Crisis contraceptive pills for avoiding undesirable pregnancies

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Mainly there are four kinds of pills to prevent pregnancy. They are also known as emergency contraceptive pills. They can be found all across the globe. They will cut down the need for abortion within pregnancy. Given below is the classification of pills.

1 . The very first kind of emergency pill has a hormone named progestin. This can be obtained straight from pharmacists. No prescription is required. There are several women and men in the United States who buy these types of pills directly. The risk of getting pregnant could be reduced by 88 percent by these progestin-only pills. One will never have any side effects. They are better than various combined pills.

2 . Ulipristal acetate is contained in the second type of pills to avoid maternity. It is made available only after doctor prescribed. It is easily available in the United States. It is found by many people that it is well tolerated and highly effective. After 5 times of sex which is unprotected, it can be taken. It is much more effective than the levonorgestral ECPS

3. The third kind of pill which will save a lady from abortion makes use of both human hormones named estrogen and progestin. There are various brands available in these hormones. One can take a birth control pill for emergency contraception. The chances of getting pregnant are decreased by 75 percent. Thus, 1 will have to various side effects such as throwing up and nausea.

four. Small doses of mifepriston are contained in the fourth kind of emergency contraceptive pills. They have a great effectiveness. The side effects are very less. Currently, these types of pills are available in Russia, Vietnam and China.

5. Another effective method to avoid pregnancy will be the Copper-T-IUD. It can be ongoing for a amount of 10 years.

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66 Responses to “Crisis contraceptive pills for avoiding undesirable pregnancies”

  • Christopher J:

    So I have just finished my first pack of the contraceptive pill, I take it every night at 10pm before I got to bed as suggested by the doctor to avoid drowsiness, and I was just wondering how many day’s it will be until my period arrives? Just an estimate as I know every body is different. Normally people say around 1-3 days, but would I count tomorrow as one of those days or start counting on the Tuesday?
    Many thanks.

  • jordenkotor:

    Is there any major side effects of taking emergency contraceptive pills within 72 hrs?.Well i hv taken 2 tablets after unprotective intercourse before 2 months n hv heard abt some side effects…so will it affect me anyways??well i hv not felt anything so far!!n what are the difference between oral and emergency contraceptive pills?

  • Bryan J:

    I started taking the contraceptive pills yesterday-05/06/07 at 12am…Its the ones you take everyday…But i am confused how to take them…as in what if i dont start my periodz after iv taken the active pills…I then take the dummy pills…But wondered can i still get pregnant if i have sex…? Can somebody plz explain me in detail what to do and how to take them…plz email me or answer trough here…Thanks

  • Travoiz:

    I have quite a few questions
    1. Will having the contraceptive pill one day, then morning after pill next day cause eachother to cancel eachother out, or cause any weird side effects?
    2. Having both the pills at the right time for each one, what are the chances of getting pregnant?
    3. How many days before having sex do you need to take the contraceptive pill?

    Thanks, also any tips people have, feel free to tell

  • Con Orpe:

    i’m on antibiotics for acne and dont know if it will affect how my pill works, im on ovranette.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet:

    In just over a month I’m due to go to a festival with my friends, and I’m on my period now and it comes a few days later each month, so it’s highly likely that it will be inconvenient and arrive just before I go to the festival.

    I haven’t used the contraceptive pill before but always meant to, would it be possible for me to get it off of my GP this month and use it to skip next month’s period? I really wouldn’t be able to handle it at the festival, I get crippling cramps and my flow is so heavy I can soak through a jumbo tampon and pad in two hours, no medicine has helped.

  • Rishi:

    what will happen if you take the pill???
    is there any safe pill????
    is there any side effects???
    would it effect you later in life from getting pregnant???

  • Echo:

    Im 19 and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years. Since I was 13 Doctors advised me to go on pills that would help my severe acne which I refused up until the age of 15. I was put on Dianette and was on it for 3 months when I had a check up and was told my blood pressure was slightly high therefore she changed my pill to Yasmin. I was on this for almost a year and then stopped.

    That was about three years ago now and I’m thinking of going back on a contraceptive pill but not to help my skin too this time as my acne has pretty much gone. I have talked about this with my mum and she is a little concerned as when she was on a pill some decades ago they caused her to have leg swelling plus other problems and her half sister developed a blood clot. I know contraceptive pills are much more advanced now but I am just wondering if its a good idea going on the pill after my families history of using them?

