant it, and he also said he loved me before bed.

    Am i that girl he loves … ? I love him.

  • Michael K:

    In a nutshell I was divorced at 24 in 1998, due to my husband hitting me. I am now 35.

    In 1999, then dated a guy I knew from years back, so thought I could trust him….we moved in together in late 1999, only for him to leave me for the neighbour in 2001.

    I then stayed single from 2001 – 2008. I then met a lovely guy and we dated for 2 years…only for him to go back to his ex wife.

    After this I vowed to stay single for life.

    But then last month I met a guy through a friend, on Facebook. He was 10 years younger but he assured me he was mature for his age (this seemed so very true – he cares for his younger sisters, and helped his dad when he was ill, financially, leaving him penniless himself). I totally fell for him, and we started dating, I explained very carefully that I had been hurt in the past and did not want to just date anyone, or at least someone who was not serious.

    He said his last girlfriend left him 6 months ago, due to cheating, and generally treated him horribly – false arrest, sleeping with his friends, you name it. But that he was happy and ready to date now. He treated me like a Queen – attentive, gentlemanly, you name it. He told his friends and family about me, and I could see all their Facebook comments about how lucky he was. We slept together Saturday night for the first time and had a blissful day after. He set up my new TV and put my new curtains up.

    …until last night, he sent me a series of weird texts saying “I still love her, no one gets it!”

    Confused and baffled I tried to call him but he switched his phone off.

    Today he called me and said he was sorry but he was just not over his ex yet, hates himself for not being over her (as she is happily with the guy she cheated with) and is confused at his own feelings and knows he is giving up “possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me” (meaning, me)

    I cried my eyes out but he said he should have known he was not ready to date.

    Now my confidence is totally at rock bottom, as I was just recovered from all of the above, the other guys, I TOLD this guy I was not willing to be hurt again, and yet after 4 weeks he does this??

    All my friends are like “what, ALREADY??” I must admit I feel stunned. Not that I was rushing into it, but he seemed SO perfect, and he said I had come along for him when he felt that all girls were evil and toxic. We had so much in common, but when it came to it, “you’re not her”.

    Now what he’s saying is that he WANTS to be with me but only when he is over her – he says yes that day will come, he isn’t sure when, but he doesn’t want to see me while he’s still hung up on her. Does anyone know anyone who’s gone through this kind of thing?

    I know there is nothing I can do but has anyone got any tips or advice? Please be gentle…this hurts :-(

  • Phillip123:

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  • ScRSC:

    i’ve been dreaming about my ex boyfriend me and baby daddy live together and have 3 kids but me and my ex boyfriend had start back seeing each other but i ended it and when i see him with his new girl friend i get so mad and when shes not around he’s trying 2 talk 2 me but i dont say nothing 2 him and when he see my baby daddy and me together he gets mad 2 cause we have 2 see each other he lives on the same block as my great granddad he started talkin when i was 11 on and off then i had kids with someone else and he has a baby with someone else but i think i still love him i dream about him all the time what does this mean and yes me and my kids father are having problems in our relationship what does this mean what should i do

  • Xbox Gamer:

    My girlfriend I been seein for about 4 months now has been talkin with this ex I don’t like. Its normal for her to be friends with exes, but I myself have a “no friends with exes” rule. I knew they always talked and knew they were still attracted. When I started seeing her, we started as friends and it moved swiftly into relationship, due to attraction and common interests. I didn’t know she was seeing this other guy and how serious they were, whether they were on the verge of demise or whatever, but this dude emails me and says they been dating for a while before me and her started seeing each other. I asked her and she said that it was over between them because they had no interests or connection really, just physical attraction and he was “a nice guy” but whatever. He then went on to hate me for “stealing her away” when I didn’t even know they were dating, if they still were or not. Now recently she deletes me from her facebook, lists him as her boyfriend and says she “doesn’t know what she wants to do” and is “really confused” and I hit the roof, I knew deep inside that she still liked him and vice versa. I spent a day collecting my thoughts and last night she contacts me through AIM. She said she was bored and needed something to do. Normally we talk or play video games online together. I felt this was not my place anymore. I told her to talk to her man, but she said he wasn’t around and she “had no man” weird. She went on to explain she only listed him as this to get rid of someone from her past that hates her and is out to get her, and I find this really childish if its true. But anyways, I told her she got her man back and I am happy for them and she gets mad at me. If its true, I know they are doomed because he works a full time job and goes to college full time, he has no time for her and she is very needy. I love this girl but I dont wanna rush back into this and make mistakes. Any tips on how to win the girl back and make this dude look like a chump?

  • therundown2k3:

    i posted a few questions yesterday about me and my recently ex boyfriend. we talked today and hes more and more getting to b my friend like we were before. i miss him like crazy and hes all i think about. i heard its always possible to get and ex boyfriend back no matter what. i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get him back. we still like each other a lot but he thinks it cant work. i kno it can. so wat are some ways i can win him back. it doesnt matter if it takes a while…just as long as i get him back. i would appreciate detailed answers and please IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEAS DO NOT ANSWER. I DO NOT WANT ANSWERS SAYING IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE ECT. JUST GOOD ANSWERS PLZ=]

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    ok… so… im having my first kiss, it was actually supposed to happen this saturday, but it didn’t :( my girlfriend knows how to kiss (i love her so much), she’s kissed before, i haven’t, she and her ex-boyfriends (my friends) say shes pretty good at kissing, but i haven’t kissed anyone yet and i don’t want to suck at it.

    So please!!! People!!! I need tips!!! How should i kiss her, where and when?

    thank you so much!!!! oh by the way, im only thirteen, almost fourteen, and…. thank you very much again!!!

  • Jermaine J:

    Me and my now ex boyfriend have had problems on and off like not being friends every other year because I had a boyfriend. At some point, we dated for 5 weeks and I just felt happier with my original boyfriend so we agreed to break up. I did some stupid things that hurt my ex bfs feelings and he hurt mine. We pretty much broke each others’ hearts. When he cut off all communication with me, and even blocked me, i tried everything to fix it. We had several confrontations where he said he didnt feel good enough for me and how it was so miserable for him when he had to get over me. and other times where he acted totally nonchalant, like he didnt care at all. The other day we talked and agreed that we just dated at the wrong time but he said he thought it was better that we did break up. We had a best friend kind of relationship before, so it was like old times when we talked. We laughed and talked about random stuff for a bit and then when he had to leave, we both stalled. and i asked him “so are we good?” and he said “I guess.” and he said he didnt want to start hanging out again cuz he just thot it would be better and he mentioned how he hardly has time with sports and homework (same with me). This confrontation finally went well and then he still didnt want to start hanging out. And he doesnt reply to my messages. I’m so confused. I just want to be friends again and if this went so well, why doesnt he want to talk to me? and its hard for him to even look at me when we talk. Why did he have fun with me and then say he still didnt want to start hanging out?

  • TommyKay:

    I just wanted someone’s opinion on something. SO I have been ignoring my leo ex boyfriend ( I am an aries) cuz I thought just give him some time & myself time but he has been texting me everyday since I have been ignoring me & he writes like “are you ok?.. it seems like you feel off the face of the planet..” Why does he want to contact me?
    I am still in love with him & I would love to get back together..but I don’t know if he is. He doesn’t like talking about it cuz I think he is still hurt.

  • Xedo:

    When me and my ex-boyfriend broke up, it really hurt. I eventually got over him, but then one day we both decided to be friends again. Ever since that happened, I wasn’t over him anymore. I still love him, and miss dating him. Ever time I see him, I feel as if my heart is slowly tearing. He has a new girlfriend, so I don’t think that there would be any chance of us ever getting back together. and today Imy friend told me about them kissing and I felt like my heart was getting ripped in half… any advice?

