A Look at Why Abortions Take Place

There are a number of reasons why abortion takes place. Nevertheless , what

needs to be considered is that abortion should only be achieved when

necessary. Here is a look at why the process of abortion will be complicated

and why you ought to exercise caution before undergoing child killingilligal baby killing.

What do the stats say?

Unsafe abortions results in maternal deaths of 70, 000 approximately plus 5 million are admitted to hospital with complications. Induced child killingilligal baby killing in accordance with the law in developed nations is considered as the safest procedure in the world of medicine. Approximately 44 million abortions are performed globally and almost half of it performed in an unsafe way. Only 40 percent of the world’ s women have access to induced child killingilligal baby killing in a legal way.

The first trimester abortion carries a small risk of complications. The risk is same when there is a miscarriage also. Out of every 100 women who undergo healthcare abortions, 2 or 3 will have to go to the hospital again to receive further medical care.

What are the possible complications that may arise?

There are a number associated with applications that can arise. The achievable complications, their symptoms and treatment are discussed below:

Heavy bleeding:

This complication can occur in less than 1% associated with medical abortions. If the bleeding is extremely heavy and lasts for more than two hours and soaks more than 2 big size sanitary pads per hour, then an immediate medical attention is required. Dizzy sensation or light headedness is the indication of too much of blood loss which is dangerous to health. A vacuum aspiration can be the best treatment for this condition. Quite rarely in less than 0. 2% instances, a blood transfusion is required.


The particular germs from the vagina and cervix get into the uterus and leads to infection. Sometimes a serious tubal disease can also occur. If fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius) continues for more than 24 hours, then there might be infections that need treatment. This condition can be treated with antibiotics or vacuum aspiration.

78 Responses to “A Look at Why Abortions Take Place”

  • Yoshi:

    I am not pregnant, but my boyfriend and I are sexually active and although we use
    protection, we’ve been discussing the possibility of me getting pregnant. He wants to know that if something goes wrong and I do end up pregnant that i’ll have an abortion because we’re young (in high school) and we can’t raise a baby. However, i believe that abortion is morally wrong if you can provide the baby with a decent life, which we could with the help family. He told me if it did happen he would stay with me no matter what, but we’ve agreed on not having sex until we can come to an agreement. However neither one of us is giving in and it’s starting to affect our relationship. Is this enough reason to break up with him? I really do love him and this is the only thing we haven’t been able to work out. Should i break up with him?

  • louisewoods1984:

    Okay, one of my best friends is looking for info on this as I type, but it’s a pain trying to google info. She is going to call some places pretty soon, but I wanted to see if I could find anything helpful on here. I am nowhere near her, right now we live in different states (I’m in Florida and she’s in Indiana) so I feel horrible that I can’t actually be there for her during this, and I’m just trying to be supportive and help however I can. That said, I don’t need any crazy answers, please. Those are answers I won’t read to her anyway, so it’s pointless. I spent quite a bit of time on YA, especially in the Marriage and Dogs sections, and I know how vicious people on here can be.

    Anyway, I just have a few questions for anyone who could answer these. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone actually does answer these questions for me, thank you for being open and helping.. I know this is a hard topic to talk about at all.

    1 – What was your experience with the abortion pill, what did you go through and have to do?

    2 – How much did you pay for the abortion pill.

    3 – Does anyone know of any place in Indiana, preferably in or around Indianapolis, that has the abortion pill?

    4 – There are support groups for stuff like this, right? She is a mom, a young single mom putting herself through school and working right now. She is against abortion (in most cases anyway), and even though this is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, she has thought about everything and her and I have talked everything over, and this really is the best thing for her in this situation. She is going to need a lot of support during and after this, and more support than just I can give her!
    She is going to see someone about this.. I am on the phone with her now and she’s upset that it’s Sunday because all the Planed Parenthood and place like that are closed right now. I’m trying to get some info for her now, any clinics that provide the abortion pill for $350 or less, or that will do payment plans. And she has read several horror stories today about people who have used the abortion pill and almost died, so I am trying to get any stories from people who have used the abortion pill and DIDN’T almost die, have to go to the ER, have to be in the hospital for 5 days, or anything like that.

  • Ray D:

    I have a debate in my lit class coming up. I am going against another student in my class and our topic is abortion. We both have to prepare to support both sides of abortion (for it or against it) because we wont know until the day of. I just want opinions from any random people, not just statistics I would normally find online. I’d like answers to questions like is it ok why/why not, or should it be up to the mother or the government, and feel free to to just pour out your entire thought about it, that is what I am looking for. Thank you (:

  • jordenkotor:

    Me and my mates were talking and one mentioned abortion and i thought nothing of it i just said yeh i would have one and all of them was so shocked. But i don’t know the risks or why it’s so bad.

    So will you tell me please.

    I Know what it does.
    what i mean is I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it and they were shocked.

  • Lia-lu-li:

    3.What do you know about abortion?
    4.Can you tell me what you know about your religions ethical code?
    5.Do you agree or disagree with what your religions standpoint is, to abortion?
    6.Is there a personal reason as to why you disagree/agree with abortion?
    7.Is there anything else you would like to say?
    8. what religion are you?

    my assignment is multimodal. what video’s or music can i get that is about abortion?
    I HAVE A RIGHT TO POST MY QUESTION HERE. i am not trying to ‘stir the pot’, i am merely finding out information and points of view. if you do not want to answer my question, then don’t. don’t waste space by saying – you can’t post this here! I believe this category is pregnancy, correct me if i’m wrong, but don’t you have to get pregnant to then make the decision of abortion??? abortion is linked to pregnancy and therfore i have a right to ask my question here. evidently the people who read in this category are not ONLY women who are trying to get pregnant or who wish to help others that are pregnant.

