How Can I Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend Back With Love Tips

How Can I Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend Back With Love Tips. Steps that you can follow to have more success within your relationship to get reconciled with an ex boyfriend.

How Can I Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend Back With Love Tips
One commonly asked question which has been bombarding my email for at some time now is; should I get back with our ex boyfriend? For a long time, I ignored this question yet it kept on arriving and now I have decided to provide some straight forward answers.

I must condition here that the people we connect to every day to a large extent affect the way we look at life, how we will love live and our attitudes. In case you interact with an abusive ex boyfriend, you will not be happy. You will always be frustrated and maybe take to any of the evil habits. If you are not satisfied with the way your ex sweetheart has been treating you, do not get back again with him.

Most of us started the relationship with our ex boyfriend by chance. You must have met him through various other friends or because you live in the same area or you work together or for a few other accidental reasons.

Did I say you should not get back with your ex boyfriend? I do not have the suitable to tell you that. Do I? Without a doubt some hard facts before you decide if you should or should not get back together with your ex boyfriend? How do you go about choosing a sweetheart that will respect and care for a person?

Here are some things you ought to know before you decide if you should get back together with your ex boyfriend!

Is your ex boyfriend faithful? Is your ex boyfriend a fair climate friend? Fair weather friends a variety of and easy to come by. But a genuine friend is a person who will stand by you and support you even when the heading gets tough. A friend loves all the time.

Is your ex boyfriend with an uncontrollable temper? You should not get back with an ex boyfriend who has an uncontrollable state of mind. Do not associate with an ex boyfriend given to anger or with a hot-tempered ex boyfriend, otherwise you will learn his ways and discover a snare for yourself.

You should get back with an ex boyfriend who plans and talk about the future with you. Your ex boyfriend must be a person who look ahead, who have dreams and wish to make life better. Do not get back again with an ex boyfriend who always discuss how bad life is and has already been.

Do not get back with an ex boyfriend who is a fool. In case you walk with a wise man you will end up wise but the companion of fools will suffer harm. The Bible admonishes us to leave the presence of the fool otherwise you will not discern phrases of knowledge.

Your ex sweetheart may be someone who want to get something a person, not give something or assist you to accomplish something. If you want to improve your great deal in life, get back with an ex boyfriend who may be interested in helping you, not because he needs something in return but because he truly wants to help you achieve your desires.

You should get back with an ex boyfriend who is ambitious. One good quality of a nice person is that they have a strong drive, determination and wish to succeed. They are driven by a major goal – start a business, make more money, complete his studies, move up in the organization, etc . Do not get back with an ex boyfriend who is not ambitious and respectable.

Avoid the complainer. Get back with an ex boyfriend who see the good, not the poor, in life’ s situations. Having back with an ex boyfriend that constantly complains about the bad economy, the particular lousy boss, the bad work environment, and so on otherwise you will become a complainer.

Your decision to get back again with your ex boyfriend should be made on the basis of character, not charm or outward beauty. In general, your ex boyfriend should manifest the characteristics of one who is smart.

I find it unpleasant to admit that much of the recommend here will not be taken seriously by many girls and they will eventually go ahead in order to marry the wrong person– divorce is becoming an acceptable alternative to an unhappy marriage. This is the time to take the right decision and stop the particular rising rate of divorce and relationship break up.

You may get hold of additional resources that will help you get back with your ex boyfriend, strengthen your associations and keep your long term relationship from a break up.

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  • Dr Dorian:

    My ex and I dated for almost two years, until this September everything was perfect.. and then we went to different universities hours away from eachother. At first it was all ok.. we talked all the time, we visited eachother frequently, and then starting in January we started to drift. We were both always busy and had our own things to do. So I went up to visit him for Valentines Day weekend and the distance between us was obvious. Because he was more looking into the future and getting married, i had frequently been looking for a little more space to make sure I know what I want, so this distance gave us the opportunity to do that. So we broke up that weekend in hopes that I would see what I want in life and we could be together (he was my first serious bf and i wanted to be sure). About a month after we broke up, we were still talking a lot and he remained my best friend. Then I found out through his inbox that was sent to me by a friend of his that he had been cheating on me with a girl from his school for the whole last month of our relationship (hence the drifting we were experiencing). As much as I love him and wanted to get back together with him before I found out, and as much as he swears to me that she means nothing and that I am what he wants for the rest of his life, I don’t know if I will ever be able to forgive or trust him again. I feel like everything he tells me is a lie now and I am completely heartbroken.

    Any advice?
    I also forgot to mention that because of my unsure nature about how serious we would become in the future, I limited our sexual activities to everything but actual sex. This is what I think caused it all in the first place because he never had any other complaints about us except that I wouldnt have sex with him, so I thought that would be important to mention.

  • Only Business:

    I’ve tried to get over my ex-boyfriend for over a month, but i just can’t get over him. Any ideas?

  • jag43216:

    we’re close friends right now, he’s single and me too. We’ve been together for 2 yrs. And n0w we’re both single for 2 yrs also. We are always there for each other, for we are now the best among friends. I broke up with him for that reason that i don’t love him anymore, but he still loves me until now. He even said that he’ll wait for my feelings to return. He has waited for 2 yrs but i still don’t have feelings for him. I don’t want to keep him waiting, i also don’t want to let him go, coz i’m afraid i might regret in the end that i let a person go who truly loves me.

    In addition, there’s a time that i cried every night, almost two weeks. Reasons: i want my feelings back, i failed in one subject and it hurts so bad, my family keeps on comparing me with others and keeps telling me that i didn’t do my very best(i’m in college and my course is medtech), sometimes i can’t understand what i’m feeling.

    What shall i do? Let him go or wait for my feelings back? I know i have to study first then love after, but i feel my life is so black and white, like no meaning and i’m not motivated to do anything, i just lie in my bed, play games and study if needed to. I know those addition are out of the topic, but i think it might relate to each other. I also researched about these and the result is mostly depressed, but i don’t think so. Thanks

  • Echo:

    I check her facebook allot
    i think about her and my boyfriend together
    and i worry over the fact that my boyfriend is not over her
    but i do have the reason to be worried about her.
    Im the rebound girl
    I have the sneaking suspicion that he is not over her cuz he still talked to her months after they broke up
    they broke up becauese she cheated on him
    she was the first girl he had sex with, the first girl he dated, the first girl he said i love you too and all of this happened in a month

  • ttocs:

    whom i still love, i cant seem to get over her, its been 6 months since the break up. we were together for a year.

    what are some general tips on getting over someone?

  • Krazy Bob:

    tomorrow im seeing a movie with my ex and his sister….i still love him and want him back… what can i do or say or wear to make him have feelings for me again him during…anything i can do during the movie to impress him?