  • D3ZZY:

    okay…well i just started on the contraceptive pill and am a wee bit confused…theres like a “red” zone and a “green/active zone” the red zone contains sugar pills and my doctor said to start the pill the day i get my period and conveniently i got it the day she prescribed them to me…its a monday so i started the sugar pills/red zone where it says monday…now do i just follow the arrows? even when my period stops do i continue on the red zone until i get to the active pills or do a start on the active pills once my period finishes.
    also, they said that you should follow a 7 day rule if you forget to take a pill…does that mean that when i get my period from now on since the sugar pills aren’t really the pill does that mean i follow the 7 day rule after every period?
    aaaalso, i was looking at the back of the packed..and noticed the last 2 days of the green zone were bigger white pills like the sugar pills…is this a mistake?

  • diggn4richez:

    I took 2 pills, 1 in october and 1 in november. What can be the side effects?

  • Courtney:

    I am on the implant and thinking it could be/is the main cause of my mood swing/bad moods, bad stomach pains, long periods. I am on for a month and off for 10 weeks (the 10 weeks is fine but the month is a nightmare and so painful).
    I am going to go to the doctor lady that put it in tomarrow and ask about it being took out.
    I would much like to be on contraceptive pill.

    Could people tell me what they think is best here. As i hate the implant.

    And what is the pill like.

    How often do you have to take it?
    Same time each day?
    Do you stop to take it every month when you want your period?

    When i come off the implant will i bleed more? As im already bleeding for almost two weeks i cant have much blood left!

    And how long will it be to change over, and to be safe?

    Thanks, please help me <3

  • PIE BOY:


    I’m on a 28 day oestrogen based contraceptive pill and i rarely get any periods on them, but ive just come to the end of a packet and i’ve started a period. If i start taking a normal 21 day pill tomorrow will this stop it at all? Or is it likely it will carry on as normal?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
    I was put onto the 28 day pill because of getting headaches and the headache pills being a pill clash, but as i don’t get them anymore i’d be happy to go back. I am used to getting the occassional bleed but i really want it to stop right now, thats why im wondering if switching pill straight away will cure this.

  • Bryant B:

    i had sex on saturday before I was due to take my pill. then I couldn’t find my pack! i last took it on friday morning, and i’ve only just managed to find it and taken one today. is it possible i could be pregnant and if so, is it really safe to keep taking my pill?

  • ademuth93:

    Is diaherra a common side effect of the birthcontrol pill? i have been taking it almost a month and was wondering if it was common? I also heard the the birth control pill is less effective when someone has diahroea but its not alot and i want to know if i am still safe and this is a common side effct and when it wills top?

    thanks guys

  • Rishi:

    I have a science homework task and need to know all or most of the hormones in a standard contraceptive pill.

  • Taylor G:

    I am trying a new pill with lower hormones and 18 days into my first packet I started bleeding. I carried on bleeding until part way through my pill free week and then stopped earlier than what I would of done normally. I’m now on my second packet but I’m worried if the bleeding would of made my pill less effective. As a result at the moment I’m using extra contraceptives as I’m terribly paranoid that the pill won’t be covering me properly, even though I have taken all my pills as I should. I know its not unusual for irregular bleeding when you start a new type of pill as it states it with the leaflet that came with the tablets. Should I be protected enough on my pill against pregnancy or not? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Andrew S:

    Ive been taking Diazepam 2mg for muscle spasm in my neck and back. But weren’t quite sure if it would make the contraceptive pill less effective? Ive Google it but couldn’t find an answer! I forgot to ask the doctor at the time! Please give sensible answers thank you!!
    I know Penicillin can effect the contraceptive pill and give it a less chance of working! But werent quite sure if Diazepam will have the same effect and would mean i would need to use extra protection when having sex!
    Im on the contraceptive pill microgen 13.

  • PoohBearPenguin:

    Hi guys,
    I’ve been taking the contraceptive pill Loette for about 2 months now, and recently, halfway through a cycle, I started getting breakthrough bleeding. Prior to this, I had been skipping the placebo pills, would this have caused it?

    I’ve been breakthrough bleeding for about 10 days now, and tomorrow i’m due to start the placebo pills again. Should I take the placebo pills, or skip straight to the next hormone pills? I really need to make this bleeding stop…

  • The Villain:

    can emergency contraceptive pill cause frequent urination.. as i am experiencing this thing.. i took ipill

  • Agent 47:

    What is the Combined Contraceptive Pill?

    How does it work?

    Where do you get it from?

    How much does it cost?

    Any side effects?


    Other Uses?