  • Malcolm Hudson:

    A Partial-birth Abortion is an abortion in which the fetus is expelled from the uterus, until only its head is left in, then by evacuating the brain, effectively killing it, if it was previously alive. Liberals and Conservatives both agree that this practice should be banned as it is “a terrible form of violence has been directed against children who are inches away from birth, while the law looked the other way,” Bush said. It was time to “defend the life of the innocent. Although many news-papers, and even cbs, reported that the ban on said type of abortion did not give any exception, even if the womens life was at risk, even though the law does infact state this. But what worries many is that there is no exception to a child who is deceased, or whom is incompatible to life. That is, they would die if they had been born in the first place. Do you think this is right?
    Adding the detail that a very good writer just pointed out. There isn’t really a black and white side to it, so what do you think about this issue, what should be done…alternatives?

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again:

    I am studying psychology and this came up; the way some women felt post abortion was quite startling AND many women felt exactly the same. Some women felt that they would harm their children and some women actually *didn’t* have children because they thought they might harm them.

    So, if you have had an abortion or know someone who has, am I being told the truth? Is post abortion guilt that strong in some people?


  • Derek:

    look my friend and i were against abortion
    but now that she is put in a situation where it seems like the easiest thing due to her situation

    her and the dad are considering it… but i am EXTREAMLY anti- abortion

    i am the living reason y it is NOT the best choice…
    this is my best friend and pretend twin ( born on the same day, time,yr, @the same place, and are identical(aka were close))

    i dont want to make her angry at me by preaching to her…
    i tried things like asking y (b/c she used to be against it) and i tell her that its selfish and how stupid it sounds… her response ” you dont know ur not in my situation” …

    so my Q is how do i try to get threw to her (b/C im not about to let the baby die) wi out hurting our friendship
    look guys i AM a true friend that is y i am on here b/c i care… and yea it may not be my buissness and in the end it is her decision but remember i said SHE WAS against it! her and i did a paper our sr. yr about abortion she was for it at the time and i was/ still is against it by the end she changed her mind she knows that its a bad idea im sry that i am trying to remind her of that and im sry that i care about the human being inside of her (thank you for ur awnsers tho) but plz dont yell at me and tell me im in the wrong, and that i dont care… b/c i do and that is my problem
    thank you Angela(Sp?) that does help tho it will be hard to be supportive if she does go threw with it.. just b/c i was supposed to be aborted and i know what i ended up like… and to everyone else thank you for your opinion… it is really hard to be a good friend just b/c this is her fault not like she was raped or anything… but i will try and thank you to all!

  • cardskid22:

    It just seems like they don’t want to make a compromise to get what they want. I am not a proponent of abortion (in fact I believe their are a lot of instances where people shouldn’t be granted abortions), but I do think it has its place in our modern society. I just can’t firure out why they don’t want people to have a clear cut idea of healthy sexual behavior (which also includes being RESPONSIBLE) from professionals, instead of having the media doing so. Do you think this is creating a double edge sword for your cause? On one hand you can baby people who are going to become sexually active (and hope they aren’t neglectful with thier loins), and on another hand you can prepare them and potentially LOWER THE DEMAND for abortions.
    I’m talking about real professionals (like from planned parenthood). I also want to note, I’m talking about dispensing condoms in schools as well. Would you rather cause condom use or more ‘murder’?

  • Beavis:

    I had an abortion last week i was 6 weeks and today would be my 7th week if i were pregnant..
    Since the night that i finished the abortion (had it medically done) I started to think back how i felt before i had it… i was pressured into having an abortion by my boyfriend (he had good reasons for wanting to do so..) and i felt that i should’ve put down those first pills and walked out… i feel quilt that i let a man come first to my own baby, i’ve told those that were supporting me in my pre-pregnancy that i want my baby back… i want a second chance… even though i know its too late to get it back i miss my pregnancy… my boyfriend says that we can try in a couple years but i want my second chance sooner.. i know i sound selfish and immature but its how i feel.. i know its most likely the hormones going from pregnancy hormones to regular hormones i know that.. I just wish people especially my boyfriend knew how strongly i feel about my baby that i have lost from being pressured into doing something i never wanted to do in the first place… I love my boyfriend, but i feel like i shouldn’t have let him come first… now i feel like i cant even be with him, cause when i look at him i think about what happened and i just want to forget i was even pregnant..
    what should i do?… counselors or therapists do not help me due to experience with them for over a year now…
    and if anyone assumes that we weren’t protected i was on the pill and was going to get on a better one the first day of my period…

  • whites are not the only racists:

    Before all u people start ur babbling about “ur killing an innocent life” Its not for me its for my best friend, and I don’t care what u think, I have my opinion u have urs. so save it.
    How much would and abortion cost here in the los angles area for like a 17 year old, like if I go to planned parenthood or if u guys know of any other places please let me know, Thanks
    The reason she will not keep it is because her parents are assholes and they will kick her out the house….sje has no money and shes wants to go to college far away and this will ruin it..

  • ouch:

    Hi everyone I currently 17 weeks pregnant I want to know how to get an abortion real cheap or free cause I found out my boyfriend cheated on me with many women so I left him he saids he will be involve but doesnt show it im already a single mom and I cant do it again I always told myself next time I get pregnant is when im marry shame on me that I broke that but he was always talking about marry me and I was dumb to fall for his fake love. But I can not afford an abortion so I was asking is there any place that do abortions real cheap or help with funding. Please I need your help!!!!!