  • kass9191:

    i posted a few questions yesterday about me and my recently ex boyfriend. we talked today and hes more and more getting to b my friend like we were before. i miss him like crazy and hes all i think about. i heard its always possible to get and ex boyfriend back no matter what. i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get him back. we still like each other a lot but he thinks it cant work. i kno it can. so wat are some ways i can win him back. it doesnt matter if it takes a while…just as long as i get him back. i would appreciate detailed answers and please IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEAS DO NOT ANSWER. I DO NOT WANT ANSWERS SAYING IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE ECT. JUST GOOD ANSWERS PLZ=]

  • Flash Funk:

    Hello everyone. :D I really need help getting my ex back – (I’m 14 and so is he) I went out with my bf for 8 months – we had little arguements over silly things and we always managed to laugh about it afterwards. We were so perfect and happy together he even said he wanted to move in get married and everything. We were so in love and none of this freaked him out. My bf was never any good at taking things the right way so when i said something and he took it the wrong way he got very angry at me. I tried to apologise but he kept running away. Then he was on the phone to his “friend” and about 10 mins later his mum showed up. I tired to get him to stay and talk to me about whatever was going wrong but he got in the car and went home. His mum said she wud tlk to him but he wouldn’t tlk to her either. Then later he rang me just to make sure i knew it was over. I was so heartbroken and what made it worse was he seemed so happy that we had broken up and he wouldn’t tlk to me so i didn’t know the reason why. The next day at school everyone in my class was at the lockers and they were all laughing at me including my ex. He has pparently started spreading rumors about me that aren’t true but i cant hate him – i still love him – i hate what he has done to me but i cnt hate him! I don’t even know if he is the one spreading the rumors. But recently i found out from one of my best mates that apprently when he went on his scout trip he kissed another girl – and she rang me up telling me she was his new gf and i shud stop texting and contacting him. Even after all this i still really want him back PLEASE HELP!! what should i exactly do to get him back forever??? :(
    Also please dont tell me to just get over him – i dont want to just please tell me how to get him back though he wont even talk to me i atching him looking at me sometimes.

  • kerrin marz:

    Our story. We met in third grade and got toghter in fourth about fifth it started to get serious. on the bus while riding to school i would sit on the inside of the single seat and he would sit next to me and fall asleep, so i would lay my head on his shoulder and fall asleep.(btw we were on the bus for 2hr) then in 7th grade we had to break up. ’cause i moved. i miss him alot..What should i do? we dont evan talk anymore…i still love him.. any tips would help. thank you so much.

  • uberfailz:

    okay so, my ex and I are some what close again. We talk often now and than, and he even says were even best friends. He does want some benefits, but when we were together I know he loves and cares, but I kinda sorta pushed it, and I know the real reason why were broke up, I realized that I did make mistakes and stared to rush them, but now that I know.. can someone please give me tips on how I can get him back, and fix things to make this better kinda like they were?

    Also, he even shows me sometimes that he still loves and cares, just by what he says an does. I just honestly think he’s scared, he doesn’t really want to be that committed right now, but wants benefits, but soon benefits could led to things right? The only reason i’m asking for this, is ’cause I’ve never felt like this with anyone before. I truly love and care for him, and can’t even see any other guy in my life, like i used to with others. And I’ve been away from him for so long, that i finally realized i need him to be happy. And to be completely honest, I think were soul-mates. I know time will fix things for the better, but I was just wondering if there were tips to help make things better, even tips to talk about, sometimes we get into these moments, were we just completely blank and don’t know what to say to each other, but wanna talk. Also, playing hard to get tips would be nice to know to. Please and thank you .

  • DuckieM10:

    me and my ex started going out in dec.2010 after knowing eachother since two years
    in may 2011 however things started getting ugly
    i had this burden of my studies..that i couldnt devote much time which i used to
    the next three months were a torcher for me…
    i had family issues and i lost two very close ppl in my life
    i stoped contact to anyone
    since he has his college….he doesnt live in my city
    and since i cut down the phone,,,we lost contact for a while

    last month i turned back to him….wished him the day we met
    he told me someone has takeen over my place..
    even after my explaing him everything..
    he says i dont have a chance for NOW
    he says he loves me but cant do anything
    he says he loves her too.

    i want him back :(
    he is going to meet me next month.
    what should i do
    please help :(
    i dont want to move on…
    i just want him

    just him

    just him

    please dont give tips on how to move on…

    ps)he said her girl is having exams now…..he wont do anything now atleast
    he said he cant promise me anything
    wen i asked him about the future…he sadi he doesnt know
    he cried wen i told him everything…i know i hurt him too much too
    do u think he will come back?
    what can i do to make him come back?

  • nmlpc:

    me and my ex have only been broken up for 4 days and i want him back. he is my world, my everything, my happiness, and most importantly my other half. i’ve done everything from begging him to acting like he didn’t exist. he told me that he loves me its just he doesn’t want to be broken hearted so he rather break my heart then his. i’m up for anything and type of advise. but please just don’t tell me to move on. i cant move on. and please most of all don’t tell me i’m either to young or i don’t know what love is cause i do know what love is. i’ve never felt this way about anybody else!

  • Jack Bauer:

    On Rock Of love I Daisy’s Ex-Boyfriend in a band? And if so, what is the name of the band. I would like to know because my sister thinks he is in one of the bands she listens to and we are trying to find out.

  • Arminator:

    Tonight was the first time my ex and I have properly hung out since our break up. Our break up was very rough, and was very hard on me since we dated for over a year. For the past month since our break up, I have been trying very hard to get him back and show him I care about him, however I made a huge mistake (DID NOT CHEAT) and no matter what I did, he wasn’t ready to forgive me. It took a while for us to get back to good terms because he was playing some mind games with me- didn’t want me to move on but didn’t want to be with me either. Last night, he did agree to hangout with me so we went ice skating today. I wanted it to be friendly, comfortable, and silly like old times. I wanted to show him how great our relationship used to be and how we can laugh, enjoy each others presence, and not be tense when were together. It all backfired when he kissed me out of nowhere, and I sort of had a mental breakdown (as always). We winded up having a very emotional conversation where I cried a lot (even though I promised myself I wouldn’t). We kissed, and had sex. He told me that he still loves me and that I’m irreplaceable, and he’s glad it all happened because we can “start new” and slowly build back to the old relationship. I’m very scared that I made a mistake, and VERY scared we aren’t going to get back together. It would hurt so much because I feel attached to him all over again. I think its evident that I’m in love with him, and our relationship was the happiest year of my life. I need any advice I can get, some comfort, and overall tips for the future. I appreciate it so much.

  • Mackenzie P:

    I broke up with him but I’ve realized it was a huge mistake and I just want us to be together again. We were together almost 4 years and never broke up before. We’ve been broken up about 2 months now, but I don’t think it’s too late I just don’t know the best way to go about this. Please no mean comments, I already feel bad. He really is the love of my life, all serious advice is appreciated, thank you.
    I broke up with him because I was scared about how serious everything was becoming (Ibuying a house, getting engaged soon, etc.) and I had to take time to think about if he was the guy for me. I just became a runaway girlfriend I guess.

  • Joe T:

    So me and my ex-boyfriend broke up about 3 months ago. we were together for 4 months and i really love him. About 2 months ago we started talking again and we would flirt alll the time and sometimes even hook up but when we would talk about getting back together he was say hes not strong enough and hes hiding things and holding back and scared because hes only going to be a jr in high school (16 years old) and im going away for college but will be home on the weekends and its only an 1 1/2 away. He tells me he loves me and misses me a lot and there will always be a place for me in his heart but hes the one for me and im 100% sure about that i dont want anyone else.No one can make me feel the way he does and i would give anything to be back with him. No college guys come close to him. So how do i get him back and show him theres nothing to be scared of?

  • nyyankees1123:

    Um i just ended my on off relationship with my Boyfriend/fiance from a year and a half
    because it was a really unhealthy relationship for both of us
    we were both in pain a lot and i couldnt handle it anymore

    I miss him lots and i could never completely leave him
    because i always go back to him
    Hes obsessive and possesive
    and we had to get a restraining order because of his aggression and reactions
    The police were involved cus he almost pulled me out of the car..
    Um i do love him a lot , more than life it self
    Does anyone have tips, advice, ideas on how to cope for the next couple of weeks
    and how to get over him
    I dont know life without him but i am scared for my life.
    So please help me, I need advice.
    Thank you

  • kiltakblog:

    We were together on again off again for 2 years, and we just recently decided to move on. We were both crying, so its not like we wanted it but its what is best. It was a very toxic relationship. I’m ready to move on , I just don’t know how. I’m still really sad because I can’t imagine my life without him. I just love him. Any tips on moving on from an ex- love? Thanks! :)

  • Derek:

    okay so, my ex and I are some what close again. We talk often now and than, and he even says were even best friends. He does want some benefits, but when we were together I know he loves and cares, but I kinda sorta pushed it, and I know the real reason why were broke up, I realized that I did make mistakes and stared to rush them, but now that I know.. can someone please give me tips on how I can get him back, and fix things to make this better kinda like they were?