    Even if you just answer one question, it would be very helpful.=)
    I’m only 14 and only doing this for a health project. Thanks anyway

  • llb443:

    i’m 15 and living in ireland. i really think i should go on the pill as a precaution and so i was wondering how i could go about getting it without my parents finding out.
    thanks in advance

  • Taylor G:

    I’d like to know if they mean the same thing coz after I’ve had sex the night before, the next morning I’d go to my doctor to get the Morning After pill. When I got the pill, they looked just the same as the Contraceptives. Do they mean & work the same ? Just wondering..

  • Xbox360king:

    My tummy is feeling weird,what does contraceptive pills do to ur system/body when youve only started on them?Ive been going to the toilet alot…is this bad?need help
    Yes my doctor mentioned that i could get nausea or drowsy which im already feeling drowsy,my pee would have been stingy aye?cause its only me going to the lou alot no infection on my vagina or menstrual pain…
    Ouch!! i was wondering why the heck my tits were feeling like that………..I know my body is adjusting to it,but it still feels weird….Does it make you sexually aroused?or horney?grrrrrrrrr….

  • Kobe:

    Me and my gf use contraceptive pills. She said doctors adviced use them for 21 days and stop for 7 days. She also said there is increased risk of pregnency during those days.. anybody please let me know whats this… is there any other kind of a pill to use ?

  • Sir fliesalot:

    I have been taking the co cyprindiol as a contraceptive pill for 5 days at the start of my period so was told it was affective straight away however I was only told this this evening by my doctor and have already taken the morning after pill yesterday if I take the co cyprindiol today is it affective straight away?

  • Dana G:

    When I went to get my new pack, there was none left. I missed 5 pills before I got a new pescription. I took two over two consecutive days and was sick with vomiting and diarhia. I missed two and took two and was sick again so I haven’t had any since.
    I now have a really heavy period with clotting even though I’ve just finished my period. I also took an oral thrush pill there somewhere before I had this heavy period.
    Is this normal? I know the morning after pill is a high dose contraceptive pill and can cause vomiting and diarhia. Is this period caused by fluctuating hormone levels? Does the oral thrush pill have anything to do with it? Do I expect my normal period in two weeks still, or not for a month now?
    Sorry for the long question!

  • Jenna:

    I am going to be on my period sometime this week hopefully and i want to go on the pill, the everyday one… me and my boyfriend are hoping to have sex on sunday as we dont see each other often,
    say my period came tomorrow or saturday, and i take the contraceptive pill on that day, how soon can we have unprotected sex?
    How fast does it start working?
    And say at the start of every month, so after 21 days i lets out my period for 7 days, then i starts going on the pill again, how soon can we have unprotected sex? Is there a time where i can be prone to being pregnant?

  • Boo Cookie:

    I researched the contraceptive pill and found out that you are only covered immediately if you take the pill on the first day of your period. I started taking the pill on a random Tuesday last month, I am now on the 7 day ‘break’ and am wondering if when I start the pill again after this week will I be covered? Or will I need to use other forms of contraceptive as well for this next month? I am aware of sexually transmitted diseases so save the lecture. Thanks.

  • sick_mick_101:

    Instead of going to the GP to get the contraceptive pill, can I get the pills in the phamacy in high street?

    How much is it approximately?

  • llb443:

    My boyfriend and i had sex and we didnt realize the condom broke until it was too late. We got the emergency contraceptive pill about 20 hrs later. I took it and took the other one 12 hrs later just as it said. How effective is it or will it be?
    after taking it, i didnt experience any side effects as said if that makes a difference??

  • thinkthought:

    whats the best contraceptive pill with little or no side affects for a 13 year old girl to regulate periods

  • RuMKilleR:

    OK.. I haven’t had sex before but I heard contraceptive pills can cure acne, make your breast big, etc. and I was interested and planning to take these pills..

    What did you notice when you drink it? Any side effects?
    I’m not sexually active but can I take it?
    If I can, what day should I start.. I mean.. Should I take it on the first day of menstruation?
    Does this pill contribute to have breast cancer?

    Please don’t be rude, like telling me be happy and contented, otherwise go answer other questions. Thank you so much and I’ll be looking forward to your answers. Have a good day :)

  • Jesse:

    Does anyone actually know if the contraceptive pill used for LT like 5 yrs actually cause any significant health risks in a healthy under 25yr old?

  • zigg3ns:

    This is a long one, brace yourselves…….