  • Cliffy N:


    My boyfriend and I have recently been discussing the idea of having a threesome (which would be myself, my boyfriend and another girl). Of course he finds the idea incredibly arousing as do I, but I was just wondering if I could get some tips/warning from people out there who’ve engaged in a threesome before.
    Was it how you expected it? Did it spice up the relationship or take something away? What was good/bad about the experience?

    We’re not bored in the bedroom (far from!) however, as it’s a joint fantasy we thought it would be fun to try it out.

    Just for the record, my boyfriend wants to be an observer rather than participant, and we’re not going to pick someone up from a bar, rather go through an agency of some kind.

    Anyway, any help and suggestions are welcome!
    Just to clarify (if it helps): We’ve been together almost 3 years and yes, we are very much in love and I trust him absolutely; he has such a guilty conscience and won’t even so much as dance with another girl because it makes him feel awkward!

  • sam N:

    each night i keep having a dream about my ex boyfriend that we get back together…does this mean anything?

  • slipknot0129:

    For the past 3 months i keep having dreams about my ex boyfriend. They are all quite similar. We always get we might kiss…or he touches my hand etc. Im not sure if were together in the dreams.

    We broke up over 3 years ago! If was a hard break up because i liked him alot and i really didn’t get over it until last year. I dont feel as if i like him anymore but i do find myself thinking about alot.

    What do these dreams mean?

    Thankyou x

  • MexicanDude:

    i was with my ex boyfriend that i was with for just over 2 years cheated on me for a few months so i ended it and 9 months later when i have a new boyfriend and moved on he wants to say sorry and be friends and he didn’t mean anything.. so i was speaking to him last night and he was asking how i was and stuff but then i just got blocked on facebook (the girl he cheated with knows his facebook password because he stayed with her but there not together anymore) so she blocked me so i sent him another message off my friends facebook just saying why have you spoke to me then blocked me, so he managed to get it before her and said its my ex im sorry then she blocked me on that 1 adswel, but because he hasn’t got a laptop at the moment and hes only on his phone i don’t think he can unblock me, i haven’t spoke to him since yesterday morning.. what should i do just forget it ever happened or ring him? im really confused that he was just speaking to me then the next minute i got blocked by his ex and he hasnt tryed ringing me or anything :/ what should i do?

    what would you do?

  • Goe122:

    cute scenes
    kissing scenes
    love triangle

  • SteveO:

    i’m like really really close friends with my ex-boyfriend, both of us are going out with other people again now and its going really well for both of us.

    My boyfriend has started to get jelous when im out with my ex, he says its because we get on so well and i tell him like everything. the reason why i tell him everything is because we have both been through a lot together and he saved me from suicide about a year ago so i have so much trust in him (my boyfriend doesnt even know i attempted suicide)

    the other night i had my ex over at my flat (my brother who i live with was there too) and my boyfriend came over for a suprise, i had like no problems with it because im not keeping any of this a secret but my bf went crazy, they got into a huge fight which ended in my ex leaving and me screaming at my bf to leave.

    what can i say to my bf to stop him being so jelous and to reassure him, i really like him so i dont want to leave him but i need my ex in my life!

  • Mackenzie P:

    I have a boyfriend for 10 years. We live together with no kids. I met my boyfriend after my ex boyfriend. I was with my ex boyfriend for 6 years we broke up because he got a girl pregnant that was the end of our relationship. I’ve been having these dreams off & on for 2 years now. I don’t know what it means. The dreams was always about him & I getting back with each other. I’ll see him sometimes in those times I’ve been wanted to talk to him but don’t know what to say. Please Help!!!
    After the dreams I feel like I miss him. My current relationship we starting to lack spending time with each other.

  • Zanto:

    So my ex and I just broke up and I can’t stop thinking about him! We had our first intense kiss and a day later he dumped me! I know he’s a jerk. It’s just he is the only thing on my mind and every time i think about him, I think about the kiss. I love him. Why can’t I get this out of my mind? I can’t avoid him, we are in a class together. Any tips on how to forget or get over it?

  • Random:

    I know, you can’t make anyone do anything. But I mean like, what are some tips to help him fall in love with me? The story .. I met this one guy who was having troubles with a girl who said he was the first guy she ever fell in love with, but she was dating someone else, and so was he. Me and him talked for a few weeks, and his girlfriend broke up with him due to issues with other people. About a week after that me and him hung out again with a few friends. I already liked him. And he liked me. Me and him were sitting on one side of the bed, and my two friends at the other. I kept keeping text messages saying “Lean closer to him. He’s nervous. ” “Hold his hand, wear the pants!” He wanted to ask me out, but he was really nervous. So i made the first move, at holding his hand. And then he asked me out.

    It’s been a week and one day since we’ve started dating, and he’s just absolutely amazing. I’ve heard rumors about how he goes from girl to girl after about a week to a week and a half, and tells every girl he loves them, and the next day he’s dating someone completely different. He’s never told me he loves me, which I’m happy about, because that’s one thing that’s different with him.

    One of my guy friends, who likes me, but who happens to tell me lies about every single guy I date saying he’s either cheating on me, or doesn’t really like me, told me that he saw my boyfriend making out with his ex girlfriend. I talked to my boyfriend about it, and he said it’s not true & he’s just talking bullshit. That night we basically just spent it holding each other and kissing, he walked me home, along with other friends. But we walked a few feet infront and walked about personal subjects, like; his situations at home, and how he’s being pressured by his father, and how every one is saying bull**** about him lately and he just wants all the drama to end.

    I told him I didn’t want to be one of his one week girlfriend, and he said I’m definitely not. and he also said that he hopes I don’t believe the rumours, but he did admit he’s made some mistakes with girls before, but he doesn’t want to lose me and he wants to prove everyone wrong about him. He’s never had sex before, the farthest he’s gotten was a handjob. He’s not that kind of player, looking for sex. Just different girls every week.

    We were still walking and his friend was yelling out that he said our one year would be after his birthday, and he replied with “I counted wrong!” but I thought it was cute that he was thinking about our 1-year anniversary. I just hope we make it that long:).

    ` also, the two people that helped us get together that day mentioned at the very top, the girl, is saying that he’s a douchebag and she didn’t think it would last as long as 3 days. But it’s been 8. She’s my bestfriend, but I thought that was pretty rude..she told me that he just uses girls and doesn’t mean a thing he says, and if I believe him, i’m just like everyone else. But that night we were laying in bed, me and my friend (the girl who helped) and a different person, was talking because she was texting my boyfriend, and he was saying that “why does everyone want to ruin everything and everyone I care about? I want a meaningful relationship, and when she came into my life everything changed and she’s different. ” I believe him, that he cares about me.. should i? and how do I make him fall harder for me? so I know that he actually cares, for sure.. :)
    Only serious answers please.
    Lol, see you guys, this is why I said please read.
    I did say that I didn’t mean I want to “make” him fall in love with me, I want him to care about me more..
    I want him to fall in love with me because I know he’s a good guy, he’s having a rough time in his life right now but he deserves someone that can make him happy, and help him settle a little..

  • kewlflame14:

    I want to show this to my boyfriend,
    It is something I did while I was dating my ex,
    my ex put me through so much ****, and I wanted to show this to my current boyfriend of 6 months
    we have been sharing things about us that other people don’t know, and no one else knows that I am a writer, or some of the things that happened when I dated my ex. I am not finished with the story yet, but anyways.
    What do you think he would think about it?