    Also, he even shows me sometimes that he still loves and cares, just by what he says an does. I just honestly think he’s scared, he doesn’t really want to be that committed right now, but wants benefits, but soon benefits could led to things right? The only reason i’m asking for this, is ’cause I’ve never felt like this with anyone before. I truly love and care for him, and can’t even see any other guy in my life, like i used to with others. And I’ve been away from him for so long, that i finally realized i need him to be happy. And to be completely honest, I think were soul-mates. I know time will fix things for the better, but I was just wondering if there were tips to help make things better, even tips to talk about, sometimes we get into these moments, were we just completely blank and don’t know what to say to each other, but wanna talk. Also, playing hard to get tips would be nice to know to. Please and thank you .
    Yes, but we don’t go to the same school or anything, so it’s hard. When we talk, i will take a long time to respond, and try not to act that interested .
    Thank You Ashley, would you mind emailing me, to contact.. i would like more advice, if you wouldn’t mind helping.

  • heavenly sword:

    i broke up with my ex boyfriend 3 weeks ago because he lied to me.
    i miss him soo much
    i feel lost with out him
    i proppa want him back
    i have told him i love him, i need him and everything but he doesnt listen he acts like nothing is up, and isnt telling me how he feels, and he isnt talking to me! i wont even talk to him mum about it! (they are really close)
    how can i get him back?
    what should i do? <3

  • vanvark83:

    so my ex told me is is scared to date me again because he is scared to get yelled at and hurt..
    he also said this…u will do better with out me. u will be happier..i said you will too..he said i hope so…what do i do about this because i can tell he still loves me but he wont text me like first either…its been a week since his busy schedules gone!
    thankx zoofoot..u really helped me! pfsh!

  • Sergio:

    We’ve been together for 3 years and have broken up twice. It’s been a year since we’ve been broken up and we keep coming back into eachothers lifes. I hung out with him today and we had a lovely time. It was us just driving around and eating out and going places. We laughed and had fun. It was almost as if we never broke up. We also make a lot of eye contact together. He even wore the cologne I got him a long time ago and mentioned it. he would also stare at me when i wasnt looking.And when I was about to leave his house, he was sad. He didn’t want me to leave and then he said he missed me. What do you guys think?

  • andresumoza:

    About 3 weeks ago the person I’m in love with dumped me.. We are still talking as just friends and he’s slowly becoming my best friend again.
    He is very suicidal and cuts himself A LOT and I don’t know what to say to him.
    I just wanna know how I could slowly get him to fall for me again..
    We text a lot, like all day everyday. And we make eachother laugh a lot.. I’m just falling for him even harder!
    I need tips and suggestions please :)

  • Jeanelle the Retard:

    My ex boyfriend of three years broke up Wit me over a text last week, he said it would be too hard to do to my face. His reasons were 1. He wanted to reestablish old friendships 2. He said he never got a chance to grow up (he was home schooled and we met when we were both 16) 3. He just got this new job and said he wanted to be able to work whenever he wanted and felt like if he was with me that he didn’t have free reign to do that…I thought him and i had something really special and i want to make things work with him…Any ideas? Unfortunately he’s working and i don’t have a job right now and im doing school online so all i can do is think about this stupid break up…Any advice will do.

  • Rishi:

    My ex-boyfriend of a year treated me horribly. I can’t stop crying about him though. I don’t want to say I loved him because I don’t think he deserved my love.

    It kills me though to see him talk to other girls. I’ve been doing the same but I still end up thinking about him at the end of the night. We’re not on speaking terms and I want so badly to dial up the phone and call him but my ego won’t allow me to do that.

    Do you have any tips on how to stay strong? I can’t go back I’m a freaking mess.

  • Harry:

    in past time i love a girl.but she left me and now she love another guy.i want to get her back.she says that “she never love me” but according to me she is telling a past time she like and love me a lot.but now she like another boy.she called him daily but never answer my text messages.what i do.i can’t live without her.i am in a painful situation.she spend a lot of time with me in past and many time she say “i love u’ to me.but now she is saying that she not love me.what i do.?

  • Kobe:

    So my girlfriend has been hanging out with her ex-boyfriend lately, which has given me a lot of worries. She would be out until 1 or 2 in the morning with him, and they hung out alone at his house sometimes. this last week, I was out of town for part of it and preparing for a party for the other couple of days, and my girlfriend got mad at me. when she went to his house tonight, they ended up kissing and he tried to touch her, if you know what i mean. Basically, she ended up bolting out because she realized that it felt wrong and she called me in tears on her way home.

    She sounds very upset and she is obviously not ok with it. She also said that she did not do it because of love for him, but because she was mad at me and she felt really lonely. I’m not sure what to do. I love the girl and I want to give her a second chance, as this is the first time she’s done anything truly bad, but I’m not totally sure that she deserves one. For now, we are staying together and she knows that it’s going to take a while to build our trust back up. any advice?
    By the way – we are both 17 and are going to the same college, so we might be able to use the new environment to our advantage.
    She came out and told me everything minutes after it happened. We don’t have sex and she is opposed to the idea so I’m confident that it didn’t happen

  • Noe R:

    he calls me all the time but its never anything more then a phone and i want him to want to be back with me
    what are things i should do that you think would help him realize we should be back together?

  • Disrae:

    Last night i had a dream i was at the mall and my ex boyfriend was there and he runs up to me and hugs me and tells me that hes sorry about everything and he starts crying and says i love you. What could this mean? we’ve been broken up for 9 months and he doesn’t even talk to me and when he does hes rude.

  • Scorch Delta-62:

    My ex boyfriend and i dated for 8 months, but loved each other for 15 months. A month ago he broke up with because he said he wasn’t interested in our relationship anymore. But i did everything he wanted me to, and he would only be happy if we did physical things…i would try to hold his hand and he would get mad…and would only be happy if i touched it co*ck. I don’t even know what his deal is, but he said he waned to be my friend, but still treats me like crap, and only says a couple words to me when there is nobody else to talk to. People have told me that he said he still cares about me. BUT WHY WONT HE SHOW IT! We are both in the band, and we see each other all the time, which makes this harder. I thought about leaving him alone for the summer, and then seeing what happens when he sees me at bandcamp. What should i do to get him back?

  • Melanie:

    I need tips for getting over my ex. We dated for about 10 months and he was my first love. For the last 3 months of our relationships, it was more like a booty call. The last time I saw him was in July, and I had a break down and cried… I didn’t see him all of August because he was put into placement. Then when he got out in September we got into a huge fight. He had treated me like shit for the last few months of our relationship and I let that out and yelled at him. He was pissed because of the nasty things I said to him. Now we don’t talk anymore. I really really miss him and I’m always tempted to contact him but I know it’s not a good idea. I need to move on, and I’m doing better than I thought I would. I just needs some tips to get my mind off him and move on. Any ideas?
    I’m 17.
    I love how everyone acts like an assshole on here. I didn’t say I was suicidal, geez. I’m doing pretty good without him, I haven’t even cried in like a month. I just wanted some tips to get my mind off him. Geez.

  • Xbox360king:

    My ex dumped me three weeks ago. He now has a new girlfriend and it’s killing me. Everyone says to just move on and I know I have to but I don’t know how to do that. If anyone has any tips on how to get over an ex I would really like to know them. No rude comments please. Thank You.