    Went off the pill about six months ago, there were lots of reasons that I don’t have the energy to go into….
    Anyway, I’d been on it for five years before that, and after I went off it I had a period once every 2 months, but I assume that is normal if you’ve been on the contraceptive pill. I decided to go back on two months ago, waited for my period to come because you’re supposed to take it when your period starts, and last Monday there were signs, so I started taking it.

    Nothing has happened since then – no bleeding, no nothing, just cramps. Did I do the wrong thing? It’s seven days later now – am I covered? And why do they tell you to start taking it on your period anyway?

    Sorry for the long question….
    I’m not pregnant. Trust me.

  • Pacman:

    Me and my boyfriend want to try out sex without a condom, but I don’t want to go on the daily pill. How effective is the emergency contraceptive pill, and although it’s called the morning after pill would it be possible to take it before sex, so that it would be more effective?

  • Krazy Bob:

    I’m thinking of going on the contraceptive pill.
    I’ve looked at many different on-line information sites about them, and also am planning to talk to my GP or a family planning nurse.
    However the sites are telling me different things, so I am a little confused

    One says I will gain 10 lbs and another says I will loose weight, which of these is more likely to happen, and what can I do to help stop so much weight gain?
    I suffer from NF1 therefor get headaches A LOT, all the sites I have checked say headaches is one of the side effects. How bad are these headaches?

    Can you also give me any more information you think would be useful.

    Thank you

  • jordenkotor:

    I have been offered to types of contraceptive pill.

    1) Get’s rid of periods compleatly.
    2) Take the pill for 3 weeks and come on my period on the 4th week.

    My mum won’t let me go on them, her reasons being, they cause blood clots and depression (worst effects). And her other reason she doesn’t want me to think i’m safe having sex.
    Although I do anyway, I don’t really think its up to her anyway seems that im nearly 18 and she wants me living with my boyfriend funnily enough XD

    Although i’m tempted just to tell her straight which I will eventually cause i’ll be on the pill and she will find out sooner or later anyway. I don’t know which one to go on.

    The good side and not coming on at all is that I won’t have those awful stomach pains and time of work, college and sports. The bad side my mum will know i’m not getting my period cause i’m not moaning about pain every month XD

    The pill where I would have my period would be good cause I do happen to get pregnant I will know sooner rather than later, I won’t be in that much pain and it will be easier to cope :)

    I want to know which one would be the best, do they have different side effects? If one more dangerous or unsafer than the other? what would you do or tell me what you choose to do if your already on the pill.

    Of course I will be asking about the pill when i’m talking to the sexual health adviser, I just want to do my own bit of research on the public’s opinion :)

    Please feel free to comment on anything :)

  • timq3dimensionscom:

    I have had my first bub 4 months ago. I started on the contraceptive pill 2 months ago and have taken it right through (skipped sugar pills, continued on active pills to skip my period) so far. Just a few days ago, i started getting cramps as if i was going to get my period, but i have continued to take the pill – now its like ive got a period – not just light, normal period flow meanwhile im still on the pill – whats the deal with that?? I know its a bit personal, but i need to know

  • Sergeant Pickle:

    i take the contraceptive pill Cilest and it works perfectly for me, i’ve been on it for about 9-10 months. On Tuesday i left one packet of my pills at my boyfriends house so couldn’t get them. So i thought i’d just take ones of the next months packet, then replace the ones i didn’t take from the other packet when i got it back, does that make sense?

    I’m on week two of my pill set, and the days i didn’t get to take the pill from that set were Tuesday and Wednesday. So i took the Tuesday and Wednesday pills from the FIRST week of my next month. (didn’t think it’d make a difference what week)

    does that make sense?

    all the pills in my packet are the same:
    ‘Each Cilest pill contains two types of female hormones:
    A progestogen called norgestimate (250 micrograms)
    An oestrogen called ethinyloestradiol (35 micrograms)’

    What i’m wondering is, do you have to take the pills exactly in the order on the strip? Because i’ve been bleeding a little (it’s not spotting as my body is used to the pill) and wondered whether this could be the reason?

    it would REALLY help me if anyone could answer, i’m getting myself really worried and am thinking if i should go to the doctors.

  • Picean:

    Recently, I went to my GP and asked for something to help me with my backne, at first she put me on the Duac gel cream once a night daily, but apparently, it didn’t do much difference. So she put me on the Oxytetracycline. I was afraid that it might affect the contraceptive pill that I’m on, but she said that it wouldn’t as it’s only some antibiotics can affect the pill, she said to me that she personally got this from the higher medical authority so I was definitely safe. But still, it doesn’t quite give me the confidence, I’m taking multivitamins, fibre supplements my pill and the antibiotics. I feel like I’m going to over dose one day!