  • Squall Leonhart:

    I’m 17 years old. A junior in Hs ( 11th grade) Live in Phila, Pa.
    I’m pregnant and my mom wants to force me to have an abortion! I got pregnant before when I was 16, and it was a very rough and hard time for me. My mom forced me to have an abortion. I ran away, went to dhs no one helped me. So I felt like I had no choice. My Boyfriend ( Father of both babies) is 18 years old, has his own car/ a steady job and a place. His mom is willing to help. & I REFUSE to have another abortion! I can’t, this time im older and im going to make my voice heard.!! I want to get emancipated, so that way my mom cannot force me to give my baby up, or make me have an miscarrage off of stress like she threatened last time.!! I want to be able to raise my baby without the drama from her. What are my chances of emancipation?

  • Melanie:

    i want to know about abortion

  • The Dark Knight:

    I have always been anti-abortion from my religious beliefs.. but I need advice

    I am 19. 20 in December.
    If I keep it my partner will do a runner and I’ll be alone. I dont have a cent to my name nor a job or my own place at the moment. I’m not in the right place at the moment and I dont know how I’ll manage it alone…
    I am exploring all options now Im looking at Abortion though im still undecided.
    I see that the abortion pill is not legal in australia? I could maybe do this… but the vacuum thing? Seems so traumatic. The only way I could is under general anesthetic. So im out of it the whole time.
    I was just wanting to know from people how the process is. How traumatic and if anyones had general anesthetic.
    Just any imput or experiences please…

    I’m 6 weeks in a couple days…

  • Harry:

    Does anyone happen to know if a person’s regular OBGYN can perform an abortion or is Planned Parenthood (or facilities like P.P.)the only place and how far along you have to be before they will no longer perform them? Also does private insurance cover any of it or is it all out of pocket?

    *. Please keep all hate and self righteous opinions to yourselves simply looking for useful information.

  • Mistry:

    “Adoption doesn’t prevent abortion because abortion is all about not wanting to be pregnant and not about not wanting a baby.”

    I was skeptical about this line because it seemed unlikely to me that no one ever got an abortion for a reason other than avoiding continued pregnancy. Surely some people got abortions because they didn’t want kids!

    So I looked for surveys where they ask women who got abortions why they did it. The only one I found was about 20 years old though.

    These were the top 3 reasons listed for abortion:

    1. Concern about how having a baby could change her life.
    2. Can’t afford a baby now.
    3. Problems with relationship or desire to avoid single parenthood.

    All these problems are solvable by placing for adoption? You have to go down into the less frequent problems to run into the ones that it takes abortion to solve. So what’s the deal?

    Sly: This is the list you gave.

    long pregnancy
    life-threatening labor

    My point is that most of the women in this survey didn’t give those as reasons for their abortion. Most of them gave reasons that could be solved equally well with adoption…
    PhilM: I do not think that placing a child for adoption will not change a woman’s life. However, perhaps that first reason requires some clarification. These are the sub-reasons listed further down the page that make up that reason:

    1. A baby would interfere with job, employment or career.
    2. A baby would interfere with school attendance.
    3. Children or other people depend on her for care.

    I think it’s pretty reasonable to say that these problems would almost be completely solved by adoption. These aren’t emotional factors…
    I won’t say that this is simple or that emotions are not involved.

    What I do say is
    1. Some women have said they got abortions to prevent having a child to raise
    2. Placing a child for adoption means she doesn’t have to raise a child.
    3. Therefore, adoption is an alternative to abortion.

    What happens after placing/adoption varies. I can’t tell a mother of loss and an adopted child how to feel, and neither can anyone else. And what happens after is important! And it is good for us to reduce the number of adoptions in favor of children staying with their parents.

    What this question was about that bothers me is when people will commit a logical fallacy in order to prevent something, even if they truly believe it’s bad. That’s using the end to justify the means. That’s what I think goes on in the “adoption is not an alternative to abortion” rhetoric.
    My question doesn’t seek to delve into opinion, emotion, and subjectivity. It is a very simple-minded question. It only takes one woman in all of history to prove that the above 1-2-3 logic stands, and I can’t find any other data besides the old survey I found… Anyone else? Anyone actually have an answer to my question? Have reasons for abortion changed in the last 20 years?
    I’m sorry. #3 in the logic should have basically said what you did, “If there is such a woman for whom the ONLY reason she has an abortion is that she doesn’t want to parent, then, FOR HER, adoption is an alternative.” I just should have added the words “could be”.

    Include all of those survey reasons that could be solved by adoption in that quote instead of just the top one, and I think that the survey indicates that there likely have been such women.

    The problem I’m focusing on is that what you’ve admitted in the above quote is being denied by saying adoption is not an alternative without inquiring to the reasons for abortion first.

    Also, I did not mean that using the end to justify the means was a logical fallacy. I meant that the “adoption is not an alternative to abortion” line was a logical fallacy for the reasons above and that this line was a “means” used to accomplish the “end” of preventing a relinquishment.
    I’m am going to pick Phil’s answer as the best answer because I was searching for either a defense of the “adoption is not an alternative to abortion” line or at least a reason for using the line when it’s not really true.

    My conclusion from Phil’s answer (and other answers) is that the line is not known to be true but is used to discourage relinquishments, at times with the reasoning that it is better to never be born than to not be raised by biological parents and that mothers will suffer less aborting than relinquishing.