    She sat quietly. Her mind was completely blank, the only movement she made was her own body rocking back and forth. She wasn’t controlling this either. The room was dim, the only sign of light was the reflection of her phone. She was waiting for a call that she knew she would never get, an apology she would never hear from him.
    Another tear slid down her check, but her hands didn’t move to wipe them away. It was useless, she knew tears would keep falling down, she gave up any hope to be happy again and reached for the sliver blade that lay in front of her. She gently ran her finger along the tip embracing the cold sharp pain. She allowed the cool metal to glide across her wrist as she rested the point on her skin. She lightly closed her eyes and directed her hand to move diagnoly across her arms. The pain struck fast but she kept going, pushing the blade further. She opened her eyes to she what she had done, she noticed the gash, and her own broken heart covering every inch of her arms.
    Again tears slid down her face. She dropped the blade, held her arm close to her chest, and lay her head down wondering if the pills would keep her from waking up that morning.
    Jasey could hear the morn of the bird’s singing when she woke. She tried to remember what happened last night, what all she did to try and take herself out of this life. She gazed around her room, her vision was still blurry and she was still feeling off blanced as she rose to her feet. Walking slowly towards the bathroom she clutched onto anything she could to keep from falling down to her knees. Jasey didn’t bother to turn on the light, the window that shone into the bathroom gave her enough light to see what she was doing. Her trembling hands turned on the water and she began to splash it on her face to try and wake up. The towel that lay less than 3 feet from her almost seemed like it would take to much of an effort to reach so she mearly just shoke her hands in the air to dry them. She begain to feel a sharp pain when she did this, she quickly turned over her hand to reviel the horride cuts from the night before. Tears came to her eyes as she relized what she had been doing to herself.
    She shut her eyes tight, as if it would make what she did go away, but the marks where still there, the marks from the razer blade that left scares dedicated to him. Her arm was still covered in her own blood that she didn’t clean making it appear, hopefully, worse than it really was. The faucet water turned to cold and she rested her wrist underneath it. The pain from the water hittng her wrist almost felt good.
    Her knees trembled beneath her weightless body, clasping to the ground, she heavied. The cool tile was conforting as she rested her checks against it. Closing her eyes she thought of him, something she hated doing now.
    He broke me, she whispered, he broke me more than once. “Why did I keep going back to him, I knew he would do it again and again.” she said aloud this time. She began thinking back to when she first meet him, he was one of the guys she could never see herself dating, a guy that she never looked twice at, but things changed.

    I still sat laying on the floor, not knowing what else to do, cause everything I did messed up. My wrist still throbbed to the heaves of my breath but there was absolutely nothing I could do to change that, the damage was done, the damage that caused me to take that blade to my wrist and swallow one to many pills, and I couldn’t do anything about it. The dim room was small making me feel as if it was closing in around on me, but that was almost comforting, it made me feel as if someone was there with me acting like they cared. The burning sensation in my eyes began again and my whole body began shaking. The one person that I wanted to actually care could completely careless what happened to me. The tears that I was trying to hold back slipped down my cheeks, it felt like everything I did was uncontrollable now. He always seemed to find a way to make it into my thoughts, making me miserable and pushing me further. My thoughts grew deep as I sat thinking, it felt as if I was re-living this past year over again. My eyes slowly shut and my body went numb, I knew he would meet me again in my nightmares as I slipped down to where I was laying across the tiled floor.
    I watched my feet dangle below me as I waited for my phone to ring. I stayed like this for a good ten

  • stingerms:

    We have been seperated for about 3 months now.We havent seen eachother since the breakup.During this time he got with his gf which is his bestfriend.She has a problem with drug use and when we started to talk agian he mention that he feels like she back on them.I was always afriad of him going into that path because I still care about him,even if were not together.So last night he came over and was so akward at first.But he really knows how to make things good for me.We started to make out I was really not for it cause he does have a gf even if she doenst care much about him at this point.I honestly think she messing around.And he knows it as well.But when we touch its all seems to go away.He is the only few guys that make me melt and feel like everything is okay.I loved him and I still do but right now we really have to figure somethings out where we want to be if we want to be there again.It all happen so fast in the begining.I had a bf when i met him.And I just dont want to screw something up now. I know its not right for us to have been together last night.But I feel like we had too we didnt really have a face to face break-up and to me you have too.I wanted to see if there was that love still there.And there is.I know when I see his eyes.He was with me til midnight and didnt let me go the whole time.We were like when we were together.I just want too know if its soo bad to go along with feelings?And any tips on any of this.He also the whole time was bringing up the wonderful times we had and how we had such a great time.I treated him so great and he florished me with everything.Its just that we werent ready I wasnt I didnt relize how fast I was going and needed a rest.Can the second time around be best? Can it work? I feel like if I let him go once and we could come back its worth it.This gf he with is his bf but she needs help and he cant for her.I know he cares an he isnt a cheater with anyone I just want to say that.If you think that he playing games its not like that.Its just so messy.and im 23 he is 21 teh gf is 19

  • Bryant B:

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me about half a year ago.
    For some reason, i still have dreams about him, sometimes for day after day at a time.
    I dream of us kissing, as if we were still together, and just letting each other know how much we loved each other, like we used to do sometimes.
    I don’t really see him around school anymore, let alone think of him.
    And I wouldn’t say that i still love him either.

    Why am i still having these dreams? half a year later?

  • mike s:

    Ok, no hate please. I understand that what I did was horrible, but I can’t undo it. So please, I don’t need lecturing… So, it started out that my friend had a mystery boyfriend but once I figured out who it was, I knew it was the guy that I had a HUGE crush on. I was able to cool it for a while, then I started to tell my friend how hot I thought he was. SHE SUGGESTED that I write a letter as to how hot I thought he was, and she would give it to him. Meaning, that she was fine with it that I had a crush on him. After she gave him the note, he found out who it was and then started talking to me. We became really good friends, and eventually, we liked each other as more than friends. Then, behind her back, we would make out a few times. Only 5 times in total. But it was just kissing and cuddling. No sex. Then she found out, and it tore all three of us apart for a while, but then brought me and her closer actually. Then they broke up. Then he was totally pissed at me, but we became somewhat of friends. Then he agreed to give me another try and we dated for like two days… .-. then she found out about that too. did I mention he moved? and so we couldn’t just hang out anymore.. like two towns over. So, we could only Skype because his parents are really strict. I cried for days and months actually after he left. Then a few months later, I make a fake account to talk to him again. I was just myself and he fell for me again, and later that day after I revealed my true identity, he told me he had broken up with his current girlfriend (different girl) for me! I wasn’t even trying to win him back! I just really missed him, and I swear that I’m in love. But all of my friends say I’m not. But, every time i think of him, my heart aches and I miss when we used to hang out just talking and laughing and smiling. And i could see it in his eyes too.. I swear he loved me too. anyways, now that he’s calmed down a bit more we’re friends again. And when I had messaged him that little while later after the fake account thing, I had told him i didn’t like him anymore. Because I actually didn’t. I was over him. But then I was talking to him again and I fell again. but he barely talks to me now, and when we do, he says usually just one word or so after i say something. What do I do? Do I have any chance at him again? He was honestly just so perfect <3 just everything about him… and he made my heart race every time he talked to me, and i think about him all the time, and I just miss him so much </3 and I told all this to my other friend along the way as everything had happened, and when i told her i didn't need him anymore. but i could never tell her i like him again, or else she would be really annoyed with me.. and i needed advice from someone. So please help me. Am I really in love? Or just an illusion i made up in my mind?