  • Anny:

    So me and my ex have been on and off for a year, we broke up over weekend. (it only lasted 22 days) but those days were GREAT!! and i dont even know why we broke up.. but anyways i got with his friend afterwards and he said to me, “have fun with that d_ck you f’er” and said he never cared about me no ways when we found out. How can I make him jelous without him getting to hate me? in otherwords what can I do to get him to get back with me? please help.

  • PoohBearPenguin:

    i’m 16.
    me and my ex boyfriend are still like best friends, but i still secretly really, really like him.
    we ended on fairly good terms, had a good time when we were going out, but he is now with his girlfriend of 6 months, who happens to be his ex girlfriend before me. she split us up; and is just generally horrible about me to him and tries to stop us being friends.
    we get on so well that we are perfect for eachother, and it’s quite clear that the main reason he’s with her is because she’s thin and pretty.
    i don’t know whether to fight for him, cause he’s a lovely lovely guy, and i don’t know whether i have made him out to be in this or not? but he is
    i would love the chance to win him back, but i have no idea how.
    please; don’t patronise me, i’ve liked him for nearly a year now, so these feelings arent going away.
    and tips would be appreciated, and please don’t comment if you’re telling me to move on cause ive tried it too many times and i just want to give it another shot :)

  • toast:

    We went out for 5 years. My (now ex) best friend got jealous and told him that we were over. Then he saw me with a friend, who was a guy and he thought I had moved on, he never forgave me. But we became best friends after that.. Recently we and a couple of my friends went out for my birthday. He got me a pandora charm! He texts me everyday and he calls me every week.Then i realized he still feels the same way as I do about him. I want to be with him, he is the only guy I’ve ever loved. Please help! What should I do?

  • Dana G:

    Okay so it’s been two weeks since we’ve split and I have never been so heartbroken because I love him soo much! We work together so he was working Friday and so was I. I briefly told him that Im sorry when we argued and that I had the best times with him and was really proud of everything he has done with his life. He said thanks and I continued on with my night. He started talking to me again when he was stocking the shelves and it was just a short but friendly convo. Later I made a joke to him because we always joked about things and he got soo mad at me and didn’t think it was funny. AKWARD. Then lastly I asked him how his grandma was and such and whats he’s been up too and all he said was drinking , lots of drinking.. I was like thats good and I walked away mad because he told me how poor he was. Then yesterday I saw him when I was starting work and he said hi how are you and I said good you and he was like good. That was it all day…we were on break at the same time nothing.. and when he left he walked by me and said have a good night. I’m sooo lost..I lovee him soo much and would do anything to be back together with him but he seems like he hates me and honestly our relationship wasn’t that bad. What should I do to get him back?? LIke I don’t want to ignore him at work because he will think Im being a jerk but idk what to do? Nothing makes him jealous and he’s pretty common sense stupid so I don’t know if he will come back :( please help mee! ps. I went for coffee last night with this guy who also chose the same career path as my ex and he gave me some tips for him so I texted him and said, “I have some good news for you about when you apply for your job! Have fun tonight”. And I got noo response back… Do you guys think there’s someone else?

  • Myles:

    me an my ex were eachohthas first love
    and i broke up with him
    an im still in love with him
    how do i get him to recap those same feelings
    that he use to have

  • slipknot0129:

    We were together for 9 months and all of a sudden he broke up with me. He says stress builds and we fought a lot. But i love him and really want to show him that we can change even if he doesn’t think so i want to show him! I need him, what should i do??

  • Peter:

    right so after 2 years my boyfriend broke up with me. He said “things aren’t the same anymore” and he “doesn’t love me anymore” and he “feels so guilty,he wishes he could feel the way I do” (i love him clearly) etc it was a very hard breakup for me as I’ve grown so attached to him.

    Now I’m being really stupid for some reason I have this silly hope inside me that he’s going to realise it was a mistake and kinda dont want it cos I might get my hopes up for no reason and will be upset if he doesn’t come back to me.

    But I would love to have him back as we had a great time, the breakup was unexpected for me and its hurt me alot.

    I’ve decided to maintain no contact with him. I am not going to text him or anything simply just “go off the radar”. I am going to get out there, go out with my friends have a good time get lots of pictures upload them show him that I’m doing okay (when really i’m not) and hope for the best.

    Its hard as we were together so long and it feels like such a waste completely not having him in my life. He told me he still wanted to be friends but that is too hard as I’m going to feel alot different to him within the “friendship” so no basically.

    Have you got any stories of how to get your ex back, or actual stories of getting your ex back?
    Are there any tips someone can give me to show my ex that he’s really missing out because I am probably honestly the best girlfriend he would ever have. I put up with alot from him i really did and really felt we had a special connection.

    I dont want to live in the past! I am moving forward, I feel quite happy, but really sad at the same time as I still want him and I to be together as we really were something..

    So any tips/stories? Thank you

  • Gabriel Kenney:

    So my ex and I just broke up and I can’t stop thinking about him! We had our first intense kiss and a day later he dumped me! I know he’s a jerk. It’s just he is the only thing on my mind and every time i think about him, I think about the kiss. I love him. Why can’t I get this out of my mind? I can’t avoid him, we are in a class together. Any tips on how to forget or get over it?

  • joevsyou:

    My ex and I broke up because of my immaturity and stupidity. He’s over me, I think and he likes another girl. The thing is after I broke his heart, he broke mine. I still love him and he told me recently he still has feelings for me. I want to get him back, but I want the perfect strategies and tips.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    i have a boyfriend now..i love him. Lately i haven’t felt as ‘in love’ with him. My first love was 4 years ago. Not a day goes by that i don’t think about him. But now he lives so far away we’re both two different people and it just wouldn’t work out. We talk online once in a while. I find myself so depressed about him, crying about him, and wondering if i should be with anybody else. But my boyfriend i have right now is so good to me and im very happy with him and again, i do love him. What should i do??

  • Elijah luv:

    So i have a current boyfriend who iv been with for almost two months now, i really like him. hes perfect for me and honestly my dream guy.. im not saying were going to get married or anything but hes great for me…then every girl has her “first love” and for me thats my ex boyfriend i dated over a year ago.. iv had two relationships since then, and hes ruined my previous one. hes so indecisive. Sometimes he’ll text me saying he misses me.. other times he’ll just be rude and inconsiderate.. but in the long run him and i obviously miss each other but i think its time to be done with him forever.. what should i do? is there anything i can say to him so he’ll understand? he tries flirting with me while i have a boyfriend and i just dont understand.. Please help!

  • timq3dimensionscom:

    my ex boyfriend and i broke father passed away in January the same month we started talking so it was kind of hard,but he made me feel the way me and him grew up together since 1st grade so we know each other before and were friends before .i have been depressed lately and did not want to go out and go places .he got tired of not seeing me .i did not tell him i was depressed .we are both in college but he also works and does things with family .we both told each other we loved each other .i feel as if i messed up our relationship because I was holding things question is how do i get a second chance with my first love .i want to take things slow but i also want our friendship to be like before he was honestly my best friend.i have deactivated my facebook and deleted his number. so i would not be the crazy ex and text or look at his page. I am trying to change my ways also.