    However, I am not convinced it is honest to use this line. Without inquiring to the reasons for abortion and possibly offering adoption as an alternative first, it cannot be said that adoption is not an alternative. It is good to advise pregnant women of the consequences of different actions, especially when you have personal experience, but I do not believe anyone should attempt to deceptively limit their options in the way this line does.

  • Sergio:

    When people come on here looking for advice from real people about abortion why are they subjected to abuse and opinion?

    (i know I asked this earlier but my question was reported before I got a chance to read the answers – It was a valid question and I am appealing against the decision)
    Grace and ac – have you ever heard the phrase ‘there for the grace of god, go I’
    Just to say that I am luckily not in the position of having to make this awful decision.

  • Jon P:

    im and student. and am looking for a place for an abortion. are there any places in melbourne where you can get it for cheap or free?
    and how do they do it? is it confidential?
    and i dont want people saying to go through with it and put it up for adoption.
    seriously im 16, im not going to go through with having a baby, i still have a life to live and fullfill. and yes i know there are people out there that cant have one. thats not my fault. and neither is getting pregnant. we used protection each time. and im not accualy sure if i am or not, but me and my boyfriend are worried that i am. ive had a pregnacy test two days ago, showed that i wasnt. but my period hasnt come for a while. so i want to know this information just in case.

  • D3ZZY:

    I have recently found out that I am pregnant. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and I was worried and scared. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and I truly love him a lot. I was scared what he would think when I told him about the test. I talked to him about it and he seemed fairly calm.

    Anyhow, I know I am in no place to have a child at this time. I am only 19 and pretty much homeless, go to college, and in still looking for a job. I’m poor and again, feel like I am in no place to be raising a child. I have read many articles about abortion and heard it was also much more painful than having a child. I’m really scared and terrified. I also don’t want my boyfriend to suffer with a baby. He likes children but I believe he is thinking the same thing as I am, no money for a child. I’m scared of abortion, but it seems to be the best option since I’m in the predicament my boyfriend and I are in. I want to raise a family with him one day, but not right now.

    So my question is, is abortion painful? How painful? (i have read the “process” of abortion but I need more details) Can they put you to sleep while they do the procedure so you don’t have to stay awake throughout the surgical process? Or do you have to stay awake and see the whole thing? Again, I’m terrified, but please give me as much details as you can. Thank you.

  • gail C:

    1. I know it varies by state but typically what time is it unsafe to haven an abortion?

    2. If the person already looks a little pregnant and then gets an abortion, I would think they looked fatter because of the baby so just basically, how would they get rid of the baby in the stomach?

  • Picean:

    Ok a few questions here.

    Firstly why when someone mentions abortion on this board they get a bible shoved down there throat?

    Ok we don’t know the circumstances as to why these people have the abortion.

    I’ve had an abortion because i was beaten so badly by an x the baby was dead anyway.

    But i know people who have used 2 lots of contreception and have got pregnant and people who are sterilised that got pregnant too.

    Do you ever stop and realise that not wanting a baby means just that.
    Just because some people in this world can’t have kids dosen’t mean a woman has to keep her unwanted baby.

    We are all entitled to choose what happens to our body.

    And id it means abortion so be it…if you don’t like it tough $HIT

    As for god punishing us…if god was real why was the bible written so many years after his death..

  • nick s:

    I am 17 years old and live in Brisbane. When my boyfriend and I were having sex last month the condom broke as he ejaculated, my period did not come and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests with them confirming I am pregnant. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to confirm it however I do not want to keep it (I cant look after myself, let alone a baby). I have looked into abortions in qld and there is one place that does them, however I am still a minor. I turn 18 in 6 weeks and I had my last period on the 16th of Feburary. Does anyone have any advice about how I go about this, my parents cannot find out

  • Ed D:

    First off, I live in Illinois and I’m 16 years old. My girlfriend and I are scared that she might be pregnant, we’re going to have her take a test today.. Is it legal to have an abortion done without notifying either of her parents, or my mom? And also, around how much would it cost to have this done? I looked around on google but couldn’t find anything concrete.

    I realize we made a mistake by taking the chance of her getting pregnant in the first place, so please no “you’re irresponsible” responses. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • maskills24:

    First off, I live in Illinois and I’m 16 years old. My girlfriend and I are scared that she might be pregnant, we’re going to have her take a test today.. Is it legal to have an abortion done without notifying either of her parents, or my mom? And also, around how much would it cost to have this done? I looked around on google but couldn’t find anything concrete.

    I realize we made a mistake by taking the chance of her getting pregnant in the first place, so please no “you’re irresponsible” responses. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • TommyKay:

    Alright, before I say anything, I have already made my choice. I AM getting an abortion, I’m NOT christian, I believe in SCIENCE not GOD. So please, do not try to lecture me, you will just be wasting your time. I am 15 years old and sadly, the condom broke while having sex with my boyfriend. I was camping and couldn’t get my hands on the morning after pill soon enough. I took two different pregnancy tests and both came up positive. Thankfully, I do have the money to have an abortion in a month and I just wanted some advice on what I should do and how much exactly it will be if I get an abortion 2 months into a pregnancy. Also how much it hurts and how easy it is. Thank you for all the help.
    Yes I had sex at 15, but I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 months and I love my boyfriend dearly. We waited 7 long months and the experience was unlike any other. I know I’m young, but the choice was ours and sadly our protection failed.
    I live in a state that doesn’t need parental consent :D

  • BRUTE:

    Personally, I think abortion is murder, with that said, I think it is the woman’s right to choose if she wants an abortion or “murder her child”. I know science says a fetus is a fetus is isn’t a living being but I still wouldn’t choose an abortion for myself. My questions for pro-choice people is: Would or have you had an abortion? If yes do you believe you would have regrets after abortion or have you? My question for pro-lifers: What creditable research out there says that a baby is a baby from conception until birth? And what makes you feel you have the right to decide for other people what they should do with their body/baby? I would like this to be a mature discussion, please don’t be rude to others who have a different opinion than you and if you can’t contain yourself from being rude and immature, please skip this question and answer another. Thank you all for you responses and opinions!
    I am pro-choice, just because I think it’s murder, it doesn’t mean I would let the government decide for a woman. Also, I do not believe in the death penalty…I think they should make murderers rot with a guilty conscience. And I don’t think a woman who aborts is a murderer…

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    My Girlfriend may be pregnant and we would like to know, just as an open option, where are some places in Utah in Utah or Salt Lake Counties that do Abortions. I don’t want any anti abortion shit. Just a straight answer please.
    I would like to thank all of you. I understand your views. But you have never walked in hers or my shoes. You did not have to answer the question. But, thank you all anyways.

  • Coffee t:

    This question is completely out of my own curiosity.
    Are you for abortion or against it, and what are your reasons for it?
    Also, if you are against it, are you equally opposed if it is the result of rape?

  • Motordom:

    okay, so I have never or will never have an abortion, but I do respect that it is your decision to make, I was wondering if anyone had an abortion and if so how do you feel about it now? do you stay firm in believing you made the right decision? do you regret it? ETC…. just looking to see how people feel if they did… any opinions welcome as long as syou don’t bash anyone else’s answers.

  • Xavier Hawthorne:

    Not asking which is better or what should i do, So i don’t want to hear that. I’m a young lady thats not the smartest of the brunch I’m preg. with my 2nd child my 1st is 23mos. And i didn’t get a abortion it wasn’t for me im not against it, I think it’s a women’s choice i just wasn’t going to do that because i’m the one who layed down, so if i got to work 10times more then thats what im going to do but at one time i did think about doing adopotion(im still thinking) cause my bf lost his job and i only work part time, i don’t live in good place and we’re not married not sure if we ever will. I know i will get out of this even if i got to work 3 jobs cause my boys will not suffer for me being supid, it’s just i cant do much now job wise but i am looking. Anyways when i talk about adoption my family gets mad but there mad im having him too.does anyone feel like they can do abortion but not adoption and why and be honest I’m not here to judge just want to know how sum people feel
    And not planning on staying with bf if he’s doesnt help soon i just want to understand my family a little better like what they are thinking if that makes scense

  • Le Pwner:

    I have a debate coming up at uni and i’ve been placed on the affirmative team for the topic of abortion and i’d like to look at it from every angle. Basically i was wondering what your opinions on abortion were and if it could ever be truly justified and for what reasons

  • Dr Dorian:

    hi i just found out iam pregnant but my husband wants me to get a abortion due to we not having money to look after it also i also have 2 orther children one 2 years one 3 years
    is it haram it i got an abortion

  • Ed D:

    I don’t think it’s okay, but after all it’s a personal decision. YOU’RE the one that’s going to have to support the baby, so everyone’s thoughts and disagreements should be irrelevant unless they are somehow involved or willing to help. It’s still a personal choice, either way. I refuse to bring a child into this world if cant support him/her, and give them everything they need. I myself have had an abortion (you don’t know the circumstance so you have no place to judge me) and it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made, however I know it was the right thing to do. I know there’s going to be people saying ‘that’s murder, you should be ashamed’ and all that crap, but obviously you don’t know why I did it, or you don’t know my situation, so before you take the time to judge and hate someone because of something they have done (such as abortion) enlighten yourself about that person and their situation…
    I’m just asking why/why not you are against it, I just want opinions. I’m not looking to be bashed or skolled.

  • Harry:

    i know this is a sensitive topic for most people, but i just wanted to know your thoughts.
    honestly, im not against abortion. I know that if you felt responsible enough to have sex in the first place, then you should take responsibility for your baby. But at the same time, i think that i would prefer they get an abortion if they cant support the kid, rather than raise him poorly and give him a bad life. After all, it is a persons childhood that effects the rest of their lives. i mean putting the child up for adoption is also a choice but in general, im not against abortion. what about you?

  • xLittle21Yaox:

    If all the women out there who have abortions realized that a private adoption (i.e. a family contacts an attorney looking for an infant, and finds you, versus placing your baby with the state after he/she is born) could put as much as $30,000 in your pocket, would you still have an abortion or would you suffer through your pregnancy to make this much money?

    Not trying to start an argument here–just curious.
    Thanks for all the answers! However, I think so far, Auld Mom is the only one who is really getting the jist of my question.
    OK, maybe this will clarify things a bit: This is a question of ETHICS AND MORALS.

  • MexicanDude:

    Does anyone actually know how an abortion takes place & what EXACTLY happens to the baby? Do U agree with this?
    Day 6: embryo begins implantation in the uterus.

    Day 22: HEART begins to BEAT with the child’s own blood, often a different type than the mothers’.

    Week 3: By the end of third week the child’s backbone spinal column and nervous system are forming. The liver, kidneys and intestines begin to take shape.

    Week 4: By the end of week four the child is ten thousand times larger than the fertilized egg.

    Week 5: Eyes, legs, and hands begin to develop.