  • arronwrath:

    so me and my ex boyfriend broke up about a year and a half ago we were together for 2 years, we didn’t see each other at all for maybe about 2 months after we broke up but when we did finally decided to see each other we spoke about everything that happened and came to understanding that we have love for each other but we just don’t click as a couple, its like a new start we are pretty much like best friends we have everything in common and get along so great, give out tips for new relationships and share everything, but now i have a new boyfriend we started dating 3 months ago and he is a very nice guy he doesn’t want me talking or see my ex boyfriend under any circumstances, he’s very jealous and i understand so much why he would be jealous but me and my ex have been through so much really bad times and really good times there was a huge incident in my life and a while ago i had no one except for him..i cant just drop him out of my life and let him go. My new boyfriend sometimes goes crazy if he finds out that i was talking to my ex at all after he told me not too and when i say crazy he really flips out..pretty much is i don’t know what to do i know why my new boyfriend feels uncomfortable no one wants their bfs/gfs talking to their ex’s on the other hand he also knows how much my ex has seriously helped me out in my life and that we don’t have feelings for each other so what do i do, ive tried talking things out it doesn’t make a difference. Am i wrong here, should i stop taking to my ex? it would break my heart. i just have no idea.

  • simply complicated:

    I married 14 years ago when my wife and I were both young. I was 24 and she was 18. …We were happy for years BUT I would be lying if I said it wasn’t somewhat convenience too…. but we got along fine….Until 2007. A new girl started work at an office I delivered to. I am a blue collar guy and have always been honest and kept my head down. I was really attracted to her, and a few weeks on, she passed me her number.

    Long story short, I thought, stupidly, I would have a fling with her, but I fell deeply in love with her.

    2 years on, my wife found out. It was horrible because my girlfriend had met my friends, knew my workmates, and all about my family. We had got so close. I had to let her go though, as my wife agreed to take me back even though we have no kids. She loved me that much. I told my girlfriend I would always care, and wish I met her first but that I owed this to my wife, my family, and my inlaws.

    I desperately missed her and tried to see her and bump into her, she changed her number though. There were also times she called ME and tried to see me but I told her I can’t.

    This went on for a year and then I finally let her go in my mind. I wanted to work on the marriage.

    And then this year, my wife filed for divorce. I was shocked, but knew why…the ex girlfriend. My wife could not get over it. I did not fight her on this, I knew this was best.

    I am now living alone and very nearly fully divorced.

    I contacted my ex and told her this, and we have been in touch again for 6 months. She made it very clear that she will only have me back as a proper boyfriend. I said no, that I want to be free and to have my freedom. She won’t accept this and has laid it on the line. Yes I have told her I would sleep with her, but that’s all. She was so hurt because I know she loves me, and she doesn’t get why I was so selfish to come back when she’d gotten over me finally.

    I continue to wait for her outside her work and try and see her, and we do talk but she keeps repeating that she wont be second best ever again, and that I will have to commit. She knows I can’t do that now but she will wait. I said I can’t make promises but we will see. I kind of said we could still have sex anyway and she blew up at me badly.

    I can’t stop waiting for her when she leaves work, and she does stop for me, we even took a walk the other day. Now she just texted me to say she’s made her decision and she will never see me again as she can tell I will never commit to her, and she refuses to get her heart broken again.

    I admit I have messed her around as I have been really full on and probably made her think I wanted only her. But I dont. Yet, something about her brings me back. She sends me really abusive texts sometimes, screaming that I walked back into her life when she was over me, only for me to try and use her…her texts scare me sometimes, they are so aggressive. Why is she acting like this? Can’t she just say no?

  • Disrae:

    Just under 15 months ago, I broke up with a long-term boyfriend Reuben (we’d been together for 2 years and 5 months). I decided to move away (it was a spur of the moment thing because I was feeling pretty messed up and confused) so I couldn’t see him again, and so I would hopefully forget about him quickly and move on. It hurt me so much at the time and my friends called me everyday for the first couple of weeks, telling me I’d feel normal again soon. So, 15 months on, I still can’t get over him.
    I left him because I couldn’t cope with his behaviour, his moodswings, anymore. He was into drugs. On some days, he would be at home waiting for me when I came home, and we’d cuddle up on the sofa and have a romantic, peaceful night in. But sometimes I’d come home and he wouldn’t be there because he’d be out getting stoned. Sometimes I’d come home and he would be smoking weed or would be passed out on the sofa. I thought I could cope with him because I knew that he wasn’t taking drugs (as far as I know, he was only smoking cannabis) every day. It did hurt me when I saw him stoned, though- and on the mornings after when he needed me to help him get out of bed and to “nurse” him until he felt normal again, and not dizzy.
    I did love him though. I fell head over heels in love with him, in fact. He seemed to be in love with me. He told me, every day, that he loved me and would always spoil me and look out for me when he could. He was actually a great boyfriend, despite the drug-abuser part.
    Anyway, so now I sit at home alone every evening and think of him. Every evening. I’ve only been on one date with a guy since I moved away- and it just didn’t feel right, even though the guy in question was very charming and an absoloute sweetheart, because I couldn’t get my ex off my mind.
    I always call my friends and ask them if they’ve seen Reuben around the area. They always tell me how he comes up to them and asks them where he can find me, and asks them to tell me that he wants me back and he still loves me. He apparently hasn’t had any other romantic partners, that my friends have seen/heard about, and he insists that I am the only girl for him.
    Both my friends and my parents (my parents have never approved of him- they always would say “when are you, you beautiful, highly intelligent young woman going to break off from that waste of a man? You deserve so much more.”) think I should never go back to him.
    But I want to get back with him simply because I still love him, dream about him, think about him almost every minute of the day, and cry over him.
    I’m in two minds now- one says that I should go for it, get back together and be happy; and the other says that I really should forget him because he’s just a “waste of a man” like my parents say he is.
    Does anyone have any opinions on this? Any ideas on what you would do in my situation? Or any tips on how to forget him completely, if you think that that’s what I should do?

    Thanks for your time.
    Sorry that the question is long! If you do bother to read it, then I’d really appreciate your answers.
    Note for any other time-wasting idiots like Pixie Chick or whatever she’s called who was the first to answer: don’t bother answering if you can’t answer the question.

  • Salam:

    I think I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend but I’m in a new relationship. I love my current boyfriend sooo much so I’m stuck on what to do. I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend because he means the world to me and I know how much he hates my ex (even though they’ve never met). I’ve been talking to my ex for the first time in a few months. Do I say anything to him? Any advice?

  • Keaton:

    It’s been two months since the breakup. We broke up because he wanted to be single and was super stressed out and having a girlfriend was just another thing that stressed him. I was a good girlfriend and even the day we broke up we had a good time.
    The breakup was on good terms and there is no reason why stopped talking after the breakup. I want to give him a text just simply seeing how he is doing. We dated for 10 months, but had been friends for 5 years.
    We’re 19

  • crzyinluv:

    My boyfriend and I are getting married soon, and his sister has made my life a living hell. She talks badly about me behind my back, ignores me, brags to make herself look better, puts me down and makes negative comments about me while at family events, trys to turn her mother against me…I could go on and on. She behaves like an absolute child, and will do anything to make me look bad. I have tried to be nice to her and befriend her, but it seems the more I try to be nice, the more she tries to destroy me. I am at my wits end and I do not know what to do. What would cause a woman to behave in such an immature manner towards her brother’s future wife? I am the kind of person who gets along with everyone and loves to make new friends. This is literally the ONLY woman I have ever encountered that dislikes me. Anyone in a similar situation have any tips for me? I have tried being nice to her, tried ignoring her, tried talking to her, and NOTHING works. She is just dedicated to my downfall. What would be causing her to act this way? It frustrates me that I can’t understand it…..
    Thanks for the input so far. To clarify: My fiance’ has spoken to her before about it and she said she would apologize. She never did. My fiance’ is no longer speaking to her because she can not respect me. I do not want him to have to deal with our drama. It is not fair to him because that is his sister, and I do not want anything to come between them – especially me.