  • Miguel M:

    Its been six months and I still miss him. Its not that Im stuck on him, Ive tried dating other guys, but i either
    a) dont click with them
    or b) get the “im being played feeling” which always turns out true.
    Ive been doing REALLY good! But these past few weeks have been bad. Maybe its because it was this time last year that I realized I was falling in love with him… I dont know
    Any tips or comments to help?
    Shambhu: He has tried to talk to me. But I dont want to hear it. We broke up for a good reason. And I could never take him back

  • Jose B:

    Well me and my friend are both female and 16. I am a closeted lesbian, but I have come out to my friend and she has *sorta* (ill explain sorta soon) come out to me aswell. I know that I am in love with her and I told her, & then she told me she is in love with me aswell but she soemtimes changes it and confuses me alot(what sorta means). She kinda strings her ex-boyfriend along and talks about him ALOT. We fight alot! if i talk about guys that are just friends she will chuck a massive fit, but then question why i am getting angry if she is talking about her ex-boyfriend whom she flirts with about what she is doing with him that weekend!! Grr im actually really mad. should I let her go? does she really love me and is just stringing her boyfriend along cause she thinks its what everyone expects of her. Cause she asks me on dates and stuff and we are really cute and kiss and stuff. Im confused. TIPS

  • Michael K:


  • Jeffery Carlson:

    Any tips on scrapbooking old loves? I married now and don’t want to emphasize the “love” I had with the ex-boys. Both for my husband and kids. However, they were a part of my life and I would like to keep that memory. Any tips or ideas on how best to go about this?

  • nmlpc:

    This is my first serious relationship and i feel really close to him, we talk about things etc. He treats me with nothing but love and respect.

    HOWEVER we’re going to visit his hometown for the second time and see his friends, including his ex. The first time we went i told him about how uncomfortable i felt and didn’t meet her. I wanna respect her and get to k ow her because she helped my bf years ago when he ha a health issue.

    BUT HOW can i get this image of them being intimate out of my head?! I picture them being close, whyyyyy?! I’m driving myself nuts!!! They are just friends and he loves me and i don’t want to be like this, I want to be my confident friendly self:(

    Any tips?!

  • Miguel M:

    I need help getting over an ex-boyfriend. I’m trying my best to forget about him, but it’s difficult because he’s the only guy i’ve ever been in love with…and i still love him. At the beginning of our relationship, he was the most attentive, sensitive, and caring guy I’ve ever met. our chemistry was AMAZING.

    But now he hardly gives me the time of day. He said he still cares for me, but his life is in transition so he can’t deal with having a girlfriend..but he said that he still want’s me to be a part of his life in the future.

    So I’m trying to maintain our friendship, but I still feel neglected…as a friend because he’ll only text message me. when i try to have an actual conversation with him, he always has some sort of excuse..i know he has a life so i try to be understanding but it still hurts.

    The weird thing is, he still flirts with me when we do talk. And sometimes he talks about how he wants to kiss me and do other stuff.

    And I’m afraid I’m gonna get my feelings hurt again if i don’t get over him.

    I don’t want to cry over him again.

    Please give me advice!!!

  • timq3dimensionscom:

    well i have to text him anyway and i just wanna say that i love him just so he knows how i feel about him and not sure if he feels the same way or not. i just really want him to know that. would that be creepy or should i do it??

  • Erfan:

    My ex boyfriend has been sending me really weird texts and I’m not sure how to respond to them! They’re not about him they’re about my relationship right now. I don’t know how to respond…Like one said ” What would you do if I asked you back out? Would you dump ur bf for me or would you let me down and say no?” They are very hard to answer because we are still friends but just not a couple! I dont’t know what to do?

  • ericmreitz:

    I’m 14 years old and my ex is 16, we dated 7 months and it turned out he cheated on me with an other girl she’s 14 too and they were/are 1 year together he was with both of us together. I know him longer then her since we were best friends and I really really love him a lot I would do anything for him and it just hurt so much what he did to me..know hes together with that girl that I hate and they were/ are together now full 1 year. My problem is I don’t know how to get over him, even when he cheated on me often I love an forgive him and I ever just gave an guy 1 chance and it’s done. He threats her so much better like she’s the love of his life (he even said it)..and when it came out he was with both of us he just apologized to her and it in a so sweet way that he never did to me I just can’t understand it..I’m just crying and all day at home because I can’t do nothing else. I moved from an different country to U.S so I kinda lost my friends too and I’m rlly shy so it’s hard to me to meet knew friends. I’m just tied of my life because everything goes wrong..I lost my best friend this year and my boyfriend. .I loved him since I know him so it’s so hard to move on..pls some tips how to get over it..
    Sry if I miss spelled some words I’m actually from a different culture lol
    Thank you by the way :)

  • fattiemanny:

    For the past few months I’ve had at least a dozen dreams about my ex boyfriend. We broke up on a really bad note about 5 years ago and haven’t kept in touch, and I’m now happily married. In these dreams it’s the same theme everytime, we’re together again and I’m completely unhappy in our relationship. i feel trapped and want out so badly, it’s almost a huge relief when I wake up and realize that i’m not really with him anymore. Why am I having these dreams all of the sudden after so many years? I’m completely happy in my marriage, so I just don’t know where these dreams are coming from.

  • Lucas H:

    each night i keep having a dream about my ex boyfriend that we get back together…does this mean anything?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet:

    I broke up with my ex boyfriend (of four years) five months ago. We have been talking alot lately and we have been talking about getting back together. I think i still have feellings for him but there is alot goin on in my life right now and im confused at what i should do. Then last night i had a dream that i was moving into a new place and my new neighbor was my ex boyfriend. What does this mean?

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    Ok so around the time when me and my ex boyfriend was breaking up I met a guy but me and my ex boyfriend was still staying together but I was on my way to moving back with my sisters one day me and the guy I met witch he is now my current boyfriend decided to meet up and he suggest that he come to my place but I knew that that was a bad idea because me and my boyfriend was still living together but was not together so I just took him to me and my ex boyfriends friends houses and we chilled over there and had a nice night together he stayed the night with me and everything was cool. The next morning it was a knock at the door and we were still sleeping it kept getting louder and louder. We’re not the only people in the house so one of the friends had answered the door and it was my ex boyfriend I guess when he saw me and my new friend sleeping together on the couch he started punching on my guy and they started fighting by then everybody woke up and started helping break up the fight my new guy (my boyfriend) had just left and I’m still at the house dealing with my ex boyfriend madness he was so mad and pissed off but never said why and eventually ended up slapping me in the face and he took me to my sisters house and that’s when our relationship ended for good. That happened almost 2years ago and I think my current boyfriend is mad at me because he shows that emotion and I don’t like that hes mad because he acts like he don’t really wants to be with me or that he would no longer be interested and that makes me sad.

  • mmminja:

    i’m like really really close friends with my ex-boyfriend, both of us are going out with other people again now and its going really well for both of us.

    My boyfriend has started to get jelous when im out with my ex, he says its because we get on so well and i tell him like everything. the reason why i tell him everything is because we have both been through a lot together and he saved me from suicide about a year ago so i have so much trust in him (my boyfriend doesnt even know i attempted suicide)

    the other night i had my ex over at my flat (my brother who i live with was there too) and my boyfriend came over for a suprise, i had like no problems with it because im not keeping any of this a secret but my bf went crazy, they got into a huge fight which ended in my ex leaving and me screaming at my bf to leave.

    what can i say to my bf to stop him being so jelous and to reassure him, i really like him so i dont want to leave him but i need my ex in my life!

  • Ev dog:

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me about half a year ago.
    For some reason, i still have dreams about him, sometimes for day after day at a time.
    I dream of us kissing, as if we were still together, and just letting each other know how much we loved each other, like we used to do sometimes.
    I don’t really see him around school anymore, let alone think of him.
    And I wouldn’t say that i still love him either.

    Why am i still having these dreams? half a year later?

  • Balla:

    how do i get over my ex-boyfriend. im dating someone else but i dont get the same feeling with him as i do with my ex. im only a freshman in highschool and i dont really no how to get over my ex.