    Week 6: Brain waves are detectable; mouth and lips are present; fingernails are forming.

    Week 7: Eyelids, and toes form, nose distinct. THE BABY IS KICKING & SWIMMING.

    Week 8: Every organ is in place, bones begin to replace cartilage, and fingerprints begin to form. By the 8th week the baby can begin to HEAR.

    THIS is what an abortion dos to the baby… they don’t actually show this to the ‘mother’…

    What do you think?

  • toast:

    I had an abortion back in July and right after i have been having brown discharge with something kinda stringy looking in it…i had another abortion previously about six months prior to that and the same thing happened but it stopped after a week…i had also had an implanon put in at the same time after the second abortion…i am still having the same discharge nothing changed its been 5 months now…i had thought it was from the implanon at first but i have been reading online that other women have had this happen when they were pregnant but a lot of what i read said it stopped after a couple weeks at most for them…If anyone knows what it might be i could really use some advice

  • Arminator:

    hi…i am doing a persuasive essay on abortion…please give me reasons why one is good or the other is good or websites that have good material about it…thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!! ALL ANSWERS EXCEPTED AND APPRECIATED!!
    and if you give anything helpful at all i wil give you a thumbs up!!!

  • DuckieM10:

    im 14 and im pregnant! i really dont want to tell my parents because they trust me and they know me as a good girl! how long does it take to heal from an abortion?can anyone tell i have had an abortion? will they keep me in hospital for a while?
    im 14 and im pregnant! i really dont want to tell my parents because they trust me and they know me as a good girl! how long does it take to heal from an abortion?can anyone tell i have had an abortion? will they keep me in hospital for a while?teh afther knows and doesnt want to get involved!i used condoms but they didnt work!!

  • Jason:

    it’s because i am doing a project for school and suppost i want abortion to be legal. please help me

  • mike s:

    I am writing a discursive essay on abortion. I am pro life. Please help and if you see any ways I can make it better please tell me. Thank you.

    Abortion is an issue that has been discussed by people for centuries. There are two sides to the argument the ‘pro-life’, who say that abortion is always wrong. And the ‘pro-choice’, who says that abortion, is acceptable in any circumstance. There is also a religious aspect to the argument: Who believe that it is a major religious concern due the issues of life and death, right and wrong, human relationships, and the nature of society.

    People have very strong views of abortions just like Rebecca Gompets who said ‘It’s such a waste of life.’ She believes that just because you don’t want a child doesn’t mean you have to abort it. Instead she believes that you can give the child to a couple, who have everything that is needed to bring up a child, but who can’t have one. This shows that abortion to be illegal as it gives couples a second chance to having a baby.

    Teenage pregnancy is a common occurrence now. A child shouldn’t be forced to bring a child into this world and raise it unwillingly and in a difficult environment. ‘6,674 girls aged 16 or less fell pregnant in England and Wales last year.’ This shows that abortion should be legal as this is a large amount of girls and a lot of these are too young to get a job or care for themselves, never mind a child as well.

    Abortion can cause long term damage to the woman’s health physically and emotionally. “30% of woman who had an abortion are more likely to have a mental illness in later life.” Depression is an extremely dangerous illness and can cause a lot of suffering to a woman and those close to her, and in extreme cases this can even cause an end to her own life. Since abortion increases the chances of this happening, this is a prime reason why it should not be legal.

    It is part of human right to allow a woman to have full control of her own body, and an abortion is part of this right. Therefore, by not letting a woman decide if she can have an abortion, this is a breach of her human rights. Just like Savita Halappanavar who was not allowed to have an abortion since she lives in Ireland which is a Catholic country that are against abortions. This caused Savita Halappanavar to die as she was not allowed to abort the child. This shows that abortion should be legal as it could save thousands of women’s lives.

    People believe that the right to abortion is vital for individual woman to achieve full political, social and economical equality with men. But a woman’s equality is to be given what they need to survive financially and socially as mothers. As these are the biggest problems mothers face in today’s society. The government should help them with these problems. This shows that abortion should be illegal, instead people should focus on the bigger problem people face.

  • kiltakblog:

    If anyone undergo abortion, can another doctor find out that abortion took place ?

  • brincks26:

    I am looking for stats concerning how many abortions take place per year in South Africa.
    If you have more information on other years, that would be fantastic

  • RuMKilleR:

    I’m looking for placed to find unbiased data on abortion for a paper I am writing.

    This means places that aren’t pro-life, pro-choice, or pro-abortion. Thanks!

  • Gabriel Kenney:

    im doing a project worth 10 grades of pros and cons about abortions…i need some sites that can help me look for quotes about my reason why am i or im not with abortion…..PLEASE HELP!!!

  • steve:

    Hi all, I am not trying to upset anyone or create controversy, I promise! I just have a genuine curiosity as to wether anyone, but in particular pro lifers, are against the morning after pill as well as abortion, or do you see it as a different issue?

    Intelligent and respectful answers only please – we are all intitled to an opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Just for the record, i’m not a pro lifer, that’s why im curious to hear from them in particular! And I am aware how it all works, I just wanted other peoples opinions! Thanks.

  • Travoiz:

    I am looking for legitimate and UNBIASED sources that explain why abortion became illegal in the 1800′s.

    I know that one reason was because society was concerned about immigrants breeding more than “native” Anglo-Saxon women. What other reasons were there?

  • Taylor2k:

    Ok so i am 13 and me and my boyfriend got pregnant, i am 6 weeks now, and my foster parents are making me have an abortion. I don’t want to I want to have the baby and put it up for adoption and they told me that it would end up just like me unwanted in a foster house. She made me an appointment to get the abortion in a week how can i not have the abortion.