    A little about her: She is the oldest of the family, and all the attention always must be on her. If it’s not, she will insert herself into the conversation and change the topic to herself. She is also getting married…actually a week after her brother proposed to me, she announced that her boyfriend proposed to her. Come to find out, she basically begged her boyfriend to propose earlier than he wanted to, and she even footed half the bill for her engagement ring…it is about 2 carats bigger than mine. She made sure to announce how big the diamond is and that it is from Tiffany’s, while mine was bought on sale at a lo
    Sorry, my last edit got cut off. Anyway, she made sure to make a big production that her ring is bigger than mine. She also announced her wedding date (six months before ours) and said that this year is “her year” since she is getting married. No one in the family discusses our wedding in front of her, because she gets visibly upset and irritated when the focus is not on her and her wedding.
    As far as being shy, she is not. She is actually very loud and obnoxious, and always has to be the center of attention. If she isn’t, she will pout until everyone focuses on her. I have invited her out with my friends and I a total of 3 times, and she has turned up her nose at each invitation.

  • MentallyCryppled:

    Ok so I am still in love with my ex boyfriend and he told me that he loves me but he doesn’t want a commitment I always heard never let the one you love slip away how do I get him back? And don’t say just move on cause I know we were meant to be. And do you believe that it’s true to never let the one you love to slip away.

  • Roflcopter:

    i’m 15, and my current boyfriend is 17…
    i keep having reocurring dreams about my ex boyfriend whenever i am asleep, or just daydreaming. i have them more about the times i spent w/ my ex, and could have spent w/him if we didnt break up. i have dreams about my ex way more than i ever had about my boyfriend i have now…..why does this happen? i really want to stop the dreams because i love my boyfriend so much, and it makes me feel disloyal to him… advice?

    (p.s. my ex boyfriend and i broke up b/c he cheated on me….could that have something to do w/ it??)

  • nathan:

    Well i was with my boyfriend, for just over 6 months and we had a bit of a rough relationship, his family didn’t like me, and didn’t approve of us being together so that was a bummer. And he did cheat on me at one point, we broke up over it, but he piratically begged me back, and said he was sorry and all the soppy stuff, and i took him back because i loved him. Well i thought i did, but it wasn’t the same. So i broke up with him a few days ago.

    But recently ive been talking to one of his friends, there not best friends, he has closer ones but there pretty good mates. And ive started to get feelings for him, hes so nice to me and he’s really funny, he’s really sweet, and i think I’ve fallen for him, im not entirely sure if he likes me back but my friends think he does, and i do a bit to, we do get along pretty well, one of my friends did point out to me joking around, “a bit to well” lol
    I don’t no what to do, because im not sure,

    Please don’t judge me, i haven’t acted on my feelings yet, i cant help who i like im really confused ??? :?
    I don’t think this friend of his knows that i went out with my boyfriend (when we were together), i know it sounds strange, but i honestly don’t think he does, my boyfriend didn’t talk to his friends about me. And should i start flirting with his friend, and give it a shot? btw i wait for boys to ask me, so if you think i should can you give me any tips, including things i could say on facebook/msn or w.e to drop some hints? I only broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago, but i really like his friend, i liked him when i was with my boyfriend near the end of our relationship, so how long should i wait??

    Thanks xx

  • encyclopath:

    I am 17 years old and my ex boyfriend is 17 years old, too. We dated for 3 years and 4 months and he just broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We were eacothers first boyfriend/girlfriend,first kiss and first love. When he broke up with me, he said he thinks we should take some time off from seeing eachother because he feels like his life is going crazy and he dosent want me getting dragged into it. It hurt me so bad and it came out of nowhere. I love him and miss him and I have NOT talked to him since we broke up. ( but he said happy birthday to me and that’s all). How do I get him back? How do I get him to talk to me again? What should I do to make him miss me and realize he still wants me? Please help with any advice, thank you!!
    Ok for all you idiots, we loved eachother. Don’t tell me to calm down I miss him and he lives right down the street from me so I see him a lot. Don’t try to tell me that I don’t know what love is because I wouldn’t be hurting like this if. I didn’t.

  • Keaton:

    I just want others opinions…..well, I live with my boyfriend for 3 months now. We’re both in our mid-20′s. Previously, I’ve lived with an ex for 4 years…that was a great relationship, but he was older than me (in his 30′s) and devastatingly broke it off with me after 4 and half years together because he finally admit that he never sees himself as being “the family man” or getting married…. it was an absolutely heart-wrenching breakup. I was SO in LOVE with him, he was my whole world. I felt so secure with him, like life was complete… and never doubted for a second that he was the man I wanted to marry and raise a family with. Needless to say, after the breakup… I became even more depressed (I’ve always had anxiety/depression issues since I was 18 and even battled anorexia when I was 17 and had to be hospitalized, took me 3 yrs to overcome that battle and it’s still an ongoing struggle… but that’s another story).

    Anyway, so now I live with this new guy. I get so angry with him all the time, I always compare him to my ex…and feel resentment because I feel he will never love me as much as my ex did. My ex used to tell me he loved me daily…. I’ve been with this boyfriend for 9 months and he still has a very hard time saying “I love you” to me…. maybe that is what also sparks my insecurities. I fear getting too close to him because maybe one day he will also realize “I don’t want to marry you” or something along those lines and I don’t know how I can handle something like that again….when my bf is home, I get very irritated with him. I want my own space. I get snappy with him at times. He smokes pot, which also infuriates me for some reason. He has a great job, he’s successful, etc… but at times I feel we do not “connect” like I did with my ex-bf. Also, my bf has his own deep-rooted issues. An ex of his also broke up with him after 1 yr (which I guess pales in comparison to my 4.5yr living together relationship… but still….) and he was left shattered. I’m his first girlfriend after her and it’s taken him 3 yrs to start dating again.

    Back to my question…. so when he is home, I get mad …not so much at what he does, but just irritated in general and wish to be left alone. Sometimes I’ll go to the other room, but he follows me. I have told him I need space, but he gets so hurt by it and takes it personally… but then when he leaves our place, like to go to work or if he has to go meet with family etc, I get so sad and lonely and start to get mad as well, no idea why. It’s like… I can’t win! And I don’t know why :(

    Does/Has anyone else ever felt like this with their significant other that they live with? I was like this with my ex too a little bit, but not anywhere as near as how it is like this for me with my present boyfriend……any tips on how to cope with this? Sometimes it drives me so crazy that I feel like I need to break up with this guy because I feel like he is adding stress to my life even though he is not doing it intentionally…. any advise would be extremely appreciated.


  • Gage:

    Hey guys…this year is quite tough..i broke up with my boy friend who is in love with someone else:( the atmosphere at home is not always conducive to step father is a bloke who fights a lot with mum..(thank God she recently filed for divorce)…i’ve got a very important examination in 6months…i am honestly trying my best to make it with flying colours…i need you.Please give me tips to go through this life with a smile,while grapping to be someone..Thanks.