  • mike s:

    So recently my ex-boyfriend has been threatening to kill himself because he is so depressed about our relationship being over and me cheating in the past. Yesterday I had to go over to his dad’s house (he lives in another state with his mom) and tell his dad this my ex is suicidal and that he has been talking and thinking about suicide. He keeps posting stuff on my facebook so I had to block him, but he said that since I cut off contact with him that he has a reason to committ suicide now. I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do. What should i do in this situation? Keep ignoring him or tell his dad about the new messages he sent me? Also what if he tries to kill me? Because he has threatened me in the past. Help please I’m so scared.

  • altair:

    I just wanted someone’s opinion on something. SO I have been ignoring my leo ex boyfriend ( I am an aries) cuz I thought just give him some time & myself time but he has been texting me everyday since I have been ignoring me & he writes like “are you ok?.. it seems like you feel off the face of the planet..” Why does he want to contact me?
    I am still in love with him & I would love to get back together..but I don’t know if he is. He doesn’t like talking about it cuz I think he is still hurt.

  • Johnky J:

    basically what it is me and my ex boyfriend were 2gether 3 months it was up and down and there was a 15 year age gap between us,he ended it 5 weeks ago naturally i was devastated but carried on,then 3 weeks ago he said he missed me and wanted me bak..i foolishly gave in and was basically left hanging for 3 weeks while he decides if he can be with me again..he decides he cant commit and ends it again, i thought i was doing ok then i saw him last nite he happens to work at my local club :S i got drunk and said i loved him etc made a idiot out of myself!!he said he was over me and i need to get over him i went home crying feeling like shit, ive deleted his number and email was i right to do that ? do i get over him ? and is there any tips thanks xx

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    For the past 3 months i keep having dreams about my ex boyfriend. They are all quite similar. We always get we might kiss…or he touches my hand etc. Im not sure if were together in the dreams.

    We broke up over 3 years ago! If was a hard break up because i liked him alot and i really didn’t get over it until last year. I dont feel as if i like him anymore but i do find myself thinking about alot.

    What do these dreams mean?

    Thankyou x

  • Denali:

    We had a very simple relationship. We lived about an hour away from each other so we only visited on weekends. It was an unconventional relationship, we teased and taunted and acted tough infront of company, even going as far as to lightly insult each other. Nothing very offending just playful. In private, we didn’t insult each other so much and he would even curl up on the couch with me. He was fantastic in bed, I’ll leave it at that. We were together about five or six months. But we never labeled it anything, it was always a sort of unannounced exclusive thing, his friends and most of mine considered us a couple. I ended the relationship because he just got too physical. One night, at a small gathering with friends at his house, I was talking with his best friend and my boyfriend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, not unusual, then while I was still talking, he bit my shoulder, I mean REALLY bit me! nothing sexual or playful at all. It startled me and everyone there was shocked. I called the relationship off after that. as far as he let on, he was fine. one or two of his friends mentioned otherwise but he assured me he was over it.

    Moving on, so its been about nine months and we keep in contact now and then. but i dont see him. for about two months now i’ve been having these dreams where my ex comes to me and tells me he still cares about me. its getting annoying. any advice?

  • ibjammin44:

    okay.. so me and my ex boyfriend went out over the summer last year.. and for some reason i liked him the most i’ve ever liked anyone. When we broke up it was kind of like an agreement type thing… i was pissed because at a football game he was being a jerk. I Feel like hes one of those people your never going to forget about, believe it or not i have a GREAT boyfriend right now but i feel as if i could still have feelings for my ex. we only went out for 3 months too. after we broke up he started talking tot his girl and i was so jealous.. he was the first guy i cried over. All of my friends say he treated me like complete CRAP. but for some reason i kept going back to him and loving him more than ever.. i don’t know why at all. and then a week or 2 ago he texted me.. and we were talking and i told him how i felt. he didnt really have a response. but THEN he texted me last night again and we were just talking and stuff and he was being really nice. does he still like me? or what? im so confused. and i wouldnt even consider breaking up with my boyfriend right now i really care about him. and i know you guys are going to tell me to move on but i cant.. i wish i could

  • SKATEskum:

    Is there anyway that I can get my ex boyfriend back? I really miss him a lot. Me and him dated for about 8 months, and we were so in love, and so close. And he broke up with me because he liked another girl. And now they’re dating, but they’ve only dated for about a month. He still calls me though, like once every other week. And the conversations between me and him last for about five minutes. But whenever I call him, he always says that he can’t talk and that he’ll call me later, but he never does…. How can I make him want me back? How can I make him miss me?

  • Noe R:

    My ex boyfriend is really still in love with me but I moved on. He tells me he loves me many times a day but I have a new boyfriend and he knows it. I didn’t tell my new boyfriend about any of this… I jus feel really bad for my ex and I want him to move on too… is there anything I could do to make my ex get happy again or move on? Should I tell my new boyfriend any of this?

  • Thomas Lopez:

    So i’m super confused. I have been, for far too long. I have a wonderful boyfriend who i’m very happy with, however i also have an ex boyfriend who i cant seem to get over. I feel like i’m with the right person and the wrong person all at the same time. My boyfriend is right for me, he’s right for my family, he’s motivated, educated, a gentlemen, basically if i could have god mold a perfect man for me he would be it.
    the problem is, i dated my ex about five years ago – i still think about him every day, my heart is still engulfed in feeling for him. I’m pretty sure it will never, ever go away. No matter how long we go without speaking, no matter how long it’s been since i’ve seen him, i think about him every day.

    Sometimes i feel like it’d be better to be with him, even though he’s hurt me so many times in the past due to him not knowing what he wants. However i KNOW that is not correct. I know staying in my home town being broke with him for the rest of my life shouldn’t be what i want. However adding the “him” factor into the problem is what makes it seem so appealing. When he used to hold me i felt (i know it sounds lame) but, i felt complete. I feel like if there is such things as soul mates he is likely mine. I dont want to feel like this anymore, i want to devote every ounce of love i have to my boyfriend, because he deserves it. He’s such a wonderful, perfect man and he doesn’t deserve to have me having feelings for someone else.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get over someone whose impossible to get over?

  • Malcolm Hudson:

    Ok, well, My ex boyfriend moved, so we broke up. Now that we’re both going into an older grade, and a whole new school, he is going to be going to the same school with me again. When we broke up, we didn’t talk and he was the biggest jerk! so we now kinda hate each other. And he used to be friends with the boyfriend I have now…. so they’re probably going to be hanging out again. I don’t know what to do, if I shoud just ignore him… but then I wouldn’t get to talk to my boyfriend….if I should just try to be friends again….. or what?!

  • Matthew David:

    Me and my now ex boyfriend have had problems on and off like not being friends every other year because I had a boyfriend. At some point, we dated for 5 weeks and I just felt happier with my original boyfriend so we agreed to break up. I did some stupid things that hurt my ex bfs feelings and he hurt mine. We pretty much broke each others’ hearts. When he cut off all communication with me, and even blocked me, i tried everything to fix it. We had several confrontations where he said he didnt feel good enough for me and how it was so miserable for him when he had to get over me. and other times where he acted totally nonchalant, like he didnt care at all. The other day we talked and agreed that we just dated at the wrong time but he said he thought it was better that we did break up. We had a best friend kind of relationship before, so it was like old times when we talked. We laughed and talked about random stuff for a bit and then when he had to leave, we both stalled. and i asked him “so are we good?” and he said “I guess.” and he said he didnt want to start hanging out again cuz he just thot it would be better and he mentioned how he hardly has time with sports and homework (same with me). This confrontation finally went well and then he still didnt want to start hanging out. And he doesnt reply to my messages. I’m so confused. I just want to be friends again and if this went so well, why doesnt he want to talk to me? and its hard for him to even look at me when we talk. Why did he have fun with me and then say he still didnt want to start hanging out?