  • ademuth93:

    If you know what it was like to see your baby for the first time, would you have an abortion if you had another baby but you didnt want it?
    How would you feel if you see your baby for the first time and you kill it?
    Isn’t that the same thing as an abortion?
    The baby is killed isn’t it?

  • altair:

    I recently posted a question regarding lymph node swelling and facial swelling/pain. I haven’t yet seen a doctor, but after conferring with a friend who is a nurse, I’m 95% sure I have mumps. I had the vaccine as a small child, but apparently they aren’t always effective, and a second shot is necessary. Nobody told me! :(

    Anyway, I know that complications such as meningitis and sudden permanent deafness can arise from mumps, and now I’m worried. When do these complications develop, in reference to the span of the illness? Is there any way at all to prevent them? I’m a musical theatre major, so the potential of sudden deafness in particular terrifies me.
    I’m an otherwise healthy 19-year-old girl, not currently experiencing any symptoms of meningitis–only the feeling of pressure in my ears.

  • everythingisgonnabefine:

    Back in the first week of October I had heart surgery to replace my Aortic and Mitral valves. My surgeon predicted that the surgery would go well and that I would have a great recovery because other than my malfuntioning valves, my heart is very healthy. He said it would be a smooth and uneventful operation that would only take 6-8 hours. But Apparently my surgery lasted over 12 hours because I was told that I had severe bleeding that took them awhile to stop, and I also flat-lined twice during my procedure; both times they had a difficult time restarting my heart. After the surgery I was placed in Surgical ICU and 2 hours after my surgery while I was still sedated from the anesthesia I went into full cardiac arrest in front of my family. So instead of staying in ICU for the first 12 hours after my operation, I ended up staying for 2 days and the full time I was kept heavily sedated and under some form of anesthesia.

    Now it’s been a month and I have returned to school 3 weeks after my surgery, but I don’t feel like myself. Since the surgery I have been diagnosed with anemia, and I have been feeling down and more tired than before my surgery. My cardiologist says my heart is working great, but I don’t feel like it.

    Do you think that they messed something up during my surgery or did something wrong? This was my first major surgery, and this wasn’t supposed to happen!

    BTW: I have to have the surgery again in 8-10 years because I received Tissue Valves. And I don’t want to go through this again. :(

    Please help!
    I’m 16 years old, if that helps

  • Gabriel Kenney:

    i am doing a reading essay and there is a question that says first complication…second complication….and so on
    i checked on the dicitonary but i still dont understand it
    what would a complication be in a story?

  • Dana G:

    what sort of previous diseases or body problems can motivate mothers to get abortions? besides STD’s, of course. IMPORTANT: this isn’t about to have an abortion or to keep the baby, it’s about motivating factors, i’m more curious as to what complications with the mother could make it difficult for her to have a baby.
    ok…i guess i didnt make this clear enough…

    I DO NOT want to hear about STD’s. I DO NOT want to hear about abortion vs no abortion either. This is not what I’m looking for. Economic and social reasons are fine but I’m really trying to focus on the more rare previous body conditions or complications that could motivate early termination or make pregnancy difficult or dangerous.

  • Hotshot t:

    So.. Im pregnant and im 15, yes my parents know. And i dont wanna hear all the lame comments “oh your to young to be sexually active, or you should of used protection!” I am aware of all that stuff, Because of my age is there a chance of complications? Im already 5 months and 4 days pregnant and my baby is a boy. The doctor said there could be a number of complications but never gave specific details.

  • Jeff:

    Are there any other diagnosis’ for “a complication with a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube” besides an ectopic pregnancy?
    i’m wondering what the other reasons for this complication could be
    This is something that is happening to someone i know. all i know is there are complications within her fallopian tubes, with a fertilized egg. she is having enough pain in her abdomen to see a doctor in order to get this diagnosis. i dont know if they did blood work,etc. but am wondering if an ectopic pregnancy is the probable diagnosis…
    apparently she went to the doctor yesterday. i dont know what treatment she was given or if any followup was recommended. Someone told me that the doctor told the girl that there is some sort of “compliction within her fallopian tube(s)” and that the egg has been fertilized.

    does this seem like ectopic pregnancy..? sorry i dont have more info, but thanks for your help!
    *** taking it back a step…

    so, in order for a pregnancy to even be known/ diagnosed, implantation needs to occur?

    Therefore if this girl went to the doctor, and is suffering complications with her fallopian tubes, it is most likely because implantation occured there..?

    this all is a result of a natural pregnancy, not treatments for infertility, etc.

  • Austin:

    I’m pretty scared at the moment… I had a bad case of mono over the past couple of weeks, especially because I was drinking during because I was misdiagnosed with pityriases rosea.. So as u can expect I had some swelling in my liver. None the less the doctor sent home with precautions and said to get plenty of rest.

    now less than a week later I got a call today from the hospital saying they wanted me to come back because of something to do with my blood test that I had taken.. I’m really scared! I’m only 19 and I’ve never had a serious health issue in my life.. what kind of complications can come along with mono? Am I overreacting ? any answers would be helpful! thank you

  • Hayden:

    Can someone give me two examples of complications in the Twilight novel?–Two that are encountered by Bella during the rising action (if there is one and if that’s possible). Wouldn’t one be after James finds out about Bella?