    Help me!

  • Rishi:

    hi people i am a newly married wanted to know about side effects of contraceptive pills available in the market.i consulted gynac and she suggested us pills which we used for first month.i am worried about the side effect of pills.condoms are easy way out but if pills used what can be done to avoide the saide effects of pills

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    I rubbed my penis on her vagina(pussy).I may have pre-ejaculated.I am not sure.BUT I DIDNT BREAK HER HYMEN.
    I am not sure whether she would be pregnant or not.But I want to avoid pregnancy.
    So is it safe to give her contraceptive pill?One that removes pregnancy when taken within 72 hours after sex?
    she is 17 years of age.

  • Sergeant Pickle:

    I recently started on the contraceptive pill..i took it on the first day of bleeding and iv been bleeding non stop for the past 3 weeks!! its lightned but its still carrying on and today was the 21st day which mean me withdrawel time is tomorrow so il also be bleeding for the next week. does anyone know why?? like is this normal??
    yeah i was told to start it the day my period started…so i really dont know whats going on!

  • Le Pwner:

    my boyfriend and i had sex last night and we used protection but according to what everyone said i wanted to be more safe and i went to buy the morning after pill except the pharmacie didnt have those. instead i got the contraceptive pill wihch is for 21 days. is that good enough to get rid of pregnancy? also after i finish my 21 days i will get my periods, do i have to take the pills again? does it mess up your cycle? please help. according to the pharmacie. i told her that it happened last night and she said that those pills can be taken any time before or after sex.

  • Yoshi:

    I’ve been on a contraceptive pill (nordette) for the past 4 years. I am 25 years old, and have no energy and are up for nothing. My hormones are currently taking a roaler coaster ride, and I am very snappy. Are there any other contraceptive on the market with less side effects except for a condom? My husband and I are not up for having kids now, but rather be safe than sorry. Previousley I was off the pill for 3 months, and never felt any better. I’ve also heard of a “sticker” you put on your arm that releases a hormone for protection. Anyone ever heard of it or used this product. Would like as much info as possible before I go to the doctor and consider my options.

  • Melanie:

    I was planning on going to the doctor to start the pill at the end of the week, but I had sex with my boyfriend last night and the condom broke. I’m going to buy the morning after pill tomorrow, so how soon after that will I be able to start taking the contraceptive pill? Thanks :)

  • Lasagna delivery guy:

    My doctor’s suggested that it might be a good idea to consider taking the contraceptive pill in order to control my hormones more, as at the moment I get very severe mood swings during the week leading up to my period.
    I know basically nothing about it though – I’ve heard there are side effects, but also that the modern day pill even has health benefits. I’m slightly baffled by the amount of info there is online so I’m wondering if I can get some information on what kind of changes to my body I could expect, so I’m better qualified to decide if it’s for me or not. Many thanks =)

  • Arminator:

    Is the contraceptive pill the only form of contraceptive that you use? Is it, in your experience, a safe choice to not use condoms and only the pill if you and your partner are both free of STI’s? (if you don’t want to get pregnant).

  • sarah w:

    Hi, I need some fast help. I am confused when is the right time for natural contracetion – just after mens or just before mens. And also what is the best female emergency contraceptive pills? I heard good words about Norlevo. Is it the best one available or please suggest the good one.
    @ collegegirl24:: I would rather love to get an answer to my questions :) Thanks

  • Con Orpe:

    Well I finished my period 7 days ago, and I’ve just started taking the contraceptive pill today. (Microgynon) My Doctor mentioned something about taking it every 21 days and then having a week off for my period or something? Someone help me I’m so confused.. :L

  • Scott Bull:

    wat are the sideeffects of contraceptive pill. i took it on 18th of this month. my normal period would hav to start on 29 jan bt on 27th jan i found spotting on my panty. bt on 28th jan it stopped. m i prego or is this the sideeffect of pill

  • vanvark83:

    I had been taking thyroid preventive medication and after fooling around with my boyfriend last week,I took a contraceptive pill, and now I am bleeding from the nose, I also fainted once. I can’t go to the doctor right now or tell my mother please help, we are very worried.

  • whites are not the only racists:

    What ‘s use of emergency contraceptive pills to note the problem?