  • Ed D:

    ok I’m a junior and well I’m still friends with my ex boyfriend… we are still pretty close we hang out a lot . But i have a boyfriend and i see my boyfriend too.. They are not friends. My ex always talks bad about him and my boyfriend hates it when i hang out with him, I want my boyfriend to realize that hes my friend. He was my friend before we went out and i dont want to lose his friendship.What should i do ? cant girls be friends with their ex ?

  • XplicitzZ:

    I broke up with my ex of almost 3 years over a year ago. (Well, he broke up with me) It was on bad terms, but I am now with someone new for just over 6 months. Yesterday my current boyfriend told me that my ex now has a new girlfriend. I swear I am not jealous, or mad, maybe I was just thinking about it too much, and that is why he was in all my dreams last night.

    (In my last dream) We were back together, I left my current boyfriend for him. He acted a lot like my current boyfriend, but I knew it was him. I felt guilty the entire dream, and althought he was happy with me in it, I couldn’t help but take all my anger about our breakup out on him. (Not much else happened)

    He is not the same person at all anymore, and I am completely over him and have moved on to my new boyfriend, but I was just curious as to why my ex was in my dreams last night, and why we were back together in them? Does it mean anything, or am I just over thinking? Thank you! (:

  • skychi99:

    my ex boyfriend talks a lot of smack about me and we have been broken up for a year already we went out for almost two years. I have a boyfriend and my ex has a girlfriend but he still talks smack about me. He even talks smack about my boyfriend wich he doesn’t even know. And even till know he can’t stop talking smack why is it?

  • clntvrrt:

    My ex-boyfriend is going through depression….?
    My ex-boyfriend and I broke up four months ago over misunderstandings. Recently I started dating someone else, who is incredibly amazing and falls right under “great boyfriend” material. My ex boyfriend just recently contacted me, he is going through depression and has suicidal thoughts. He reached out for me, for help. However, I am very confused and don’t know whether to be there as an unconditional friend, which I want to. But I also don’t want this to affect my current relationship specially since I know I still have feelings for my ex. It is very confusing… please advise.

  • Brody S:

    I just heard somewhere that if you dream about someone, it means they fell asleep thinking of you, and if you fell asleep thinking of them, they’d dream about you.

    Well, every night for the past 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve either dreamt about my ex-boyfriend, or fell asleep thinking about him. He hasn’t been my EX-boyfriend for that long, he only broke up with me last Wednesday. He didn’t know about the dreams, so they wouldn’t have had anything to do with it. So what does all this mean, then? Thanks…

  • Harriet W:

    okay, i broke up with my now ex-boyfriend a month ago and i found a new boyfriend. it just so happens that my boyfriend now is someone my ex hates. and my ex doesn’t know we’re going out…
    *sigh* i don’t want any fights to break loose because of my actions.
    me and my ex were together for a year off and on but there were times where we’d do each other wrong. and i was really saddened by his actions and couldn’t trust him. what should i do?

  • Kaylla:

    I have been having very vivid dreams about my ex boyfriend lately. Ones where he is about to die, but I save him. There was this one where he almost drowned and another where he was stabbed in the chest but both times I saved him. What could these mean? I tried to find meaning online but I couldn’t find anything close enough. Thank you :)

  • friendly 4:

    Ok so I am still in love with my ex boyfriend and he told me that he loves me but he doesn’t want a commitment I always heard never let the one you love slip away how do I get him back? And don’t say just move on cause I know we were meant to be. And do you believe that it’s true to never let the one you love to slip away.

  • Roar me R:

    well now i am waiting for my hubby to get the divorce sorted i have decided to start seeing my old ex boyfriend he is so good with my kids and we are getting on brilliantly he is fine with the fact i am pregnant and is willing to help !!!!!!! i was just wondering will this affect the divorce and is it to soon for me to starting a new life and also could his name be put on the babies birth certificate even though there not his !!!!!!!!!! thx =)

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    I’ve been having recurring dreams about my ex-boyfriend(first love). In each of the 5 dreams, although not exactly alike, are either about him and I getting back together or him wanting me back, but mostly about him wanting me back. Him and I had a relationship that however, was on and off lasted for 3 yrs. Him and I stopped talking for a few months for a good reason, and I was over him at that point in time yet later, in the summer him and I tried to make everything work out. I have always been the one to pull out of the relationship, except he did, but that was one time before the summer. And he has always been the one to ask me back out.
    I often see him look at me, and quite a few of my friends have also notice this as well. My friend Ashley told me that “it was like he expected you to look back.” He has a girlfriend and they’ve dated for 11 months.
    I’m a celtic pagan, although my beliefs may not seem realistic to most it’s what I believe in and I am of celtic blood and descent, last year I asked the goddess of whom I most worship “if him and were to ever go back out again?” and “Does he like me at this moment?” The answers were “yes” and “not now.” Remember this was last year.
    In one of my dreams, he and his friend chased after me and looked for me. I heard him mention of needing to talk about something with me, not angrily but calmly and deeply.

    Is this a bad omen? A good omen? Predicting something? Means something deeper? And why after two years since I’ve talked to him is this happening now?

    Yes, I still sometimes think about him but I rarely have dreams about him(especially for 5 days straight) and it’s just now happening. And there’s nothing different about (how much I think about him/how I think about him/it’s how I typically think of him when I do sometimes think of him)

  • Mathew:

    i’ve been dreaming about my ex boyfriend me and baby daddy live together and have 3 kids but me and my ex boyfriend had start back seeing each other but i ended it and when i see him with his new girl friend i get so mad and when shes not around he’s trying 2 talk 2 me but i dont say nothing 2 him and when he see my baby daddy and me together he gets mad 2 cause we have 2 see each other he lives on the same block as my great granddad he started talkin when i was 11 on and off then i had kids with someone else and he has a baby with someone else but i think i still love him i dream about him all the time what does this mean and yes me and my kids father are having problems in our relationship what does this mean what should i do

  • Scott Bull:

    Last night I had a dream about my ex boyfriend. He was sitting around a table at the dining hall in my dorm with some mutual friends of ours. (He does not go to my school, neither do any of the other people in the dream)
    At first I was really mad seeing him there, but then we walked out into a hall while I was yelling at him and he started taking a tie dye shirt out of his pocket. He gave it to me and said “I think I still love you”

    We split because of college. Initially we were on good terms but one day he turned really sour… I don’t know what this dream means. Help?

  • homerliveshere:

    I think I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend but I’m in a new relationship. I love my current boyfriend sooo much so I’m stuck on what to do. I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend because he means the world to me and I know how much he hates my ex (even though they’ve never met). I’ve been talking to my ex for the first time in a few months. Do I say anything to him? Any advice?

  • Cliffy N:

    So, my ex-boyfriend dumped me in around March, he never stated why. So, lately I’ve been doing me, been having fun with the guys. But I just can’t seem to get my mind to it,and like a guy truly. There a few that like me, but in the end it’s always a no. It seems to me that I always compare them to my ex. And they’re not even in his league. It really sucks, cause now I feel like I don’t have anyone there for me anymore .. boyfriend wise that is. What are some comments or advice on this ?

  • andresumoza:

    Just found our my ex boyfriend raped my cousin, what do should I do?

  • Sahil:

    i’m 15, and my current boyfriend is 17…
    i keep having reocurring dreams about my ex boyfriend whenever i am asleep, or just daydreaming. i have them more about the times i spent w/ my ex, and could have spent w/him if we didnt break up. i have dreams about my ex way more than i ever had about my boyfriend i have now…..why does this happen? i really want to stop the dreams because i love my boyfriend so much, and it makes me feel disloyal to him… advice?