  • Jesse:

    i had heart surgery 7 years ago and i have not had any indecations of a heart problem ever since. with my surgery, the surgens just had to sew up two holes in my heart and as far as i know i have had a completly normal heart ever since. i have engaged in hardcore workouts and other activities and everything has been fine. i am now 35 weeks pregnant and i was wondering if anyone has had heart surgery and then had complications during labor or while giving birth. i’m getting a checkup soon but i wanted some feedback from some other people before i do so. :)

  • musicistabest:

    Please Answer ASAP

  • Gundown64:

    my 66 year old mom just had a heart cath done yesterday because of chest pressure and short of breath. She came out of the cath just fine. I’m just very concerned because of the research I have done involving risks. Are these risks usually only during the procedure or can it be after too. For example, blood clots is a risk, but is it possible the a clot was loosened by the cath and that same clot cause a heart attack say a week later. I know nothing is certain, just interestd in knowing the percentage of such risks. Thank you for any info you have! Btw they only found 60% blockage in one vein.

  • liza:

    my 14 yr old son, is diabetic, and he has high blood sugars and I have to make him test, he won’t do it.
    I want to find some pictures of real people who have had serious complications to maybe make it more real to him?

  • Matthew:

    what is the chance that i will get some sort of complication whether infection or otherwise if i get my ears pierced at claire’s.?
    (ear lobes)
    (ear lobes)
    (ear lobes)
    (ear lobes)

  • dubmecrazy3:

    Are there any complications in pregnancy or labour that would either stop, make it harder, or make it riskier to have more children?

  • nick s:

    Ok, my question is related to sinus infections, and the rare complications of them (e.g Meningitis, blood clot etc….)

    1) If you had a real Bacterial Sinus infection, would you have a high fever? Or what would be the symptoms? Would they be severe?

    2) Who is most at risk of complications as mentioned above? And, if you were leading up to having a complication e.g Meningitis, would you be slowly getting worse? e.g high fever, pain etc…

    3) What treatments work best for facial swelling/pain, green post-nasal drip, and red swollen, blocked nose inside, on one side only?



  • Sergio:

    I am constantly worrying about the 101 things that may go wrong with my pregnancy. Pls, is this normal?

  • cardskid22:

    My daughter age 19 suffers from nephrotic syndrome is on cyclasporin twice daily has been told she might have complications when having gallbladder removed. What complications might she have
    Daughter lives in own home with partner, is very independant and goes with partner to hospital appointments now. Just says doctor says might take her longer to recover than healthy person her age

  • Ev dog:

    I was diagnosed with a 4mm kidney stone over 3 weeks ago..I am not sure that it ever passed, I am having moderate pain after the first 3 days of severe pain. However, I have developed a complication, I think. I am having severe trouble urinating, I go 30-50 times a day, with little result. The pressure, and feeling of bladder fullness is driving me crazy. I am drinking lots of water. It feels like I am trying to pass a bowling ball!!! I had a repeat CT scan 3 days ago but my doctor has not contacted me with the results. I did have a negative urinalisis for a bladder infection.
    Has anyone experienced this? and I want to consult a specialist, but would I see a Nephrologist or a Urologist?
    Thanks for your input

  • Muzahid:

    I don’t know why I want one xD
    I currently use a Toshiba PC; if I get an apple mac are there any complications/extra things I should know about? Or would it be used like any other computer (I don’t know much about computers lol and I’ve never used a mac before)?

  • uberfailz:

    I know a girl who had spine a bifida, but their were complication during her surgery that lead to the enlargement of her head.

    A bad surgen proformend the surgery which lead kept air pockets in her spine. I believe that lead to permenant disability from the waist down, and an enlarged head.

    Could it have been that the air pocket traveled to the brain and that’s what caused this trajic disformity , or was their another reason?

    She’s is someone i care about, she’s currently 19, but i would like to understand what could have gone wronge.

  • Caltel T:

    My previously asked question is about my overbite. Fortunately, many kind people gave me great answers and now I have another. If in case my dentist tells me that I should have a jaw surgery to correct my facial asymmetry, I would do it if and only if I was rest assured that the complications are temporarily there. I read in wikipedia that the major complication is numbness. Often temporarily but it’s also emphasized there that in some cases, although rarely, it would be permanent… so obviously, I’m freaked out. My questions are, 1) what’s the reason behind the permanent numbness? 2) Is it because of improper care and other factors that can be easily avoided? 3) And what does it mean anyway–numbness? That I won’t be able to feel and/or move my jaw anymore or something like that? 4) What are the other complications? Please answer all my questions. And again, thank you so very much (for those who answered my previous question and for those who’ll answer this one). God bless.

  • Rassling Fundamentals:

    I have been type one since I was 21 and am now 38. I have heard that complication start tend to stat around the ten year anniversary.

    I have been lucky but I know I am living on borred time. I just gad my labs drawn this morning. I have a sneaking suspicion the my kidney function is off. What should I expect to experience should I indeed to have the beginning of complications?

  • everydayGuitarist:

    i am working on a narrative and its about how something gets stolen.i already put who stole it and who made it and stuff. i just need a complication,resolution and the conclusion

  • Dana G:

    are there any common complications that go wrong after getting a smiley? what are they and how common are they? im getting mine done next week c:

  • Salam:

    a woman’s rectum to fall out during child birth? What kind of complications can cause a mother and/or child to die while giving birth and can they be prevented? how?

  • Michael C:

    i had to have a medical termination for medical reasons, has any1 eva known this to cause complications for futer pregnancys?

  • Xbox Gamer:

    IMabout to get a picc line and I was wondering if you have had any complications or if something went wrong?

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