  • turg143:

    I just heard somewhere that if you dream about someone, it means they fell asleep thinking of you, and if you fell asleep thinking of them, they’d dream about you.

    Well, every night for the past 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve either dreamt about my ex-boyfriend, or fell asleep thinking about him. He hasn’t been my EX-boyfriend for that long, he only broke up with me last Wednesday. He didn’t know about the dreams, so they wouldn’t have had anything to do with it. So what does all this mean, then? Thanks…

  • Sergio:

    He broke up with me because he was unsure if he had feelings for me. We decided to be friends, my part is mainly because he’s joining the military, so he’s going to need someone outside to talk to once in a while. I still love and care about him.

    So I took a 2 and a half week of no contact at all, improved myself. Last night, I hung out with him and 2 other friends. Everything went pretty great. Me and him got along but a male co worker called me and he wanted to know who it was but i just told him he was just a friend, which he is, I just work with him.

    When I got home, i talked to his friend, one that hung out with us, the other is my friend which is a female. Note that my ex and my friend both want to be in the military. So while talking to his friend on AIM, he tells me that my ex started having feelings for my friend a few weeks ago, but my friend does not see him in that way. She doesn’t seem interested in anyone for that matter, but i know she woulden’t hurt me and plus she wants someone taller then her to date, and my ex is shorter then her. Plus she knows how hurt ill be if they started dating.

    I am going to ask her that I noticed them getting close and try to see if she can kind of distance herself from my ex and when she hangs out with him try to talk about good stuff about me, this a good idea?

    Also, any tips on getting him interested in me again?

  • The Beatles:

    So recently my ex-boyfriend has been threatening to kill himself because he is so depressed about our relationship being over and me cheating in the past. Yesterday I had to go over to his dad’s house (he lives in another state with his mom) and tell his dad this my ex is suicidal and that he has been talking and thinking about suicide. He keeps posting stuff on my facebook so I had to block him, but he said that since I cut off contact with him that he has a reason to committ suicide now. I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do. What should i do in this situation? Keep ignoring him or tell his dad about the new messages he sent me? Also what if he tries to kill me? Because he has threatened me in the past. Help please I’m so scared.

  • Yoshi:

    okay, i broke up with my now ex-boyfriend a month ago and i found a new boyfriend. it just so happens that my boyfriend now is someone my ex hates. and my ex doesn’t know we’re going out…
    *sigh* i don’t want any fights to break loose because of my actions.
    me and my ex were together for a year off and on but there were times where we’d do each other wrong. and i was really saddened by his actions and couldn’t trust him. what should i do?

  • davemc74656:

    Ok, i have been with my boyfriend for a very long time now. and have been dealing with this psycho that also came along in the relationship, and wont go away. and, its just to the point that i CANNOT deal with it anymore. she literally stalks him, and me. i dont feel safe.
    he was married to her for barely a year, and she started becoming psycho controlling and idiotic. they are now completely divorced. he hates her with a burning passion and so does his family
    shes doing things like this:
    repeatedly driving by his house, throwing things at the house, smashed the windows on the cars, now since then my boyfriend has moved, and she is asking all of his friends “WHERE DOES HE LIVE? YOU NEED TO TELL ME CUZ ILL FIND OUT ANYWAYS”
    she knows where he works, and will go there and leave notes on his car that say things like “IM GOING TO MURDER YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND. I KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES”
    she does know my car, and what i look like, because of driving by his house like a ***** weirdo. one time she drove by me, and came into my lane trying to broadside me and cause a terrible accident. unfortuneatly no one else saw it, and i swerved up onto the sidewalk to avoid it.
    she also created a myspace, still using HIS last name, and pretending the myspace belongs to both of them. it has tons of old pictures of them, hearts everyone, and she wrote a long long story about how she loves him, and then at the end wrote.. “we WILL be together forever, and any girl getting in the way will be KILLED…”
    psycho much? what do u think? he finally got a restraining order, but the downside is that her father is a cop in the town they both live in. everytime he tries to report these things, they always say he doesnt have any proof that its her doing it. could we demand for them to look at the myspace and see that its in her name? what should i do??
    sorry this is so long.
    o i also wanted to know, WHY do people act like this?? do they really believe being psychotic will make the person love them again??

  • have faith:

    So i’m super confused. I have been, for far too long. I have a wonderful boyfriend who i’m very happy with, however i also have an ex boyfriend who i cant seem to get over. I feel like i’m with the right person and the wrong person all at the same time. My boyfriend is right for me, he’s right for my family, he’s motivated, educated, a gentlemen, basically if i could have god mold a perfect man for me he would be it.
    the problem is, i dated my ex about five years ago – i still think about him every day, my heart is still engulfed in feeling for him. I’m pretty sure it will never, ever go away. No matter how long we go without speaking, no matter how long it’s been since i’ve seen him, i think about him every day.

    Sometimes i feel like it’d be better to be with him, even though he’s hurt me so many times in the past due to him not knowing what he wants. However i KNOW that is not correct. I know staying in my home town being broke with him for the rest of my life shouldn’t be what i want. However adding the “him” factor into the problem is what makes it seem so appealing. When he used to hold me i felt (i know it sounds lame) but, i felt complete. I feel like if there is such things as soul mates he is likely mine. I dont want to feel like this anymore, i want to devote every ounce of love i have to my boyfriend, because he deserves it. He’s such a wonderful, perfect man and he doesn’t deserve to have me having feelings for someone else.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get over someone whose impossible to get over?

  • tefa_96:

    (sorry this is long and sorry for the repost. i’m just looking for more help.)
    My ex and I were together for about a year and four months. Then about a month ago he started telling me that he wanted to be single. He had a girlfriend before me for about a year and six months. and he just hadn’t had the chance to be single and he wasn’t happy in a relationship anymore. He said i was perfectly fine, i hadn’t done anything wrong, he just wanted to be single.
    and in a way, i understand completely. I know he needs space to be single, and then eventually, hopefully he’ll miss me and we can talk. So we went on a “break” for a couple weeks. then talked and now we’re officially broken up.
    He said that he was HOPING that in like a year things would be better and we could be together again, but I’m not planning on sitting around like his puppy dog, waiting for him. and i told him that.
    I know he wants to fool around with other girls. He’s a 19 year old boy. and he’s only (sexually) been with 2 people (which SHOULD be fine.) but i understand.
    Since we’ve broken up he’s been going to parties a lot, he started smoking weed, he’s been drinking more, he hasn’t had sex with anyone else YET, but im sure he will eventually : (
    from your experiences, when will he tire from this lifestyle ? this isn’t him. He never used to smoke or drink or go to parties very often. He got a new group of friends, and that’s when all this started.
    He says he misses me he just doesnt want a girlfriend.
    and he says he still loves me.
    When we were together, i never once asked him where he was, what he was doing, who he was with, etc.etc. i let him do his own thing. i was pretty laid back about it.
    I’m having a really hard time with all of this. I’ve honestly never been so heartbroken and upset about anything. I’m not the type to get upset over guys. Because honestly, I’m smart, i think im attractive, im not annoying or high maintenance. It’s always been easy for me to find boyfriends and usually, I’m the one doing the dumping. This was different though. I really really love him. and i am willing to try anything to get him back.
    How can i make him miss me sooner ? or How can i make him realize his new “friends” aren’t the people who really care about him ? and that he’s giving up on something potentially amazing, for something that doesn’t even matter ?
    i just need advice and tips. help please : (

    please don’t say anything along the lines of “he’s finally realized he’s better off without you” or “leave him alone” or anything that could possible make me cry. lol. because right now just about anything will. please be sensitive : (
    @MegE_N -
    thanks so much : )
    you’re very kind.
    I’m really going to try to do what you said to do, and use this time to learn more about myself, it’s just really hard to do ANYTHING because everything i do reminds me of him : (
    and I’d really like to meet new people and pick up new hobbies, i just don’t know where to start.
    i feel like I’m living my life in a bubble.
    or a dream.
    and i just haven’t woken up yet.
    it’s the weirdest feeling. I don’t want to move on, but at the same time that’s exactly what i need to do.
    i wish he’d just show up at my door and be like “i messed up. I’m so sorry, i made a mistake. take me back”
    but that is fantasy, of course.
    thank you for the advice and being so sensitive. i really really appreciate it. more than i can really even tell you. thanks so much.