    (p.s. my ex boyfriend and i broke up b/c he cheated on me….could that have something to do w/ it??)

  • Sahil:

    I have a boyfriend for 10 years. We live together with no kids. I met my boyfriend after my ex boyfriend. I was with my ex boyfriend for 6 years we broke up because he got a girl pregnant that was the end of our relationship. I’ve been having these dreams off & on for 2 years now. I don’t know what it means. The dreams was always about him & I getting back with each other. I’ll see him sometimes in those times I’ve been wanted to talk to him but don’t know what to say. Please Help!!!
    After the dreams I feel like I miss him. My current relationship we starting to lack spending time with each other.

  • Superman:

    I am 17 years old and my ex boyfriend is 17 years old, too. We dated for 3 years and 4 months and he just broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We were eacothers first boyfriend/girlfriend,first kiss and first love. When he broke up with me, he said he thinks we should take some time off from seeing eachother because he feels like his life is going crazy and he dosent want me getting dragged into it. It hurt me so bad and it came out of nowhere. I love him and miss him and I have NOT talked to him since we broke up. ( but he said happy birthday to me and that’s all). How do I get him back? How do I get him to talk to me again? What should I do to make him miss me and realize he still wants me? Please help with any advice, thank you!!
    Ok for all you idiots, we loved eachother. Don’t tell me to calm down I miss him and he lives right down the street from me so I see him a lot. Don’t try to tell me that I don’t know what love is because I wouldn’t be hurting like this if. I didn’t.

  • EzioAuditore1459:

    My boyfriend ended our relationship after a year and a half a month ago. I have been having continuous dreams about him, I understand this is normal but I also understand that dreams are a way of trying to understand your subconcious and messages. I dreamt last night that he told me he loved me and then got engaged to someone and I was so suprised. I then got angry at someone else in the dream about something else and they sat there and took whilst I screamed at them and someone played a video back of me shouting at this person and I couldnt believe how angry I was. I then blamed my ex boyfriend for the way I acted. I am having dreams of him every night and it is something that isnt leaving me.

  • supernerd567:

    Is there anyway that I can get my ex boyfriend back? I really miss him a lot. Me and him dated for about 8 months, and we were so in love, and so close. And he broke up with me because he liked another girl. And now they’re dating, but they’ve only dated for about a month. He still calls me though, like once every other week. And the conversations between me and him last for about five minutes. But whenever I call him, he always says that he can’t talk and that he’ll call me later, but he never does…. How can I make him want me back? How can I make him miss me?

  • Erfan:

    I am currently in a relationship, and my ex boyfriend is threatening suicide because im not with him..He has actually tried killing himself and he almost succeeded, I saw him the night he almost died and he had a bullet in his stomach. I tried to talk him out of it because I didnt want him hurt, and I dont want to leave the relationship i am in now because I am happier than I have been in years..but like I said, i dont want him hurt…Now my other ex is jealous of my relationship and every time he sees me and my boyfriend together he rolls his eyes and talks sh*t about us..I dunno what to do..any advice

  • Austin:

    I’m a 15 year old girl, and one of my friends said that my ex boyfriend told him that he has another girlfriend. I don’t know why I’m upset because I was the one who dumped him 1 month ago. Is this normal and what should I do?

  • lucasg615:

    For the past 4 dreams I’ve had my ex-boyfriend has been in them. But I have a boyfriend now who I’ve been with for 6 months. My ex also has a girlfriend so it doesn’t make much sence. These dreams have just been coming lately and they’re really starting to get to me. Well the first one my ex and I were at some teenage hang out and there was a wedding rehearsal going for some people I don’t know. Well he gave me a teddy bear in the dream and disapeared and I was trying to find him. The second dream we were at a house party me and my boyfriend and my ex and his girlfriend were there. My ex-boyfriend yells at me saying he broke up with his girlfriend and that it was my fault because after we dated he had troubles with girls. The 3rd dream he was at my house sitting on my car outside, after his girlfriend left I kissed him on the cheek and when I walked away I was thinking I can’t tell my boyfriend. This last dream I was in a play and he wants me to sing, we kissed. I’ve been crying since.

  • have faith:

    ok heres the deal. I went out with my ex-boyfriend for 9 months and have never felt so close to anyone in my whole life. we had a connection and like all the same things. our biggest year at school was coming up and because we live in different towns we decided to break it up because it would be to hard 2 juggle everything. we have spoken everyday though until 2 days ago. i met up with him this summer and he said he was seeing a girl at his school. he kissed me and told me he loved me and when we got the train home before taking different buses to our respective towns we cried together. now i have jus found out that him and this other girl are official. it broke my heart so a got rid of everything that reminds me of him. what are your thoughts on the situation. dyu think he has been bullshittin me?

  • tefa_96:

    HelloI am dating with my ex boyfriends cousin .my ex and i broke up about 4years ago .I love my boyfriend now because he loves and respects me and he showd me what love really is .he is there for me and he values me as a lady . I dont want to loose him because he honestly loves me.What is your opinion on this ? Is it wrong ? What can i do ? He makes me happy.

  • Hannah:

    i was with my ex boyfriend that i was with for just over 2 years cheated on me for a few months so i ended it and 9 months later when i have a new boyfriend and moved on he wants to say sorry and be friends and he didn’t mean anything.. so i was speaking to him last night and he was asking how i was and stuff but then i just got blocked on facebook (the girl he cheated with knows his facebook password because he stayed with her but there not together anymore) so she blocked me so i sent him another message off my friends facebook just saying why have you spoke to me then blocked me, so he managed to get it before her and said its my ex im sorry then she blocked me on that 1 adswel, but because he hasn’t got a laptop at the moment and hes only on his phone i don’t think he can unblock me, i haven’t spoke to him since yesterday morning.. what should i do just forget it ever happened or ring him? im really confused that he was just speaking to me then the next minute i got blocked by his ex and he hasnt tryed ringing me or anything :/ what should i do?

    what would you do?

  • Joe T:

    okay so my boyfriend right now and me have been having a little bit of issues but i things r getting better. my ex boyfriend messaged. we havent talked for 2 years, because we both thought we hated each other. and now talking to him again is making those feelings come back up. i love my boyfriend now and i honestly cant see myself without him. but i feel like i wanna try and date my ex again cause things have changed between him and me but i dont want to leave my boyfriend and NO i dont want to cheat either, i just dont know what to do.
    anyone who has had this kind of experience please help me, please.

  • Cliffy N:

    I only got one answer before, looking for more answers.

    I had a dream about my ex boyfriend last night. We dated from October 2008 until April 2010. Anyways, after we broke up I still kind of had contact with him and we still had sex after we broke up. He never had a real girlfriend since we split (and I was his longest relationship in his life..) and when he did have one it was for only 3 months but he only went out because he was sorry for her (he told me he never wanted to go out with her and she kept begging and he said yes to shut her up). Plus she looked like me, and that’s what my ex told me. Also, he wanted me to have sex with him while he was with this girl, he claimed she would never find out. (never acted like this when he was with me)

    Last night however, I had a dream about him and I am kind of freaked out because I like another guy at the moment. You see in the dream all I can remember is that for some reason my ex boyfriend lived across the street from me (not true in real life). I decided to visit him. His grandmother answered the door and told me to come in but then said that my ex was still sleeping so I could go in his room and wake him up. I went to his room and I tapped him while he was asleep and he woke up and smiled at me. I sat down on the bed and we started talking. All of a sudden we started making out and it led on to us having sex and then I heard my alarm clock and woke up. I’m shook up by this dream. What does it mean?

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