  • sean:

    I am 15 years old and i’ve never had sex before but on tuesday my boyfriend went a little bit inside me without a condom and pulled out after without ejaculating. I’m worried that there might have been pre. c u m. My last period ended on May 12 or 13 although my period isn’t regular but i should be getting it around this time. It has been 4 days since tuesday so i’m afraid its too late to take the emergency contraceptive pill. Going to the clinic is not an option because my local clinic is closed and i would have to wait until tomorrow which would be way too late to take the pill, seeing its late already. It’s also too early to take the pregnancy test because I would have to wait atleast a week or two and and then what if I am pregnant there would be no more option of the pill I would have to get an abortion which is something I am not going to do and i have exams coming up. I know i should have thought about all of this before but it was just in the moment and I thought if he went a tiny bit in me it wouldn’t be a big deal. So should I take the pill now? Would it still be effective? When would my period come if i took it today? And what happens to me and my mentrual cycle after the pill is taken? Please help.

  • Nathan B:

    F*** F*** F***

    i’ve just this second realised… i take the BCP and atm im on antibiotics.
    which means it interferes with the pill…….

    ive had unprotected sex, i forgot i was taking this antibiotic. is the emergency pill needed?
    I take Microgynon 30

    ive read the antibiotics leaflet and it says nothing at all in there about effecting the bcp

    plus my doctor didnt mention anything ><

  • Austin:

    I took an emergency contraceptive pill and a week after taking it i got my period. Yesterday was exactly one month since i’ve gotten my period from the pill, but my period hasn’t come yet, so it’s one day late so far. I took my second pregnancy test last week at planned parenthood just to make sure and it came out negative again.Should i be worried or is this normal that my period hasn’t come yet?

  • Xbox360king:


    if i take the morning-after pill. how effective would it be?
    coz i don’t wanna take the everyday pill

    and can u buy it without a prescription?

    i’m from canada


  • Wooooody:

    i m a mother of 8th month old baby last month(14 th june) i had my periods after that on 10 th of july i had unprotected sex ,but within a hour i had taken i-pill , i haven’t got my period till date(25th july) and tested weak positive test of pregnancy . what does it mean ,m i pregnant? what should i do discontinue this pregnancy ? :(

  • Erin:

    I’ve heard somewhere that if you take two birth control pills, it has the same effect as emergency contraceptive.

    Is it true?

  • toast:

    I had protected sex but still I took emergency contraceptive pill within 30 hrs. I had bleeding after 8 which lasted for 2 days. After that 43 days are over and I am not having my period. I have no symptoms of pregnancy. I took 6 Urine tests in last week. All are NEGATIVE. Is it possible that period get delayed due to emergency contraceptive pill. My regular cycle is of 28 days. And that pill induced bleeding was 10 days before expected date of period. Please advice

  • have faith:

    me &my gf had sex without condom on18th april ..i had some doubt so i gave her a UNWANTED 72 but now the problem is that she has to be down by 25th of april(her regular date of getting down)…she is not yet down…r dese tablet changes the menstrual cycle plz help me… wt to do…

  • JimT:

    Any one that know what this is! Do u consider taking this pill as aborting?

  • Zack Faria:

    we have sex once a week and do not like to use condoms. i want to know the contraceptive pill in India which has no or very less side affects.

  • Sriram R:

    Have you or has anybody you know taken the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill?

    I want to know what, if any, side effects were experienced after taking it. Should one plan on taking it when they’re not about to go to work or drive a vehicle etc.? (note: Please do not tell me to consult a doctor or pharmacist, if that were what I wanted to do I would not be on yahoo answers, I’d like to find out from real people who have actually taken it.) Thanks!

  • Matthew S:

    I have taken emergency contraceptive pills 5 other times (not because I have unprotected sex, because I don’t, but because I get paranoid and would rather be safe than sorry) and they have never rejected my body.
    I took the pills yesterday, which was day 4 (I have up to day 5). It’s 8 pills and you take 4 ASAP and 4 12 hours later. I took the first 4 and was fine. Then I took the last 4.
    I woke up at 5am and started vomiting like something was rejecting my body.
    Do you think the pills rejected my body, even though they have never rejected my body before (I always get the same brand too) and even though they didn’t reject my body with the first 4 I took?
    I also did drink month old water from a water bottle when I took the pills, so that may be it too.
    And if the pills did reject my body, will they still work?

  • Heath:

    I ejaculated inside my wife five days back and she took An emergency contraceptive pill the next day and I did it again yesterday , should she take another pill or wait for her periods starting in another three days…pls help

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