  • Miguel M:

    Firstly. I have been with my boyfriend (Jason) for 5 years on September 18th. We have been together since we were 15 and met in school. He was my first everything really, bar kissing and I was his first too. His family and friends are just an extended version of my own family, I am very close to his mum, we go out shopping and go for drinks just us two. (Just so you get the background)

    A few months a go (could be about a year) Me and Jason havn’t done much together at all. He’s finally chosen what college course he wants to do, but it’s taken him six years with little to no employment under his belt. I got fed up of not doing anything together, he would hate coming out with me and my friends, hate to go out other than watch movies in bed. I felt awful but I was still madley in love with him, but nothing changed. It tipped me over the edge when I didnt even get a card for valentines day.

    I decided it was best to split up (I was a mess, I regret my desision) Anyway a couple of nights later, I got very very drunk and took 3 tramodols which are morphine tablets. I ended up sleeping with a friend of mine (of which I have disconnected all contact with him, it meant nothing). A couple of days later, I met with Jason at the pub and we seemed to be sorting things out. I decided to tell him about my actions, to save it coming from someone else. He, understandably went a little crazy and split up with me. He told me he still loved me but classed the whole thing as cheating (his friends don’t help things) so he said, if we do make it work, it has to be when he decides he can trust me again. So he just wanted to be “friends” for the time being.

    It was his birthday the day before yesterday and he asked me to come to his. I slept over, but we didnt have sex. I told him I couldnt, it would hurt both of us and prolong the break up.. or whatever this is?

    He seemed distant in the morning when I got to work, so I text him asking him if there’s a chance we will be back together because I can’t just sleep with him when I it’s going no where. I aplogised (even though we wasnt together) and I’ve told him that I really want to make this work, we have so much history and I do believe he was the love of my life. I can’t imagine spending my life with any other man. He responded to this by saying “stop f*cking pressuring me, you caused this” I left work upset and went home. He text me saying “it just needs time baby, thats all, I will ring you after college” I didnt hear back from him, and I still haven’t heard a thing. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks now, he wants to know.. then he doesnt.. I just don’t know anymore. Is he playing hard to get? Because I have been the one texting non stop. I’ve not text him for a day now, is it best to leave it? I am just scared he will think me not texting, he will think I am done with trying. But truth is I dont want to smother him.

    What do I do? I am lost.

    I am willing to wait for him, but I need to know. He just tells me to stop pressuring him, if I ask him back. I truly am heart broken and I know I did wrong, but this is not me at all.

    Somebody please tell me what I should do?

    Also, I didnt mean that ive been texting non stop with no replies. I mean the situation has just been going on weeks. I last heard from him yesterday morning, telling me “it just takes time”

  • tjpimpin:

    my ex boyfriend talks a lot of smack about me and we have been broken up for a year already we went out for almost two years. I have a boyfriend and my ex has a girlfriend but he still talks smack about me. He even talks smack about my boyfriend wich he doesn’t even know. And even till know he can’t stop talking smack why is it?

  • Terrence:

    Ok so around the time when me and my ex boyfriend was breaking up I met a guy but me and my ex boyfriend was still staying together but I was on my way to moving back with my sisters one day me and the guy I met witch he is now my current boyfriend decided to meet up and he suggest that he come to my place but I knew that that was a bad idea because me and my boyfriend was still living together but was not together so I just took him to me and my ex boyfriends friends houses and we chilled over there and had a nice night together he stayed the night with me and everything was cool. The next morning it was a knock at the door and we were still sleeping it kept getting louder and louder. We’re not the only people in the house so one of the friends had answered the door and it was my ex boyfriend I guess when he saw me and my new friend sleeping together on the couch he started punching on my guy and they started fighting by then everybody woke up and started helping break up the fight my new guy (my boyfriend) had just left and I’m still at the house dealing with my ex boyfriend madness he was so mad and pissed off but never said why and eventually ended up slapping me in the face and he took me to my sisters house and that’s when our relationship ended for good. That happened almost 2years ago and I think my current boyfriend is mad at me because he shows that emotion and I don’t like that hes mad because he acts like he don’t really wants to be with me or that he would no longer be interested and that makes me sad.

  • shahedC:

    Hello. Boyfriend trouble……..again!

    A couple of weeks ago, I found out that my boyfriend Wilfredo cheated on me with some guy he met at a party. I was pissed but I forgave him. But last night, I discovered that there has been other guys too. My friend of mine called me last night and told me that he heard rumors that José was spreading. Before I continue, José is Wilfredo’s ex-boyfriend. The rumors that my friend heard was that Wilfredo and I broke up after the cheating incident two weeks ago, but that’s not true. The problem is that my friend described how happy and cheerful José sounded while spreading that rumor. That automatically made me suspicious and it made me wonder if something was still going on between Wilfredo and José. Funny thing is, José and I haven’t talked in two weeks. So, I confronted Wilfredo last night and he tried to lie at first but he eventually confessed that he and José are having sex with each other. I felt betrayed not just by Wilfredo but also by José. Here’s the messed up part.

    I’m a very skilled soccer player. José is 17, a year younger than me and Wilfredo. José just began his senior year in high school this September. But a while ago, Wilfredo asked me to give José some good soccer tips to prepare him for the team this school year. So, for the majority of the summer, I spent a couple hours every other day training José. I was a little uncomfortable about it first, but José told me that he and Wilfredo no longer have any type of feelings for each other bigger than friendship. So, I trusted him and we hung out a few times and I considered him a friend. But now I know I’ve been lied to by both of them and I’m very pissed. I demanded that Wilfredo tell me about EVERYONE he cheated on me with. He told me that it was with the guy from the party, it was with José and for the whole summer, he’s also been seeing a guy at his job named Luis. I was willing to forgive him AGAIN but I can’t. Wilfredo told me that he has feelings this Luis guy now. But he’s “over” José even though he still sleeps with him. That didn’t sit well with me, so I dumped Wilfredo last night and cried like a little girl :( .

    Now, I went from sad to furious. Violence is not the answer but I really want to sock José in the face. Wilfredo actually made me BEFRIEND this guy and I’ve been too stupid to see that I was being played all along. I gave José a soccer lesson, now he can get a BOXING lesson. I’m going psycho when I see him. I’m not going after Luis though, because he probably didn’t know about me. I feel sorry for him; now he’s going to have to put up with the cheating and stuff. Excuse my rant now I’ll get to the question.

    Is it immature for an 18 year old to fight someone his boyfriend cheated with? I seriously need to justify this because I am so pissed and I don’t want José to get off that easily. Personally, if my 50 year old dad cheated on my 46 year old mom and my mom decided to fight his mistress, I would think she’s immature. But I’m only 18…actually I’ll be 18 next month. If fighting José is not the answer then what should I do about him? I already dumped Wilfredo but I do want José to know how I feel. He knew how much Wilfredo means to me and how much I love him yet he still decided to rekindle an old flame. So, I’m pissed. Any advice?

    Sub-question: Is it bad that I still love Wilfredo and hope we can make this work someday?
    to apple picking pirate,

    No lol. i’m not Mexican. We’re all Cuban.
    to apple picking pirate

    No, Wilfredo is not what anyone would consider a “hottie”. He’s not cute, I just thought his personality was good. And Jose’ is ugly as hell. Wilfredo cheats because he has low-self esteem and he wants to feel wanted by the world. It’s sad.

  • Krazy Bob:

    Hello , like the title says , I’ve been through a break up with my ex-girlfriend. The problem is , it’s been almost 2 months now but I still feel as bad as when it happened. I can’t stop thinking about her and looking at pictures of her just keeps on making me cry about how much I love her. Every night , I can hardly sleep because I know I’m going to dream about her. It’s killing me inside and I don’t know what to do. I’ve seen a psychologist but it hasn’t done anything great so far. My ex told me she doesn’t love me anymore but I’m okay with that. I just can’t get her out of my mind. I haven’t seen her since the break up. She’s supposed to come at my mom’s wedding party in 2 weeks but I really have no clue on how I’m going to react , nor know how she is going to react. I’ve lost over 10 pounds from training since she broke up with me and I know I’ve mentally changed. I just need to know what to do because I don’t think I’m going to be able to last long like this. If anyone has a hard time understanding what I mean I can clarify somethings out , so all you need to do is ask. Thank you to anyone who can help in advance. My relationship with my ex isn’t horrible. When we broke up we weren’t mad at each other nor became mad from the break up. She wanted to stay friends ans she actually insisted too. I’m also re-writing this question because I forgot a couple points , I almost didn’t ask my ex to come to the wedding because I didn’t want her to say no , but she actually said yes the second I asked her and didn’t even need to convince her , making it way easier. But thing is , I don’t know if there is a reason why she accepted so easily , even tho she says she doesn’t love me anymore and wants to stay friends. She’s not the type of person to do so. I can’t wait to see her at the wedding , but I don’t know how I’m going to react and more specifically , how I should react. Sure , I’d like things to come back to normal , but I don’t want to do any bad moves.. What should I really do? I’m so confused right now.. I’m not satisfied with what I’m getting as responses but I clearly know that it isn’t easy to help someone you don’t know. I’ve been told that using reverse psychology helps and waiting and sending her a hand written letter. I don’t even know what to do as I’ve tried pretty much everything I could. I don’t even know what to write in said letter. I’ve been struck by illness since I broke up with her but I don’t want to link it with it even though I know it probably is. I can’t find a way out of this and It’s killing me. I’ve been pushed by my friends to call suicide hot-line because they were scared of me trying to do something stupid. My ex isn’t doing well either. She’s down most of the time and she’s been sick for 2 weeks straight , but she has no clue I’m living this. She probably thinks I’m going through this like a pro but I don’t want to tell her anything , because I don’t want to lose her as a friend. It’s my 3rd attempt at trying to get a good idea on what to do but I’m still clueless , someone give me tips or something , I need help! :(

  • colingrillo:

    We had a very simple relationship. We lived about an hour away from each other so we only visited on weekends. It was an unconventional relationship, we teased and taunted and acted tough infront of company, even going as far as to lightly insult each other. Nothing very offending just playful. In private, we didn’t insult each other so much and he would even curl up on the couch with me. He was fantastic in bed, I’ll leave it at that. We were together about five or six months. But we never labeled it anything, it was always a sort of unannounced exclusive thing, his friends and most of mine considered us a couple. I ended the relationship because he just got too physical. One night, at a small gathering with friends at his house, I was talking with his best friend and my boyfriend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, not unusual, then while I was still talking, he bit my shoulder, I mean REALLY bit me! nothing sexual or playful at all. It startled me and everyone there was shocked. I called the relationship off after that. as far as he let on, he was fine. one or two of his friends mentioned otherwise but he assured me he was over it.

    Moving on, so its been about nine months and we keep in contact now and then. but i dont see him. for about two months now i’ve been having these dreams where my ex comes to me and tells me he still cares about me. its getting annoying. any advice?

  • Joe M:

    I know its long but i need help.

    Im sixteen in my second to last year of high school, live in a small-ish town so everyone around my age knows eachother, and i have been going out with this girl for a few months…. Details:
    We havent had sex after the 4 months
    Broken up about 5 times and got back together afterwards
    Stood up for her when girls ,that were close friends to me, from my school were threatening her, making me become the victim as well, ( she lives in the town that i go to school but she goes to a school in a different town about 30 mins drive away ) so have stood by her through anything and would have done anything for her but i dont think the feeling is mutual.

    ……..She is actually very gorgeous which is why im finding it hard to let go and i realy loved her as she was my first girl that ive told that i love. Apparently she has had an abusive boyfriend in the past and has had experience with relationships, also she is a very smart girl. Ive had many small problems with her thoughout our relationship: trust issues, even though i wouldnt dream of cheating on her, and i hardly see her, maybe once every two weeks and i know that i should just let her go and move on but there’s something about her that just gets me, and its killing me.
    We have broken up many times for pitiful reasons such as hopeless txt arguments and trust issues.
    We always struggle to see eachother even at the best of times, i guess we werent clicking properly. I really truly loved her and cared for her and she told me the same, that she loved and cared for me and i was so happy to be with her but recently she cheated on me with one of my so called ‘bros’ from school, it was on the same night as the rare occasion that i get to see her too, she slept at his house in his bed after i went home late at night. The next day she txtd me saying that she stayed there and was sorry assuring me that they only kissed. Anyway for the next 2 days we txtd eachother and i ended up saying we needed a break for a week, next thing i know she is going out with the guy she cheated on me with even though previously, prior to her sleeping nxt to him, she was telling me she didnt want him, but me.
    So now theey go out and have made me a complete, depressed wreck on xmas day, but still, i want her back cos its too hard to be without her. My friends all tell me to let go and move on but its not that easy, i had’nt had feelings like this for anyone before. But yeah, she screwed me over.

    What would be the smart thing to do?

    Im trying to get her back even though shes told me its over and i just need tips on how to let go or what i should do, keep txting her? Ive told her i wanna be mates but her new boyfriend isnt allowing her to txt me. I just dont know so i need help. If details about any other factors or information are needed then post questions please. I know this explanation seems disjointed and thats because ive had to back track and retype sum stuff. Help appreciated
    Also, I hate the thought of him kissing her, it fukn disgusts and saddens me, especially since shes already with him after only a few days broken up from me, she has someone to help her thru but i have no-one. Its natural to feel like this after u’ve been cheated on and still love and miss them? I really need to stop thinking about it but is so hard

  • arronwrath:

    so a couple days ago my boyfriend broke up. He was the first guy i ever loved. we dated for a whole year. he broke up with me because he wanted to be with his x. his exact words were “Hey, so today my ex asked me out. i thought about it a lot and i think its better if with her. she was my first love. i was broken when we broke up, and yes, i DO love you, but i think since the situation is like this then, we should brake up.” and its funny because he told me he loved me and that he would never hurt me and that he had no feelings for her, i guess i was wrong. I’m totally broken this actually is the first time i’ve came out of my room in 2 days. my family thought i was at my friends when i came out they were surprised.

    so basically my question is how do i get over this. do you have any tips?

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